Finials (They Stay) & Art (Might Go)

Remember when we took Ed The Bed’s top rails off and mentioned needing some finials to finish things off? That’s where a finial fashion show comes in. Yup, I’m nerdy like that. I ran out to Home Depot and Lowe’s where I bought these four options and I gave them all a spin on Ed to see which ones we liked best. Here’s the spread:

The long wood “finials” on the top right were actually chair legs from Lowe’s, but I just wanted to see if something long and lean was the way to go. And you know we like to use “weird” things as other things. So legs as finials wasn’t that much of a stretch for us. Unfortunately once John suggested that they resembled “man parts” I just couldn’t get past it. What can I say, the idea of sleeping under four willies gave me the willies. So they were instantly eliminated before even partaking in the fashion show fun.

But here are the other three options in place atop one of Ed’s posts. The first option was a set of round finials from Home Depot that were actually meant for curtains rods, but the attached screws at the base of each one slipped right into the predrilled holes in the top of Ed’s posts.

They definitely could work (especially if we painted them white to match Ed), but I thought the basic round ball sort of looked like the top of a banister. You know, kinda “builder.” So although it mimicked the shape of our big dandelion-esque light and most definitely wouldn’t “not work,” we weren’t 100% over the moon about them either. Just because they felt like we got banister tops from the home improvement store and tried to play them off as four-poster finials.

These ornate curtain finials (also from HD) felt very heavy, formal, and almost pineapple-ish:

The reason we picked these up to begin with (since you might think they would never work with the modern lines of Ed the Bed) was because we plan to bring in a curvy antique-ish dresser to play off of the more modern chandelier. So we wanted to see if the clean lines of the bed would actually work with something a little formal on top. Of course the dark color threw us off, but painted white we actually thought they’d work. Especially because they sort of tied into the shape of our mirror above the sink in the background too.

These last curtain finials (also from HD) are kind of the compromise between the builder basic round ones and the super ornate formal ones:

And they were already white (although not a perfect match) so it helped us visualize how they’d work without much effort. We liked how they still had round orbs within them (which subtly mimicked the light fixture) but they also had a semi-old-ish vibe going on, so they would tie Ed into a curvy and ornate leggy dresser if we ever get a hold of one of those (we’ve been stalking Craigslist like crazy).

When we stepped back, we knew we had a winner. They just felt the best to us after studying them all in person for a while and weighing our options. Here they are from afar:

It’s like they were made for Ed. Psst- Remember we’re contemplating a bedside lamp & night stand upgrade, we’re just working with those for now since we have ’em. So we packed up the other finials and back to the store they went. Thankfully I was able to slip one finial out of the top of the packaging without cutting or unstapling anything, which means I could slide each one back in and return them in perfect condition. In fact I remembered to take the picture of them in their packaging after putting each finial back in, so you can see how “mint” they looked. Yes, I’m actually proud of ridiculously random things like that.

Oh but actually adhering the finials was another little challenge. They each had screws that slid right into the predrilled hole on the top of each of Ed’s posts, but the hole was a smidge too wide for the screw (so they teetered ever so slightly if the post was jostled). And getting the screw out of the finials and replacing it with something thicker that might have fit Ed’s holes seemed like it might take a while. So being the impatient girl that I am, I decided we should try using a ball of poster putty to squeeze the screw through and beef things up, thereby creating a sticky-gum-like effect to hopefully hold things more securaly.

And holy cow it worked. The finials didn’t waver back and forth anymore, they were stuck in place for good. Except not really for good, which is good. If we ever change our minds, since poster putty is easily un-stuck, it’ll just take a few firm pulls on each finial to remove them without any permanent damage to Ed or the finials themselves.

So there you have it. The easiest and most reversible Ikea Hack ever. Haha. Oh wait- and yes, we still have to paint the finials to match Ed because they’re not exactly the same tone of white, so I’ll just bring home a bunch of paint swatches to see which one looks most like the paint on the posts and then I’ll just get a test pot of it for a few bucks and paint the finials for a more seamless look.

Wait, did you think that was the end of the post? Well… (cue the confetti)… we still have some art to discuss. We gave the ram and two thrift store finds a spin above our bed (I know not everyone would want to wake up under a ceramic ram head but it’s totally my idea of a good time). But – sad face – we’re thinking they’re probably too dinky for that spot.

Maybe once we add all the missing furniture and other art into the room they’ll feel a bit less teensy, but for now we’re not sold. But I like waking up under a ram so they’re still hanging there. We’re thinking about some giant canvas art or something for that spot down the road. Who knows where we’ll end up though.

