House Crashing: Gorgeous & Green Digs

When Cindy contacted us a while back to do a giveaway with her eco-fabulous store, we never knew that after she rewarded one of our readers with a super fun party pack, she’d still have a lot to give. Namely, a House Crashing tour of her amazing (and Earth-friendly) home right here in Richmond. So without further ado, meet Cindy, her husband Robert, and their gorgeous mid-century rancher:

Whenever we go house crashing, we’re not really sure what to expect. We usually find the houses we invade through friends of the stylish homeowners (and this case was no exception- one of Cindy’s friends tipped us off that she had an amazing casa right after her giveaway went up on our site). But as we curiously strolled up the front walkway to the house, we were instantly & overwhelmingly smitten by the gorgeous room that awaited us. Here’s the punchy turquoise front door that leads into the happy and bright pink living room (which Robert actually painted himself- gotta love a man who’s secure in his masculinity).

Awesome local art, clean-lined furnishings and a happy colors abound, creating a modern yet oh so inviting aesthetic that had us beaming for the entire tour. We also loved how everything from the no VOC paint to the secondhand furnishings (like the blue chair above, which Cindy had recovered) come together to create a luxe look with style to spare.

We also took note of Cindy’s use of twinkling white lights in her pink room that created a magic, come-hither look that lured us right through the front door. She snagged that gorgeous table lamp from Ikea (we love that she mixes old with new and cheap-o with antique!) and even lined the back of that built-in nook with glittering wallpaper to bounce around even more light.

Beyond the joyful pink living room is a gorgeous dining room full of moody ambiance. We drooled over everything from the unique moroccan-inspired lanterns and the modern ghost chairs…

… to the eco-frienly built-ins (made from sustainable wood without any VOCs or formaldehyde) which even have a little wine-chiller worked in at the end.

And then there’s the all-green addition that Cindy and Robert had built when they felt a bit pinched in their formerly teeny-tiny home. They didn’t go super huge (as all eco-peeps agree is a bit of a waste) but did add a functional kitchen with cork flooring, a recycled glass backsplash and countertops, and energy star appliances. Cindy mentioned that it wasn’t a walk in the park to find installers who were well versed in eco materials and practices, so a lot of the work fell on their shoulders (we can only imagine how much time and research this masterful kitchen took!) but they’re extremely happy with the extra time they spent to make informed and beneficial choices along the way. All without sacrificing an inch of style I might add.

And all the green perks aside, just look at their dream of a pantry. See those floor to ceiling doors that resemble a giant armoire on the left? Imagine all the stuff you could store in there (along with that amazing island).

Of course the dining area had me at hello thanks to the white ceramic antler chandelier (we all know how I feel about white ceramic animal paraphernalia by now, right?). And that charmingly rustic yet oh so modern wood dining table below was the perfect counterpoint. Oh and one more note about the cork floors: Cindy mentioned that it’s pretty funny when you drop a knife and it pierces the cork and lands like it just hit a dart board (sticking out of the floor at a 90 degree angle). The cool thing is that when you pull it out, the cork self-heals so there’s nary a mark in sight. Just had to toss in that little detail because it tickled us to no end. After all, we do have a love affair with cork in our kitchen.

We especially appreciated Cindy’s spot-on use of brilliant yet surprisingly soothing and happy colors (that pink living room had us relaxed from the second we stepped inside, and this punchy green bathroom just made us smile).

And we especially loved how colors felt layered and lovely throughout the home- like Cindy was always thinking about what rooms would be visible beyond certain spaces. Doesn’t the pop of green beyond the inky blue bedroom look luxe and amazing? Especially with the crisp pops of white (in the trim, that leggy wood table in the hallway, and even the clean white sink base).

But perhaps the most green-with-envy-inducing space was the amazing (and of course, eco) master bathroom that Cindy & Robert designed with function and form on an even playing field. The recycled tiles and sustainable wood built-ins are amazing, right down to the pull out trash can in the middle of the wall unit and the leftover kitchen countertop slabs that they salvaged and reused in here.

So what do you guys think? Was that a fun little house crashing sesh or what? Any favorite features or rooms of the bunch? Any drool to wipe off your chin? Do tell.


  1. says

    I love it (and I love her store)! Their house looks familiar, I think I may have passed it before. Do you have a close up of their recycled glass backsplash? It looks so pretty. :)

    • says

      Hey Kim,

      We unfortunately don’t have a close up of the gorgeous backsplash tile, but you can check it out if you’re local by dropping in on EcoLogic (the green home-improvement supply store here in Richmond). They sell the very same pick-your-colors mosaics (yes, the colors are awesomely customizable so Cindy chose that scheme). Hope it helps!


  2. Virginia says

    Wow, I love this house. A great balance of funky with sleek that really tells you a lot about the personalities of the owners.

    As a recovering professional chef- that is a great kitchen. Stylish but totally functional. So many kitchens in magazines or on design sites make me wince because they are either wildly impractical (who cleans the pressed tin backsplash after you made a vat of chili?) or because they are obviously designed for people who do little more than use the microwave (bad traffic flow, nowhere to put a hot pan, baking areas right next to the stove, etc.)This one just downright rocks!

    The bathroom sink in the green bathroom is fantastic!!! Do tell, who is the manufacturer?

  3. says

    The entire house is fab, but I really, REALLY love the dining room. What a great ambience for dinner parties. And I’m in love with the built-in and wine fridge–great design and so convenient!

  4. says

    What a great home! Cindy and Robert have such a great design aesthetic!

    It was really cool to see the ‘Hope’ print hanging in their blue bedroom, also. I have that same print, and it’s so interesting to see how other people incorporate it into their home.

  5. says

    The lighting in each room is tailored perfectly to the colors on the walls… brighter light in the darker rooms to brighten them up and dim lighting on the brighter walled rooms. Love it. Very funky. Very daring. Very cool.

  6. tara says

    Umm, this is weird, because I was working up the nerve to ask you two a painting question. It went like this: “is it okay to paint with different colors throughout your house? Or should I stick to some kind of neutral?” Now I know – thanks to this fabulous peek into this great home. Thank you for setting my inner-Matisse at ease.

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