White Hot

We’ve have a hypothesis: around 75% of the stuff we bring into our house is white. And what better way to substantiate this theory than to share some of our latest and greatest home purchases. First, one of our favorite finds of all time- a playmate for my concrete greyhound V-day present from John.

Rufus the ceramic dog from HomeGoods

Another amazing Home Goods find, our jumbo ceramic pooch was only $29. Which puts it around $436 cheaper than this almost identical version from Perch.

Score. And now he can guard the sunroom while his concrete older brother keeps an eye on the living room.

And while I was toting our new four-legged friend around the store, this little gem practically jumped off the shelf into my arms. I’d actually seen exactly the same delicate ceramic votive holder in a gift shop a few weeks ago for sixteen buckaroos but I passed it up. Good thing I did because this one only ran me $4.95.

Artichoke flower candle holder ceramic

Moving right along, next we have our new favorite kitchen accessories that were a b-day prezzie from my best buddy Cat. These adorable glass containers (which I think are from West Elm) can hold anything from bath soaps to peanuts to candy, but of course we filled them with stuff that’s white: flour, sugar, and salt.

Flour, sugar, and salt containers from West Elm

And now for an update on the ever-growing wall of (white) frames in our third bedroom. You can see we hung my absolutely priceless b-day silhouette of Burger and also added a black and white sketch of our house (top right) and a funny computer illustration of Burger drawn on my Facebook graffiti wall by my crafty friend Heather (top left).

White wall of frames

In summary, our theory seems to be pretty accurate, although we’re majorly coveting this super fun rug from Pottery Barn (in blue) so there are certainly exceptions to the rule.


  1. Scott says

    The white accents look fantastic! Care to share where you scored the wooden chair next to your new greyhound? I’ve been looking for something similar for my back deck.

  2. YoungHouseLove says

    Thanks Scott,

    We snagged the teak chair from Ikea of all places. We actually picked two of them up last year but we were just there this weekend and saw them again. They’re super cheap (real teak and something like $30 each!) and they even recline. They’ll probably only be around for the next month or so (seasonal stuff tends to go fast) so good luck scoring a few of your own. Can’t beat that price.


  3. Katy says

    After finding your blog last Thursday and spending Friday reading the whole thing, I am AMAZED at the good deals you find at Home Goods. I looked up the Home Goods closest to my house and drove about 35 minutes to get there and didn’t find anything as fabulous as your finds. I’m thinking it’s probably dependent upon where you live.

    Also, I love the glass canisters! So fresh and clean. Your whole house is amazing and makes me want to move somewhere so I can renovate!

  4. YoungHouseLove says

    Hi Katy,

    Home Goods has definitely treated us well. There are two near my parents’ house (2 hours from Richmond near DC) and one is great and the other is a so-so, kind of like the one you made the trip to. I guess they’re one of those hit-or-miss stores. Hopefully you’ll come across some hits soon.


  5. says

    I love your asymmetrical photo wall! Ive always wanted to do something like it but I don’t have the courage to put so many holes in my wall fearing it won’t look a chic as I want it to be. Great job!

  6. says

    I was just going to ask where the Home Goods store was but saw it above. Rats, I never really went there when I lived in Arlington, but could definitely use it now.

    So how do we get them to open up a store here in Richmond? I’m in if you’re in.

    By the way, which one up there is the good one?

  7. YoungHouseLove says

    The one that we call “the good one” is in the Fair Lakes shopping center in Fairfax and “the not-so-good-one” is in Potomac Mills. Fingers crossed that a “fantastic one” comes to Richmond one of these days…


  8. Allison says

    I love the look of the glass canisters that you have your sugar, flour, and salt in. Do they have an airtight seal or just a regular glass lid?

    I have some with the regular glass lid, and I’m wondering whether food would stay fresh in there or not.


    • says

      Hey Allison,

      They don’t have any plastic to make them technically “air-tight” but they are very snug fitting substantial glass lids that we’ve used for a looong time to store things like sugar, salt, flour, rice, coffee beans, etc and everything stays fresh and clean in them. Hope it helps!


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