Coming Undone

In case anyone’s wondering, I’ve managed to keep up my make-the-bed-everyday-for-a-month resolution beyond October. Hootie hoo. And Burger has kept up his end of the bargain and still undoes it an hour later. Oh well.

Speaking of things coming apart, we realized that this very weekend last year I was holed up in our bathroom demolishing the darned thing (inexplicably without shoes on in the beginning, which we don’t recommend).

While that still takes the cake as my most physically grueling disassembly ever, this weekend kicks off another that threatens to be equally taxing on our emotions: packing up. With our move less than a week and a half away we’re starting to take things down, box things up, and ready ourselves to leave. It’s bound to be sad (and tiring) especially since we’ve already seen what it’s like to watch our patio go from this…

…to this (after selling our patio set at the moving sale since it won’t fit the patio of the new place).

And of course the onset of winter weather sure is helping it look that much more depressing. Sigh. We’ll be sure to post more packing up pictures as we make more progress. For now just wish us luck – and maybe hand Sherry some virtual tissues. We’re both so excited to get into the new place but it’s definitely going to be bittersweet to close the door on this one.

Psst- Want an update of what the patio looked like right before we moved out? Click here for lots of chaotic moving photos along with a shot of a very sad patio.


  1. says

    Just try to focus on the excitement of redoing a new place. I always love pulling out all my pictures/things that hang on the wall, laying them all out flat on the floor in front of me, and deciding what’s going to go where. It always ends up differently than in the house I moved from, and I love that freshness. Happy move!

  2. Nicole G. says

    *hands Sherry a tissue* This is making me sad too, y’all…I can’t believe how attached I’ve become to a house that’s not even mine! On the other hand, I’m super excited for what’s to come. Thanks for continuing to inspire me to make my space beautiful! I love you guys!

  3. says

    I remember that feeling this summer…moving away from the home we brought our son to after we had him. I think packing “up to” the move was the hardest. Our actual moving day was so busy, and after that, we were so relieved to be in and relax in our home, the sadness sort of fell away! Looking back, it’s kind of relieving! We certainly were sad when packing, but the actual day was a true blessing, when we were finally in our new home!

  4. says

    Moving is brutal . . . even when you’re excited about it. We moved into our first house this May after being apartment dwellers since we got married. It was exciting and totally overwhelming at the same time. I would think this must be an especially hard time to make a move too as this is usually the time people start hunkering down in their homes with their festive decor and a cup of something warm. Good luck with all the packing and the move itself. It’s a great thing . . . even if it is tough. :)

  5. says

    Oh you guys,Now I need a tissue. My heart is breaking for you. BUT…I know these couple of weeks of the letting go process will leave you with only joy and excitement!! Your next dream home awaits!!! Woot Woot!!

    I am actually excited for the next family going into your home, also. All that good energy and happiness you shared will definitly carry over to them!

    Good luck with your move, Youngsters!!

  6. Maribel says

    I bet it feels great to know after the yard sale that you will only be packing up what you will truly use in your new home. Today is our yard sale, although we are not going anywhere…I will seriously re think every new item I ever purchase and learn to repurpose items. I was happy to pare down my hoilday boxes and not be so holiday specific.

    I’ve read and seen my share of organization/decor ideas and tips. But there’s something different about you two (maybe because you are my age).

  7. says

    John – The phrase ‘hootie hoo’, does that come from anything specific? There’s a radio show out of LA where they use that phrase quite a bit, and I’m curious if it’s referencing something.

    The hubby and I are moving too! New York to California! Granted, we only have an apartment’s worth of stuff to move…and most of it is getting sold or given away…but I find packing up my ‘areas’ really messes with my daily routine. (Even though that routine now should be focused on throwing things in boxes.)

    • says

      I don’t know where that expression came from, but it’s like “wahoo” to us. I guess we use both expressions interchangeably. Funny that it’s an LA radio show catchphrase!


  8. says

    Just reading this made me tear up. I LOVE your house. And I’m always inordinately attached to “things”. I name my cars, my important possessions, etc. Your house feels like a big part of my life since I check your site at least twice a day everyday. I’m so excited for you, but you certainly won’t be the only ones a little sad about your big change!!!

    P.S. Good luck!!!

  9. says

    Good luck. I am sad for you but I absolutely cannot wait to see what you do with the new place!
    Will you be posting some fab how to pack and keep a six month old entertained guides?

    • says

      Haha, we definitely plan to share what we’re doing as far as packing strategies go (although we’re not doing anything too earth shattering)! As for keeping Clara entertained, there are lots of singing and clapping and dancing breaks going on.


  10. says

    Aww :(. Sad. My bff & I were just talking about this yesterday. Whenever we talk, YHL is almost always a topic of convo that we cover (cause we just love y’all so much!) & we both agreed that we’re probably pretty close to being as sad as Sherry above the move.

    Pass us some tissue, too?

    • says

      Consider those tissues passed your way. We’re trying to keep packing as fun not terrible as possible by playing music and talking about all the projects we can’t wait to tackle in the new house. Our spirits are up so far!


    • says

      Hey Bobbi,

      We got the table and chairs from (maybe called the Manhattan table and chair set?) and the chaises from Hope it helps!


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