Raising Our Bathroom’s Shower Curtain For A Loftier Look

In the mood to give your bathroom a shot of luxury and some dramatic height? Here’s another simple and speedy mini-makeover that anyone can do. Just upgrade from the average 72″ shower curtain to a super tall version (we snagged a 95″ curtain from here, and it works perfectly with our 98″ ceilings).

While we were at it, we also picked up an 84″ fabric shower curtain liner (the liner didn’t need to be as long as the actual curtain since it just needed to hit the top of the tub and not go all the way to the floor like the curtain). And we didn’t even have to order the liner online since good ol’ Bed Bath & Beyond carried ’em. Now, you might be asking yourself why we went for a fabric liner over one of those clear plastic ones. Well, our inspirational new friend Lesley (who let us crash her house a few weeks ago) mentioned that she picked one up because they last forever and can be thrown in the wash if they get any sort of mildew-esque issues instead of tossed into the garbage after a year or so. We’re always down with snagging things for the long haul, and it was about time that we switched out our old plastic liner anyway, so the fabric liner really does seem just as practical as it does luxurious and hotel-chic.

And since we know you guys love a good before and after, here’s the old 72″ shower curtain:

And the high-society 95″ version:

The room looks taller, and somehow seems to have better architecture, like those old homes with extra tall ceilings. And since tiling a tub from floor to ceiling is a new trend (and our tile stops a few feet from the ceiling) it somehow makes up for the vertically challenged tile and feels super luxe and special.

Note: To further spiff up your shower, you can add some shiny new brushed nickel rings along with a gleaming new rod to totally update an old plastic shower rod (we made that change a few months ago, and they were just crying out for an ooh-la-la curtain to match). Check.

So go ahead, swankify up your shower and send us the pics (no shots of you sudsing up in your new shower necessary).


  1. says

    love it. LOVE IT!

    we have sliding doors on our bathtub, but it’s a rental. when we buy a house next year, i will be all about this.

    • Jannette says

      I just wanted to let you know that I actually saw a bathroom where they just put a pressure rode in front of the glass sliding door to give the room more style without the major construction of taking the glass doors down. With small kids I don’t know if I would try it, but I thought I would pass it along, it does look nice with the curtain in front of the door.

  2. liz says

    i love the idea, but doesn’t the high curtain now block quite a bit of light coming into your shower? have you noticed a difference? i’m quite curious.

  3. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey guys,

    Glad you’re liking our new “upgrade” in the bathroom. Liz, as for your light blocking question- this was also our biggest concern when we hung the new curtain. However we actually have noticed not one bit if difference in light since hanging the taller version. The fabric curtain and liner are both delicate enough to let lots of light through (it almost looks like the liner and curtain are glowing from inside the shower since so much light passes through ’em) so we can honestly say that it’s just as cheery and bright in the shower, and a little more ambient thanks to the floor to ceiling glow that we get off the new curtain and liner combo.

    Our advice would be definitely to go for a curtain and liner that are white (or very pale in color) and not anything dark and moody since that would definitely make the shower seem cave-esque. And sticking to a curtain that’s not thick or dense (our cotton waffle weave really allows a lot of light to shine through) will also keep things feeling open and airy. Hope that helps!


  4. says

    I’ve been thinking about this for our tiny shower stall, but wondered about the light issue, as well. Good to know that you can find them off-the-rack, too!

  5. Christy says

    Only one left in stock now! You two need to start getting a comission for design suggestions, stuff always flies off the shelf after you mention it. ;)

    Maya, My shower had doors too (the sliding ones), but because they were not so attractive I hung a curtain in front of them. It didn’t seem to get in the way much & made it look so much better! Just in case you want to add a curtain, it can be done.

  6. Tiffany says

    Oh, I wish I had read this earlier today. This is exactly what I drove around all weekend looking for and it’s sold out on Amazon. Looks great.

    I have high ceilings and already have a longer length curtain in my guest bathroom, but want to get white to brighten it up.

    Liz, I have to say in my experience it does filter the light a bit more with the taller curtain, but my bathroom has no window or natural light, only a light fixture so that makes a difference.

  7. says

    Wow, that is a big difference. I might try this out the next time we buy a new shower curtain. We have a very similar tile pattern in our bathroom as yours, so hopefully the transformation will be similar as well.

  8. YoungHouseLove says

    Christy – thanks for the tip on just putting a curtian in front of your shower doors.

    Amy – the light fixture is from Home Depot. We got it there last fall and I don’t see it on their website now, but I would check their stores before we rule it out. It was a great Restoration Hardware style find for a Home Depot price!

    Tiffany – sorry Amazon’s sold out now. Hopefully they’ll get more in stock soon. We hunted for quite a while too so we feel your pain.

    And to echo the other comments on it blocking light: that was my only hang up with Sherry first brought up the idea. But I can honestly say that I haven’t noticed any change in lighting. If anything, the whole glow in the shower is now softer and therefore a smidge more spa-like.

    Glad you all like it!


  9. Sarah says

    Hey, FYI, it is possible to clean a plastic shower curtain when it gets all mildewy and gross instead of having to throw it away… Just toss it into your washing machine on a cold wash, gentle cycle. I have washed mine without detergent, but I suppose you could throw a little bit of bleach or whatever in there to kill germs. We’ve been using the same plastic shower liner curtain for over three years now and it’s still going strong!

  10. Holly says

    I am ready to steal this idea but have run into another dilemma. My ceilings in our old home are 108″ high. I have already found the perfect white waffle weave shower curtain in that length but I cannot seem to find a fabric shower liner that is of adequate length. It seems as if I will need 95″ and I know BB&B doesn not carry them. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Holly – I know you posted this on YHL website years ago – but was wondering where you found your waffle weave shower curtain for the 108″ ceilings? we have the same height and would love to do this – but can’t find a curtain that long! Would love your input! Thanks!! ~Christina

    • says

      I hope so too – thanks! BTW – just recently foudn your blog… My husband and I just bought a 1925 colonial fixer upper and we have NEVER fixed up anything – this one has been vacant for 4 years and last updated in the 70’s! BUT it is in the neighborhood we love and has a ton of potential… so I have been literally falling asleep studying your blog for tips and ideas… we are attempting as much of it ourselves as we can to save $$… we joke that I’m the GC on the project and my two little ones are the assistants (5 years and 2 years)! Reading your painting info is helping me come around to POSSIBLY painting ourselves… my husband says we can save the $4500 we’ve been quoted and do it ourselves – I say no way … too much to do and too little knowledge – until I read your blog – I might be coming around, you make it look easy! Thanks for sharing all you do! ~cts

  11. YoungHouseLove says

    Sarah, thanks for mentioning you can wash plastic shower curtains. I would have never thought that was possible! Especially since our old one had magnets in the bottom of it (I pictured them banging around the washer and smashing right through our front loader!) but the gentle cycle makes perfect sense. Thanks so much for the tip. You know what they say: waste not, want not!

    Holly, I’d suggest getting two of the 72 inch fabric kinds from BB&B (sooo much nicer than the plastic ones) and sewing them together to make ’em the perfect length (since they’re 100% polyester they can be easily sewn). Oh and remember to wash ’em first (per their instructions) to account for any shrinkage before you do all that sewing so you don’t end up with something that still falls a little short after one wash. Hope that helps… and good luck!!!


  12. says

    If anyone can locate the 84″ or 95″ waffle weave shower curtains on-line, let me know! I’ve been searching all morning and Amazon is out (still), and not sure if there’s another distributor for those lengths (not exactly sure which we need yet)?

    We’re refinishing the bath and would love to hang the curtain high!

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