Decorating Our Green, Pink, And Metallic Christmas Tree

Yes, we’re those people.

I personally get irritated whenever stores skip holidays. For example, if I’m walking around Target and they have Christmas stuff out but it’s not even Thanksgiving. Not ready yet. Let me get through Turkey Day before you push your red & white santas and snowmen on me. But this year we did the unthinkable…

… we set up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. I’m so sorry. Feel free to virtually slap us or break out an “oh no you di’int.”

We’ve already warned our Thanksgiving guests, and thankfully they acted like it was some fun novelty. So we’ll be able to tell you firsthand if turkey and mashed potatoes taste less Thanksgiving-ish when eaten in the same room as a big glowing Christmas tree.

Why the rush? Well, we usually like to decorate our tree the first week of December. Sometimes the second if we’re not especially on the ball. But since we’re moving in mid December we decided that in order to enjoy it for the three-weeks-or-so period that we normally do, especially since it’s Clara’s first Christmas, we had to break that baby out a bit early this year (before we have to pack everything up for the move in a few weeks).

Our color scheme this time around is champagne, metallic green, silver, and pink – all in honor of Clara’s aforementioned first Christmas (check out last year’s citrus theme here, and the year before that’s monchromatic scheme here). Thankfully we already owned a lot of silver and champagne colored ornaments so we got the pink bulbs along with some metallic green ones for $20-ish at Michael’s (where they were having a half-price holiday ornament sale). I was going for something frosted and girly but not too feminine for the guys in the house (I resisted the urge to bring in some over the top pink feathered boas as garland with John and Burger in mind). Speaking of our four-legged son, this festive chihuahua ornament (from John’s Godmother) is too hysterical not to put up- even though it’s not technically pink, silver, green, or champagne.

Ditto for our just married moose ornament (it’s a bride moose and a groom moose, procured during our Alaskan honeymoon). So even though it’s hardly glam and baby-girl-esque, it’s too sentimental to leave out:

And you already may have noticed a few other personalized ornaments that worked their way in- like this silver (yes, it even fits into our color scheme) Empire State Building ornament that reminds us of our early days in NYC.

In the end we love how soft and sweet it looks (John approves, and Burger seems oblivious as always). Definitely baby-girl-ish, but not too overdone and pastel-y to work in a room with a geometric rug and a clean-lined modern sofa. And of course I tossed down our faux sheepskin rugs as a tree skirt (an odd tradition that we’ve kept up for the past 4+ years).

Oh yeah, and for the second year in a row we’ve had a bit of an issue with the pre-lit tree (the bottom strand of lights was out, but the solution was as simple as stringing a strand of lights around the bottom to correct it). I’m sure we could try to find the bulb that’s burned out to fix it for real, but the added-strand-o-lights approach works just as easily for us (since we already had one around).

And just in case you’re one of those Christmas enthusiasts who not only likes checking out a tree in November, but actually wants to see us put it all together at high speed (like John’s old coworker who starts playing holiday music the day after Labor Day- hi Lauren!) here’s a holly jolly video for you (complete with that burned out string of lights at the bottom of the tree and a baby who wants nothing more than to eat every ornament we hold within her reach). Or you can watch it here on YouTube.

So that’s our tree this year. What about you guys? Any fun color schemes or themes swimming around in your head for your own tree decorating adventures in a few weeks (edible? jewel toned? Jersey Shore inspired?). Let’s chat. If you’re ready, that is. If not feel free to wait the obligatory week or so to join the conversation.

Psssst- If you’re excited to get into your red footie pajamas and go holiday crazy, check out this section of our Projects page for lots of Christmas-related stuff.


  1. says

    Oh no you di’nt!

    haha that cracks me up! I’m anti-Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. People forget all about the “thankful” time of year. But at least you guys have a legit reason to rush the season in your house and an even bigger reason to be thankful coming mid-December!

  2. keri says

    ours just went up this weekend!
    for me, christmas ends promptly on december 25 – my birthday is december 26! but usually, i do wait til after thanksgiving to decorate…but with being so busy the past few years around the holidays, by the time we have time to decorate, it’s time to take it down! we had some free time this weekend so out that tree came…

  3. Brittany says

    I would normally be one of the many to virtually slap you but this year….well my family has been dropping like flies the past few months so my dad has been feeling holiday pressure (with completely inappropiate comments about how this could always be the last christmas…where is my grandchild…) and went and decorated the ENTIRE house and yard this past weekend. And just as a side note…the new LED house lights do NOT look good with the old christmas lights. It’s sort of like crisp white snow good enough to make snow cream with…and yellow snow.

  4. Janice says

    Oh no you di’nt!

    I am definitely in the camp that thinks anything before the middle of December is wayyyyyyyyy toooooooo early. I just don’t get it. The week before is plenty early, and it’s the week of the holiday (a couple of days before the 25th and a few days after) when everyone is off work and home that you want the tree up.

  5. says

    Love your color scheme this year! So pretty!
    However, I would never even decorate for Christmas this early. I don’t start decorating before December first or the first advent, whichever comes first, and we usually get the tree inside on the 22nd and decorate it on the 23rd. I used to hate that, but now I think that makes it so much more special as opposed to having it around for weeks before Christmas. I think I’d grow sick of it if I had it around for that long and wouldn’t appreciate it anymore. Plus, decorating the tree the night before Christmas Eve has become such a nice family tradition!

  6. Katherine M. says

    I guess I deserve a virtual slap and an “oh no you di’int”, too, since my tree went up last Thursday. I was really in the mood the other day and just couldn’t wait. I have refrained from plugging in the tree though.

  7. says

    I normally wait til after Thanksgiving as well, and growing up my parents waiting til after my birthday (which is 12/12) so I would feel like my birthday was separate from Christmas. But I LOVE Christmas and this year I put it up early too. In fact, I did it yesterday! Yipee. We already had people over on Saturday for Thanksgiving…so in my house, we are already pass the holiday. It just makes me happy to see my tree in the morning. I could look at it for hours. :) And my 3 year old is just as excited as I am. We have already busted out the Christmas music. So fun! Happy Holidays!

  8. jbhat says

    I am glad you guys went ahead and decked the halls. You need to enjoy your tree, which looks very fetching, before you have to pack up and move out of there already! But normally I would want people to wait until TG is over and out before busting out the Xmas decor. But you get a pass this year.


  9. Holly says

    Growing up we always went to a tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. My husband and I wanted to keep that tradition (he had never had a real tree b/c his mom is allergic) but the past 2 years he has had to work that day. Last year we went the Saturday after Thanksgiving and all the trees were gone! So this year, we went early. Our tree got put up last weekend and I love it!

    We don’t do a theme. We use color lights and have a collection of meaningful and cute ornaments. We tend to lean towards country looking ornaments. I love our tree so much. Each year we get out the ornaments and think back to such precious moments.

    We have a son who is almost 2. We decided to buy him an ornament each year with something related to that year in his life. When he gets married or moves out we will give those to him.

    • says

      Hey Lindsay,

      We have about a $20-a-year rule, so we like switching things up a bit, but also finding deals and using stuff we already have (like the silver bows, ornaments, etc) to create something that looks fresh but doesn’t break the bank.


  10. Devon says

    I love the color scheme! And there is no shame in enjoying the Christmas decor while you can! We wasted hours last year trying to fix blown out lights on our tree. You are better off not bothering at all!

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