Three Chic Ways To Store Toilet Paper Out In The Open

When it comes to toilet paper, many people prefer to keep their stock, well, out of sight. But for some unexplained reason (perhaps our sheer obsession with open storage, or just plain convenience) not one, but two (out of two) of our bathrooms feature TP in plain sight.

In our half bath we snagged an $18 vase from Target a few years back to corral three extra rolls (with a roll in my purse for measuring reasons- weird I know). And we think it looks oddly elegant next to the, er, throne. Especially considering its cargo.

And in removing the door of the linen closet in our full bath, we happily exposed a little TP pyramid, which we think looks charming and abundant (can wealth be measured by a bounty of toilet paper at the ready?):

And our open toilet paper storage options are hardly the only two out there. We loved this metal basket that we spied in Christi and Barrett’s bathroom when we house crashed them back in October:

So what do you guys think? Will your extra TP ever see the light of day? Do you have other ideas up your sleeves? I never thought I’d say this but… let’s talk about toilet paper!


  1. says

    I think open TP storage is a great idea. That way when the roll runs out, there are no excuses not to reload. We currently don’t have our TP out in the open, but we’re on the lookout for a wicker basket to hold it in our downstairs half bath.

  2. says

    Since I’m a singleton, I still keep my stash in behind the door of the built-in linen cabinet.

    I do have to say, though, that I totally love the variety of topics that are covered here. No detail is too small–and I absolutely agree! :-)

  3. allie says

    i always have the TP out in plain view…i hate hate hate going to someone’s house and run out of TP and then not be able to find it…worse yet, sometimes they don’t even have extra rolls in their bathroom! aaaccck.

  4. says

    I second, Allie, visible toilet paper or easy to find in the bathroom is really important in a bathroom used by guests. I currently only have tp exposed in one bathroom, but the other is under the sink which is right next to the toilet. It is just practical to keep some in the bathroom.

  5. says

    I keep the TP visible and within reach for easy access at those times when you sit down without checking if there is any left on the roll first! Also as a courtesy to guests who may use the last of the roll – that way they don’t have to search around the bathroom, or (horror of horrors) ask for a new roll! I have a small tower of white shelves that hold toiletries in a basket on top, books and magazines in the middle and the TP on the bottom. Cute and functional. :)

  6. Dabney says

    I store mine in a glass cylinder also. Years ago all the toilet paper had a pattern on it and I always had the hardest time finding plain white TP and paper towels. I am very thankfully that plain white is the norm now!

  7. says

    My TP is always out in the open! It is one of my biggest pet peeves when I’m at someone else’s house and I’m, er, on the bowl, and the paper runs out! And then I am inevitably rumbling around their bathroom with my pants around my ankles trying to find the spare rolls.

    Too much information?

  8. says

    I keep extra TP in a treasure chest (that’s what my kids call it) in the powder room. It is fun accessory and serves double duty as storage for wipes, TP and other things. The kids sometimes hide little toys in there too — truly making it a treasure box.

  9. says

    I have mine peeking out from a basket specially designed for just such a purpose. Let’s face it, having to use the bathroom in somebody else’s house can be stressful–and what would be worse than running out of TP and not being able to find any?

  10. says

    Love the ingenious vase idea! Unfortunately, my miniature studio apartment bathroom is too tiny (and humid) to store extra TP out in the open. If I know I’m having a guest over, I always make sure to put ONE extra roll of TP in plain view (hopefully one roll would address any need that should arise?) :)

  11. elizabeth says

    We have two holders in our master bath and the rest is stacked on open shelving. Our guest bath usually only has one roll in it (we are terrible hosts). We need to add cute open storage so that my mom (our only guest) doesn’t have to ask for it anymore!

  12. DJ says

    Our bathroom is so tiny that I can touch all four walls standing in the center with my arms outstretched.

    Needless to say, there’s precious little storage. It has irked me to have to store the extra rolls on the back of the toilet.

    I LOVE that glass vase idea… I’ll be off to Target and Container Store tomorrow, looking for something similar. It will make great use of the otherwise unusable space next to the toilet.

  13. says

    In our downstairs guest bath (small) I keep the TP under the sink, which makes sense to me even though it is hidden. Isn’t that the first place you look if it is not out in the open? Our two upstairs bathrooms have separate water closets, so in both of those I have TP in cute wicker baskets on the floor. That way no one has to go through that awkward exposed-backside waddle through the house to find TP when the roll runs out.

  14. says

    I have ours in open baskets almost exactly like the ones shown in the third picture. In the full bath, the basket is in an open shelving system as shown with the “pyramid” and in the half bath it is on top of the toilet like the one in the picture. Both seem to work well and look decent! I like the vase idea as well.

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