The Guest Bath: Meh, But Functional.

How’s that for a title? Haha. We’re about 20% there with this room, but we’re sharing these pics in the name of the work-in-progress reality that is our new house. We definitely think some paint on the walls (we’re flip-flopping between soft gray and mocha) will tie things together and better integrate items like the shower curtain and the bathmat along with the sweet vintage yellow tile. And of course bringing in better art, fun window treatments (maybe a bright roman shade?), changing out the light fixture, and implementing other tweaks down the road will hopefully take it from “meh” to “how you doin’?”

The good news is that it works and it’s clean. You can brush your teeth, take a shower, and use the “facilities” without issue. And thanks to the previous owners’ meticulous housecleaning skillz, there’s not a dot of crud or mildew to be scrubbed. Anyway, enough intro. Here she blows:

That’s right, I folded the toilet paper into a little triangle like they do at hotels. Because I’m crazy.

I apologize for the lack of sweeping see-everything photos, but it’s a tiny room. You can stand in front of the sink and touch all four walls – that’s how small it is. But as for our other little additions, I added a small acrylic trash can to the left of the toilet (you can see it peeking out in that top pic) and we used one of those suction cup shower caddies to store some little sample shampoo & conditioner bottles along with body wash in the shower. We also plopped a mini tube of toothpaste in a cup above the sink.

I thought offering bar soap and liquid soap would please anyone with a strong preference either way, and we hung some “placeholder art” above the toilet (three food related wedding pics – cupcakes, grapes, and lemons – that we already had framed) just to fight the Complete Bare Wall Syndrome that was going on. We figure they’re good for a bathroom because they’re just photos that we reprinted and framed ourselves, so if they get damaged from the moisture over time, we still have the originals and can easily reprint them. Although someday we’d love to hunt down or DIY something that ties into the printed shower curtain and deep teal walls in the adjoined bedroom for a little more pop.

We don’t have much by the way of “countertop” in our tiny bathroom, but we kept the lid of the toilet tank empty so people can drop their toiletry bags there if they’d like (since our sink doesn’t have any lip to speak of). And bringing in some plush white bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths completed the mom-and-Jack-ready makeover. It may not be done but it’s definitely grandparent worthy. Haha. And at least we’re not dealing with this awkward see-your-whole-body-while-sitting-on-the-toilet issue anymore:

Three cheers for a non-reflective door in front of the John. And by John I mean both the commode and my husband. That’s right, it’s a toilet-related double entendre.


  1. Kate Battle says

    I absolutely love the vintage tile and the cute little sink! I hope they don’t get torn out! I have a 1962 ranch with similar tile but it is mauve and gross! What I wouldn’t give for it to be yellow!

  2. Jennifer says

    I saw a bathroom in last’s month issue of BH&G that had yellow tile and tan walls. It reminded me of yours. So, I’d vote for mocha walls vs gray. But I’d entertain tan as well. It looked good.
    And great job on the bedroom. LOVE all the color!

  3. Jessica O says

    HA! The first time through I read “use the facilities without tissue” – which made me stop and go back. It makes a lot more sense without the extra “t”. Lookin good though…tiny bathrooms are so tough!

  4. beth says

    I tend to be too hung up on flow and continuity from one room to the other, but how about a gauzy, ethereal sea-glass-ish blue in the bathroom that speaks to the lovely bold bedroom blue?

  5. katrina says

    I love, love, love that teal paint!

    I do have to ask: where did you get the liquid soap dispenser in the bathroom?

    I’ve been thinking of getting away from constantly buying the plastic bottles of liquid soap at the store, and instead buying a glass dispenser and refilling it with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap as needed.

    • Christie says

      Thanks for asking the question katrina! I was wondering the same thing. I really like that dispenser. :-)

    • Larissa says

      I have 2 of those soap dispensers. One works really well and the other I have to pump about 5 times to get anything out. Anyone else encountered this?

    • Kristin says

      I have one too, and I love it and want to get another one, but I tend to get a rusty buildup around the tip of the dispenser. Anyone else notice this? I have clear Ivory soap in it (do you think these hands have been soaking in Ivory Liquid?? …name that show) and often I’ll get a little rusty discharge when I pump. I’m hoping it’s just a fluke…

    • Foogiefive says

      For some reason, I have a major phobia of glass in the bathroom. The mix of soap, water, slipperiness, glass and nudity makes me paranoid! :)

    • says

      I have two of those soap pumps and love them! Both of mine seem to work fine, with no issue of buildup. We use Method Sweet Water soap, which is clear. Maybe it’s the type of soap that is the problem?

  6. Heather says

    I really like it! And I really dig the idea of mocha walls! It would work with the browns in there and look really great with the blue on the bedroom walls (which is fantastic by the way!) I may have to take on a bathroom redo soon! We have a tiny one and its our only one. Our house was built in the 50’s and has been renovated, but it isn’t much for storage or bathroom space! Anyway, great job!

    • says

      Surprisingly we’re totally charmed by the vintage yellow tile. It’s really sweet and in really great shape so we’re happy to work with what we have!


  7. Jayme says

    Meh, shmeh! It looks great. I think you should print out that photo of John-on- the-john, frame it and hang it on the back of the bathroom door. Creepy, eh?
    Not that you’d have to in this bathroom, but I wonder if you could paint the tile?

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