Orange You Glad She Took The Door Off?

We have another awesome reader redesign to share with you guys. This one comes from Stacie, whom you all know as the owner of this swanky new bedroom inspired by the custom moodboard we whipped up back in May. But it seems her bedroom was just the start. Here’s her inspiring I-ripped-the-door-off-my-linen-closet story for all of you to enjoy:

So, once again I have been inspired by you (and Lesley and Jeff). Taking the linen closet doors off in my boys’ bathroom was the best move. Although I did have my work cut out for me! I don’t have pics of the doors on, but imagine big white plywood doors that would NEVER stay closed properly, and the mess behind them was always showing.

I had to remove contact paper, which was held down with almost 100 thumbtacks. Those were fun to pry out. Who puts thumbtacks in contact paper anyways?

Some scraping, spackling and a gallon of paint later and here’s the new closet. I LOVE IT! I think it still looks totally cool and friendly enough for the kids.

PS: This is the perfect reason to purge your linen closet . I had SEVEN sets of sheets I NEVER used. Thanks again John and Sherry.

No, thank you for sharing more of your stellar before & after projects, Stacie. We love the way the natural brown and cream baskets play off the bright and fun wall color. Oh, and bonus points for managing to coordinate even the plastic toy boats. Nicely done. Be sure to keep those before & after project pics coming. And that goes for all of you now, ya hear?


  1. says

    I just stumbled upon your blog recently and am SO glad that I did. My hubby and I are classic DIY-ers and are always looking for inspiration (and moral support). ;) We LOVE what you have done in your home, everything looks wonderful!!

  2. Kelly says

    Stacie, I am interested in seeing what the lettering says on your bathroom wall? Where do you live that you have such fantastically high ceilings?!

  3. stacie says

    Hi Kelley,
    The lettering is a G and an L, my sons initials,
    They were painted on by my fabulously talented boyfriend
    We are in a historic district of Richmond VA , so the ceilings heights are huge up and down.
    Great to look at, killer on the heating bills…..

  4. Jani says

    Love the look of this, but knowing my kids and their incessant curiosity I would probably find them climbing the shelves or pulling stuff out to make a blanket & sheet tent in their bedroom. We have actually resorted to putting a very high lock on their closet to keep all the sheets, extra toys & books and craft supplies from escaping. Out of sight, out of mind!

  5. Shaina says

    I love the open closet look. I only wish our linen closets were in the bathrooms so I could replicate this look!

  6. Cee says

    You have me thinking now! When you first posted this idea & your transformation I thought it was nice, but I don’t have a linen closet. Well, I do in the hall, but we use it for games, puzzles, art stuff, etc. Then the bell went off, I could totally do it for my game/puzzle closet! My son is getting older anyhow & I probably need to sort through some of it any way. As always, another great idea! If I do it, I will totally send some B&A’s.

    Great job Stacie!

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