Oh and here’s one of my favorite corners of the room that we realize hasn’t been pictured in a while.

How sweet does that chair and those curtains look through those finial topped posts? I love gazing at it sleepily in the morning. When I’m not smiling up at my ram friend of course.

Wait, did you think that was the end of this post? Well… (cue the second confetti explosion)… we have one more little treat for ya. It’s Burger starring in a movie that we like to call “Dude, I’m Going Back To Bed.” Remember we mentioned that he uses the bench that we move out of the room for photos (since it totally doesn’t work design-wise, but it’s functional for the pup, so it stays just for him until we get a longer & lighter one)? Well here he is using it to get all up in our bed’s area:

Ah, life is good when you’re Burger.


  1. says

    I would have gone with the third set, too. I love using sticky tack (aka poster putty) to hold picture frames in place, too. Totally helps in a gallery wall if one doesn’t want to stay straight. I also used it to hold a few pictures on a rail above our son’s crib. Totally works! It’s actually pretty difficult to get it down.
    I just shared this, but I thought it would be a fun idea for a playroom, too.

    • says

      See we’d love a mirror but since we have that huge one across the room over the sink we don’t want it to be this mirror-on-all-sides-effect. Haha. But we’re with you on the large canvas for sure!


    • says

      Yeah, it would probably be something like the reverse of a disco ball. If you ever get a really crazy hair, the mirror over the sink would look great over the bed. But of course then you’d need a sink mirror. Oh well. Large canvas sounds great, too!

  2. says

    Great choice on the finials, and great idea to use silly putty. I would brought out the big guns: my glue gun. It always seems to do the trick!

    Whether you leave the artwork or not, are you planning on painting your thrift store finds?

    • says

      Not sure- at first we thought we should, but since we have the dark brown chair, leaning mirror, and plan to bring in a dark brown antique dresser, we’re not sure if we like that eclectic shot of dark brown. Time will tell I guess!


  3. says

    Oh drats… I was hoping you’d need finials that attached by “cupping” the posts – because that’s what I’m looking for and not doing very well! Never mind. Your finials look great and I love the ram.

  4. Wendy says

    I love the video!!! So cute! :)

    But, I’m not exactly in love (or like) with the finials or art. To each their own!!

    • Christy says

      I would have to agree about not liking the finials. I think what is throwing me off is how tall the bed posts are. The bed still looks unfinished, like it is missing something.

    • says

      No worries! We definitely don’t expect every choice that we make to be loved by all! It might help to remind you that we’ve only lived here three months so the room is extremely unfinished. The whole space is missing something! Haha. So with lots of furniture and art to be added along with just-for-now nightstands and lamps that we’ll switch out down the line, it definitely doesn’t look complete or finished. But we’re ok with that. Our last house took 4.5 years to “finish” and even then we weren’t really done. Haha.


  5. Kelly Anne says

    So I got almost to the end of the post and was thinking to myself, “man I don’t want to keep working, I could go for a video” …and then, it was there! Like a miracle! You guys are easily my favorite way to procrastinate :)

    And couldn’t the art stay if maybe the pieces were a smidge farther apart?

    • Meredith says

      I agree. I am a teacher and sometimes on a break, I open up this site. Some days it is just nice to watch a video of a dog climbing into bed instead of dealing with how to keep two rival gangs from shooting at each other in school!

  6. Colleen in MA says

    Love the quirkiness of the art! Beth@Just{Heart}It’s idea about a large frame around those items would work. I’ve also seen paint used as either a “faux” frame or as a block of color to unite items hung over it (that would be my approach). That block of color could be pulled from another accessory in the room to unite the colors together. I will enable your wish of waking up under a ram’s head!

  7. says

    Had family in town yesterday and spent about three hours trolling through IKEA and all around me were reminders of YHL. Was divine!

  8. Sarah Traugott says

    Just a quick word of caution–three things above the bed is bad feng shui. it seems to suggest “three people” in the bed–which is usually one too many for a marriage. The best feng shui choice is a pair of something–pair of paintings, pair of sculptures, etc. good luck! i want to keep seeing young house love–be full of love!

    • says

      Haha, maybe three things above the bed add up to relationship happiness when you, your hubby, and your dog sleep in the same bed. Haha. Because all three of us share Ed!


    • erna says

      ohhh why does one kid get to sleep with mom and dad and one doesn’t…Clara is going to figure it out soon…shes a smart cookie!

    • says

      Haha, it’s true! But that’s how we keep Burger feeling loved! We knew bringing home a baby from the hospital meant lots of attention going her way, so at least Burger gets to feel a little smug about sleeping with us so he knows he’s important to us too. Haha.


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