How To Make DIY Cork Vases (And Cover Them In Cute Fabric)

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You may have spotted our little DIY cork vases back in the big office reveal (and the follow up guest bedroom/playroom post). And now we’re back to share our two-different-looks tutorial. Yup, you can keep them au naturale… … or cover the cork with fabric for a playful printed look: We first got the idea to create cork vases for pinning up little reminders and paint swatches that we loved from seeing an expensive designer cork lamp a while back. It seemed like such a smart way to keep from forgetting Clara’s checkups along with our dental appointments- and to add some aesthetically pleasing function to the room as well. But we didn’t need a

A Home Office That Doubles As A Guest Room


We originally wanted to include a few shots of the office as it looks when it’s converted into a guest bedroom in this morning’s post, but we just snapped too many pics to squeeze it all in! So here’s a p.s. post of sorts, with photos of the little tweaks and twists that we implement when we need it to work full time as a guest bedroom for our friends and family. Here’s the full-sized sofa bed all folded out and dressed for company (with linens that we already owned from the full sized bed that used to exist in the space before the room was converted into a two-person office). The pillows are from

Our Home Office / Guest Room Makeover Is Done!


Do you hear that high pitched scream? It’s me, all the way in Richmond, shouting at the top of my lungs that the office/guest room/playroom makeover is finished. Woot! Come on in and take a look around. But wait, for old time’s sake, let’s check out the room as it looked when we moved in: And here it is now, all office/guest room/playroomed out: We love this room because although it’s only a 10 x 10.5′ box, it easily gets the best light in the house. So it’s not a bad spot to spend 80+ hours a week logging blog time, playtime, and accommodating the occasional guest or two. It was totally worth all the

Some Ballpark Project Cost Estimates


Anyone wondering what a whole-house alarm will run you? Or looking to see what a new patio will set you back? Behold,’s “Remodeling Cost Guides.” They’ve created a handy little average budget breakdown of a slew of house-related projects to help homeowners wrap their minds around the amount of money that these undertakings might possibly set them back. Just head over to this link and scroll down below the image shown above to see a ton of links that lead you to some pretty heavily researched guestimations for everything from building a swimming pool or sauna to installing a tin roof or renovating a kitchen or bath. Of course things like location and the

Using Cloth Diapers (Tips About How We Do It – And LOVE IT!)


And now for a post that’s a bit more “living” than straight up “home improvement” related. When people ask what question we get here at YHL most often, they’re probably expecting it to be about paint or demo. Not so. It is, without a doubt, some iteration of the following: How are you liking cloth diapers? How many do you have? What brand are they? Did you get the kind with the liners/inserts? Do they work? Does Clara like them? Are they difficult? Do you regret it? Is it annoying to wash them? Do they really get clean? Are there times when you don’t use them and opt for disposables? How long will they last?

Budget Blooms: Pink Lovelies (A Little Late)


As most of you know, every month we like to enjoy one inexpensive- and sometimes free- bouquet to keep things feeling fresh around here (the idea actually stemmed from a super sweet Christmas present from the hubs a while back). And since July was our anniversary month, we decided to honor that fact with some gladiolus stems that we snagged for a song at the grocery store a few weeks back (just $2.39 for the entire bouquet!). What do gladiolus stems have to do with our anniversary? Well, three years ago we whipped up garden themed favors for our backyard wedding. We just picked up simple brown mini paper bags at Target and dropped a

Easy Home Upgrades: Five Things That Make Us Happy


Sometimes it’s the little things that can make any house feel like a happy home. Here are five of our favorite little things that make our days just a little bit sweeter: 1. Our shower radio – it makes it feel more like a mini escape and helps us conserve water because we have a two song limit. 2. Large glass cereal jars – they’re so much more charming than pouring from the box- plus we always know when we’re running low. 3. Fresh flowers and green leafy plants – they purify the air and inject a nice dose of natural texture- plus it’s nice to fill a house with life, both figuratively and literally.