He Said, She Said… Something In Ukrainian?

This post actually has two parts, the first of which is referenced in the pre-ellipses part of the title above. Our latest “He Said, She Said” column in Do It Yourself Magazine is out! Which means we’re permasmiling and pinching each other over here. Dorky? Yes. We admit it. But we still can’t believe we somehow tricked the editors into giving us our own little advice column.

Like our previous two installments (check out Winter ’09 and Spring ’10 here) we’ve once again rounded up reader questions from both sides of the gender line. And this time we helped Amanda come to terms with her husband’s request for a recliner and brainstormed an approach for Janelle to get the striped bathroom walls that she wants (but her husband doesn’t). Click the image below to enlarge it.

This issue of Do It Yourself has actually been on newsstands for a little while already, so you might want to grab a copy before it makes like Burger when it’s bath time (and disappears). As usual it has lots of other fun and useful content – including a great “Summer School” section with dozens of projects that are clearly illustrated and outlined for you to tackle. We’re always amazed at how much they can squeeze into each issue. And speaking of squeezed in, next time they’ve promised to devote at least two full pages to our column (and even plan to work in some large and in charge photos) so we can’t wait for that.

Of course you can always opt to peruse it at your local Barnes & Noble instead of shelling out loot to take it home (we love flipping through stacks of magazines there in an attempt to absorb as much inspiration as possible on a lazy weekend). But when it comes to this next magazine, you probably won’t see it at your local bookstore (that’s my segue to the post-ellipses part of the title). Heck, I can’t even tell you what the magazine is called – just that it has lots of pretty homes in it.

However it’s pronounced, this Ukrainian publication showed up in our PO Box a few weeks ago with pictures of our very own house inside! And those photos were surrounded by a lot of text that we’ve been too intimidated to even attempt to translate. But feel free to click the image below to see it larger and take a stab at it.

Sherry actually corresponded with the magazine’s editor a while back to provide the photos, but it was still a surprise to see all of those unfamiliar characters telling our home makeover story (well, at least we assume that’s what it’s about). And we learned our lesson with this Greek website that we shouldn’t trust online translators. So we’re not going to even go there (even though we did get a few good laughs last time).

So now that you know what’s on our coffee table these days, what magazines are you guys loving right now? Are there any that stand out to you as particularly helpful or especially beautiful as of late? Are you into the online magazines that are popping up these days (like Lonny and Southern Flourish)? Let’s talk about deliciously glossy magazines (as Sherry would say, with a gleam in her eye).


  1. s says

    I actually just returned from the Ukraine last week. While I was there I saw the magazine in question and was surprised to see you guys inside—it was a little bit of home while I was away!

  2. says

    Haha, I love when I pick up magazines I can’t read, yet I look at all the pretty pictures… it’s like childhood all over again! I agree on the bathroom part of the post. I understand when renters are scared to paint because they will only be there for a few months/years, but when you plan on staying somewhere for THAT long, make it what you love, don’t settle!

    Thanks for posting–Caitlin @ That House on the Corner

  3. says

    I’ve been wanting a subscription to that magazine so bad! (uh, not the Ukrainian one, though that is very cool) Knowing that you guys are in it just makes me want it more. (yes, you all are my hometown heroes)
    Hmm, would there be a chance for DIY magazine giveaway sometime? If so then my name is there already:)
    Thank you both for all your great ideas!

  4. Cheryl says

    I will pick this up! today . . . .

    I subscribe to the magazine Real Living. spendy annual subscription but it affords such pleasure and I get a lot of ideas. For the beauty alone, it’s worth this gift to self and none of our area stores carry it. I won’t make a habit of this but one year at a time . . . .

  5. says

    I’m surprised that the Ukranian publication is actually in Russian and Ukranian. The blue type (over the picture of your living room) says “Just Cozy and Practical”. Congrats!

  6. says

    So cool – we’ve sold our house and are looking for a new one so I’m sure we’ll be in the DIY arena very soon! Unrelated… is there a place where you’ve listed the paint colors you used? The rooms are bright and cheery while still being cozy – LOVE it!

  7. Meghan says

    I picked up the latest issue of DIY magazine this week when I was in Home Depot finishing up my own little diy kitchen table paint makeover. I read it cover to cover, so many great ideas and inspirations, and I loved your guys’ advice section! Keep up the good work!

  8. Dasha says

    The magazine is actually in Russian, which is spoken in Russia and in Ukraine. Ukrainian is a completely different language.(I’m a native Russian speaker from Russia).

    The title of the magazine is “Cozy apartment.” If you want a translation, email me a scanned copy of the article!

  9. says

    That’s really funny that you guys are expanding into untranslatable territories – the real kicker would be if you were recognized because someone saw you in the Ukranian mag!

  10. sonya says

    I was in B&N the other day looking for a new decor mag to devour and picked up the House Beautiful with a huge feature on “What nobody ever tells you about decorating” where they have pro decorators giving their best advice and “secrets”. I’m a sucker for that so I’m loving that issue!
    I love Lonny but I wish they’d make it into a print version. I just can’t seem to get into reading online mags- I like to curl up with a cup of tea and read my magazine close-up, I like having the glossy paper in my hands.

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