Another Unsuccessful Attempt To Keep It Cool

Alert: Regardless of the fact that I say Pinterest ten million times (drinking game, anyone?) this wasn’t paid or perked by them or anyone else. We’re just eye-candy obsessed gals who love a good pin-fest. Sometimes while eating Oreos.

You guys know my Pinterest addiction runs deep from this heartfelt post of yore. So when Katie called me to say that she thought we should challenge ourselves to make one thing each season that’s inspired by all the amazing stuff that we’ve pinned over there (and call it… wait for it… The Pinterest Challenge) I thought it sounded like fun. It’s a welcome slap of stop-pinning-and-start-doing. Because I’ve pinned 738 things. And I’ve done four (this onethis one, this one, and this one). Well five if you count this haircut – but I outsourced that.

Look, Katie even whipped up a spiffy little graphic:

Oh and because Katie and I geek out whenever we’re together (even just virtually for a little self-issued challenge) we got more than a little goofy and decided to make this video to explain the whole idea of the challenge. And there’s a pretty exciting cameo in it (and I’m not talking ’bout Burger- although he does try to steal the show). So don’t scroll down before watching the video unless you’re a fun-hater and you wanna ruin the surprise (or you’re at work so you can’t watch videos – well I would still watch it on silent before scrolling, but that’s just me):

Ah outtakes. They’re my favorite thing ever. I’m working on a theory that outtakes are the window to the soul. My soul’s apparently a total nerd, but hey, nerd is the new jock. Anyway, I told you Katiekins and I go crazy when we team up, so you were adequately warned. Or maybe it’s just the camera that makes it impossible for me to act normal (as demonstrated here). That’s another theory I’m working on. Camera-induced-insanity.

But back to my Pinterest project. John and I were brainstorming a chandelier or hanging pendant light for the laundry room and came up with the idea of using a mega-amount of clothespins to create some sort of shade. And what do you know, when we searched Pinterest to see if anyone else has tackled something similar, the perfect pinspiration (har-har) popped up in the form of this project (originally from here)…

…. and this project (originally from here)…

What are the odds? Not one but two clothespin light fixtures to use as a jumping off point. Oh happy day.

So far we’ve installed a $5 light kit from Ikea…

… and have picked up these materials for the shade part of the pendant:

We’re definitely going to put our spin on things (so it might end up looking like sort of a hybrid between the two amazing fixtures above) but we’ll just have to see where we end up. I know I’m weird, but sitting on the floor playing with various clothespin patterns sounds like a good time to me.

Oh and did you catch the part in the video where we invited you to partake in the challenge along with us? First, here’s the “us” breakdown:

So here’s the part where I extend my arm with a warm smile and a wobbly curtsey and humbly invite you to join in and do your own spin on something you pin. You know, if you’re into that sort if thing. We figured we’d give everyone (and ourselves) the weekend to work on stuff and reconvene next Tuesday morning (the 2nd) to share our projects. We were hoping this thang (yes, I got twangy on you) could turn into a fun little creative par-tay for anyone else who wants to get in on the fun, so just drop in next Tuesday to see what we’ve done – and submit links to stuff that you’ve done so we can see what you’ve been up to. Maybe we’ll even pin it. And so the vicious cycle continues…

Psst- We’re talking about how photo albums are dead to us over on BabyCenter today. Check it out and tell us what you do with all your pics.

Update: If you want to get in on another challenge (with prizes), we just learned that Rebecca over at BetterLifeBags does one every month. So be sure to check that out too!


  1. says

    Oh em gee oh em gee! Imma gonna get pin-projecting. Love this! I think you should make it more frequent though – weekly, or monthly. Let’s face it, we’ve all got pins that would take literally five minutes to put together, but we’ll never actually do them.
    I’m in!

  2. says

    I have to wait until tonight to watch the video but this is a great idea! I am super obsessed with Pintrest (it’s the best thing that’s happened to my wedding since getting engaged) and am hoping to incorporate all (okay, fine, most of… there are too many pins on my boards to do them all..) of the ideas I love!

  3. says

    Yay! A project! This is good motivation to tackle something that I have pinned too and blog about it. It’ll keep me busy until this baby of mine decides to come. She’s already 2 days late!

  4. Amber V. says

    Love the idea! I have the prefect project in mind.

    Wait a sec! Do you know Emily Henderson? You guys are so big time. She is my style crush and I am so super jealous.

    • says

      Don’t know her at all… until now! How crazy is that? She tweeted us after we mentioned her in a post and now we’re “internet friends” (thud, I just fainted).


    • says

      O.M.G. that is awesome!!! Love Emily!!! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. How very exciting you guys. LOVED the video and the outtakes!!! I’m still laughing. :)

    • Amanda says

      Honestly, I thought you were cutting her talking from something else, until the outtakes and I realized she actually filmed for you too! I was like “wow!” :)

    • says

      Totally thought the same thing. I even wondered if you guys were too big time to be hacking Emily Henderson into your video as if she were *really* on board. That’s so cool!

  5. says

    What a great idea! I have pinned my fair share of things too, but have yet to really tackle anything on it! Perhaps this will be the week.


    Off to go pin more things!

  6. Maryellen says

    Thank you for making my morning!

    My husband and I found the perfect puppy this weekend and ended up losing him….get this….in a COIN TOSS! I’ve been Debbie downer for days and completely appreciate your awesomeness to pull my out of my funk. All four of you ladies together! Holy cow this is going to be good! And I better get pinning so I can join in on the fun : )

    • Ruth says

      Hi Maryellen –

      I just want to tell you that I’ve been there too! We thought we were getting the perfect puppy and it fell through. I was so crushed. I tried to remember that I was only upset because things hadn’t turned out the way I expected them to… I hadn’t actually lost anything because I didn’t have it yet.
      Anyway, not sure that helped so much but the puppy that we eventually got sure did. He is totally perfect and now I would never want things to have turned out differently.

  7. Rachel says

    And Clara’s pinata came from Pinterest, right? So 5 things. :)

    I was just telling my significant other last night, “I need to set a Pinterest quota! After I reach 100 pins I can’t pin ANY MORE until I actually make something I’ve pinned!” But my BFF has also pinned stuff and she’s coming cross-country to visit next week and we are DEFIITELY making some goods! Yay!

  8. says

    In my life I have never laugh-snorted. Until today. That video is ridiculous and funny. I don’t pin myself (yet – I’m trying with all my will (bower) power not to get sucked into something new online – trust me, it’s only a matter of time). HOWEVER, I am soooooo looking forward to see what you come up with.

    Also, I have no idea how you two got Emily involved but I bow down to you. She’s awesome.

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