How We’re Liking Our Arietta Vent Hood

Ever since we first posted about our vent-tastic Arietta hood back in October, it’s been one of the most asked about items in our home. Does it work? Does it really look that good? Is it too good to be true?

We had to dodge those questions for months while the hood just sat on the floor waiting for its friends, the cabinets. But now it’s been up for a few weeks and we’ve been able to put it to the test.

Arietta Hood Kitchen

So let’s put all the speculation to rest. Yes, it works. Yes, it looks pretty darn fine. And no, it’s not too good to be true.

For all of you out there who worry that the low $350 price tag means a sacrifice in quality, know that we’ve been overwhelmingly happy with our choice. It’s quiet (check out the demo in our house tour), it’s functional (3 fan speeds, timer, clock, light) and it certainly looks like a million bucks.

Please chime in if you’ve got your own Arietta hood review to share, we’d love to get a concensus. Until then, here are some of the fun meals we’ve thrown together under our stainless steel sweetheart. Gotta love a kitchen that inspires you to cook more:

Tomato Basil Shrimp

Shrimp Dinner Tomato

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Pineapple

Cilantro Lime Pineapple Chicken

Note: For the recipes, please click the comment text-bubble on the top right hand corner of this post. Mmm…


  1. izabug says

    your blog is sooo lovely! would you mind sharing the source of the picture above the stove and recipes…?

  2. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey Izabug,

    Thanks for your sweet comment. The art above the stove is actually part of a poster that I cut up and framed. The entire print was huge, so I cut out a few of my favorite parts and put them in smaller frames throughout the room. I found it on (it’s also where we got the poster in our bathroom that we referenced in the house tour video). If you visit their home page and search “apple vanilla” you should find it right away.

    As for the recipes, we’re not very exact in our measurements, but here’s our best attempt. Get fresh shrimp from the counter at your local grocery store (never use the frozen kind, fresh ones are only around $4 for half a pound, and so worth it) and cook them in a pan (in some butter) and add some fresh basil and a can of diced tomatoes (drained first). It’s delish when served over spaghetti or zitti. No sauce necessary thanks to the tomatoes and butter which create a nice sauce with lots of flavor thanks to the basil.

    The cilantro lime chicken is easy too. Cook bite sized chunks of chicken on the stove (in a pan) while preparing some rice in a pot (we love jasmine rice, so much tastier than instant rice and it doesn’t take that long at all). Put cooked chicken chunks over the rice once it’s done and squeeze a lime over the whole thing, add sliced cilantro and some canned pineapple chunks. Stir and enjoy.

    Yummy! We’ve wrestled with the idea of adding recipes to the site (they’re sort of house related, and very kitchen related) so please speak up if you guys want more of them. We’d be happy to share them from time to time!


  3. Ram says

    Can yhou tell me more about the Arietta vent hood. How many cfms? Dees it remove odors? Did you vent to the top or through the wall? Thx

  4. YoungHouseLove says

    Hey Ram,

    Hmm, we don’t know the cfms off the top of our heads, but I’m sure a trip to Home Depot would definitely answer that. As for the removal of odors, it’s fantastic (I’ve burned enough things by now to know) and we configured ours to vent through the top (up through the ceiling- we live in a one story ranch) but I’m sure it can adapt to vent though the wall if you have another floor above the kitchen.

    Hope that helps!


  5. TL says

    I found your blog about a month ago, and am really impressed that you do this, it’s great! I do have a question about the Arietta Hood you installed. Was wondering if you had to install the “non-return valve” shown in the manual? We are in NH, COLD weather zone and I’m having trouble locating the item shown. Thanks for your help! Keep up the good work! And Burger is such a cutie!

  6. Robin Gregory says


    We too are re-modeling our kitchen and I chose the Arietta Dekor range hood also for its sleek Italian design and price. I am so glad that it works well and you like it. However, ours came without a manual – I was looking on line for our carpenter when I came upon your info and many others. Tell me did you get a manual with your hood?

    Thanks so much,

  7. YoungHouseLove says

    Hi Robin,

    We’d love to see your hood in place once your kitchen is done. As for a manual, we did get one in ours so it’s probably just an oversight by whomever packaged yours. Maybe try your local Home Depot to see if they’ll swipe one out of another box for you?

    Good luck!


  8. says

    i can’t tell from the pictures or the specs if this has to adhere to the wall, or if it can freestand over an island worktop. was it convertible? the man at home depot told me it was duct-free. it also looks like it is not. could you elaborate? thanks. annie

  9. YoungHouseLove says

    Hi Annie,

    The particular model we purchased must adhere to the wall and is not duct-free, as you suggested. Perhaps you and the man at Home Depot were looking at a different model? Ours also can’t be hung above an island as it has a definite front and back (which shouldn’t be exposed).

    If you look at Home Depot’s listing online you’ll see some of the other models that have non-ducting options and can be hung over an island. Ours is the one at the very top of the page.

    Good luck and happy vent hunting!


  10. Rory says

    Very beautiful home and kitchen. Do you have any more pictures of the vent you could email me? How is it holding up? Is it still working well.

    Your home is very very well decorated. The laundry is very cool.


  11. YoungHouseLove says

    Hi Rory,

    Here are a couple other posts you can check out for more shots of our purty hood:

    We’ve had our Arietta for about six months now and it’s holding up great and still working perfectly. Absolutely no complaints. We’ve been able to cook plenty of steamy dishes under it- in fact, I’m off to make something on the stove now. Hope that helps!


  12. mike mcneil says

    I’ve had my Arietta installed for a year now. I works great and looks good except for one problem. The stainless steel started to tarnish constantly after the first 6 months. The chimney section needs to be scrubbed of tarnish every month now. We have lots of stainless in our kitchen- all appliences, pot racks, coffee pot and utensiles. Our stove is stainless and certanly a lot closer to the heat and grease but no problem with corrosion. The only thing I can figure is that the quality of the stainless must be inferior(maybe that explains the low price). Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike

  13. Darshan says

    Hey John, me and my wife purchased the same Arietta vent hood and I was wondering if you guys had any problems with getting the top of the vent hood flush with the ceiling. I spent all day trying to install it and hit a snag when I tried to get the duct cover on. How did you guys handle this? If you did not install it yourself, who did you hire to handle the job?

    Thanks, Darsh

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