Watching Paint Dry

As I type this the walls are drying in the 2nd bedroom after what I can only pray is the final paint project in unifying our house with a consistent color scheme. A couple of months ago we noted how the warm, neutral wall colors in many model homes inspired us to tone down the rainbow theme we had going on. Especially since we had read that repeating colors in a small house can really help make it seem larger.

So, as of just about right now, our house painting is officially done…for a while at least.

We decided to use that fancy floorplan we created using Floorplanner to demonstrate the change. Oh and these colors are taken from Glidden’s digital swatchbook so the color on your computer screen is only as accurate as your monitor.

Color Scheme: THEN

House Colors Before

I know, I know. It looks fun and cheery – but it was a little schizophrenic. In fact, the only color we repeated at all was the bold turquoise color in the 3rd bedroom (which was the dining room at the time) and the 1/2 bath. Now we understand that in a small house you want continuity and rooms that feel like they flow- and not like they’re chopped up with different color schemes.

Color Scheme: NOW

House Colors After

Only the master bedroom and the sunroom escaped the repainting massacre, and while it may not look exciting on screen – it totally made the house feel bigger, more connected and a lot more grown up. Here’s the final report on the paint colors, in case you’re looking for some inspiration yourself:

Final Color Scheme

Ok, now I’ve gotta go wash some Sand White off my hands. It feels good to be done. Although a homeowner’s work is never really done…


  1. YoungHouseLove says

    Yup, in all cases we used Glidden from Home Depot. We’ve had really good experiences with it and are super happy with the results. Happy painting!


  2. Gina says

    very cool way of showing what colors are in each room!! I loved the idea of using floor plan.

    thank for directing that to me, it answered my question:o)

    Happy weekend, yall!!!

  3. says

    What a great way to show colors by room. I think we may have to incorporate this in our proposals. Did you come up with this yourself, or did an interior decorator do this for you? Mind if I borrow the idea.

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Painting Contractor,

      We’re blushing…

      So nice to know that you like our little room by room color scheme visual. I must admit it was my husband’s brain child and we’re thrilled that you think it’s effective. We were just starting out when we wrote this post, so it’s nice to know that something from the archives has come in handy for ya. Of course you can borrow the idea!

      Sherry (& John)

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Kristin,

      All the trim in our house is Glidden’s Ready-Mix White in semi-gloss. Hope it helps! Happy painting…

      Sherry (& John)

  4. says

    I just discovered yesterday your website..and I gotta say..I can not get enough of it! and I should be since im at work!! ;0)

    We just bought our townhouse not too long ago in Virginia Beach and been painting and decorating our home like crazy. You guys have such a cute house and I wish my fiance would be into design and decorating like how you guys are!

    Thanks for sharing your paint colors! We prob have to make a stop at Home Depot sometime this week then! Oh btw..where did you get the chandelier for your master bedroom. i like!

    take care,
    Yvonne Tran

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Yvonne,

      It’s an old chandy from West Elm but they no longer sell it. You can try googling “capiz chandelier” or checking ebay for something similar though. Happy hunting!


  5. Julie says

    I just found your site earlier this week, and I think it’s safe to say that perusing everything you’ve put up here has taken over my full-time job. I love you house and everything you’ve done with it – amazing transformation!

    I do have a paint color question for you. Are the pictures of your den that are in the “House Tour” the yellow-ish color you first painted it, or the new “Wishes” color? I love the way your den looks in the photos, and I’d like to paint my home office (formerly a den) the same color. I just want to make sure it’s the color that’s in the photos.


    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Julie,

      That paint is actually “Wishes” in the after pictures, which is creamy and subdued in comparison to the super bright yellow tone we originally went with, but still has the warm butterscotch undertones along with some soothing ivory hues. Hope it helps!


  6. Connie says

    Someone on makeup alley suggested your website. I am so glad I decided to stop by. Looking through your blog has inspired me to tackle all my unfinished rooms; however I want to be smart about my plan. I like the color scheme floor plan and currently have a color in the livingroom that inspires me to find coordinating colors. Okay so finally my question…….How did you come up with your color scheme?

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Connie,

      So glad you found our site! As for how we picked our color scheme, it all started with an inspiration room… er, store. In a Restoration Hardware near our house we fell in love with the blue-gray wall color, but of course knew that we could duplicate the look on a budget with some Home Depot paint. We selected a similar moody blue-gray tone (Gentle Tide by Glidden) and the color scheme developed from there. We knew we wanted some light tones for the hallways and the laundry room and the half bath, so we found Wishes. And we also gravitated towards a nice sandy tan because we love a beachy look and since we already had the blue in a few of our rooms, adding tan (San White) felt balanced and natural. The lesson? Pick a starting point and find the color that you love love love. Then branch out from there and discover which tones work to complement your first pick. Hope it helps! Happy painting…


  7. Christa says

    Love your house and this website! Quick questions about your paint colors…what did you use for the fireplace in the living room?

    Thanks, Christa

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Christa,

      Good eye! Our fireplace wall in the den is a shade darker than the other three cream colored walls (which are Wishes by Glidden). We went with Water Chestnut (also by Glidden) for the fireplace, which is also the color of our third bedroom and our sunroom (we love keeping a tight palette throughout the house for an open and seamless feeling). Hope it helps!


    • YoungHouseLove says

      So sorry! The living room fireplace is painted Ruffled Feathers by Glidden. It’s a slightly gray-white so the white mantel pops a little bit by comparison. As for the sheen, we went with flat latex paint for both fireplaces (flat paint blends with the other walls in each room so we don’t have shiny brick next to flat walls- plus flat paint hides imperfections better than semi-gloss which can magnify cracks and divots). Hope it helps!


  8. Christa says

    Thanks so much Sherry! This will truly help with my cottage reno! When I have pics I will keep you posted as you and John and your house have been an inspiration!


  9. carol summers says

    I found this website totally by accident. “Thank God I did” I must say Sherry you have inspired me. I used to hire painters to do the work for me. I have decided to take the DIY challenge and paint my outdated fireplace. The fireplace was the same color as your original one in the den. I painted it black….yes black and it looks totally AWESOME. I will post some before and after pictures so you can tell me what you think.
    Keep up the GREAT work…I L O V E your blog!!


  10. Emily says

    Sorry this comment isn’t paint related but I enjoyed looking at the floor plan of your house. I noticed on your floor plan that you don’t appear to have a coat or hall closet. I’m moving into a new house in a couple weeks (and getting lots of inspiration from your blog! will send pics of course!)that doesn’t have a coat closet. But one thing that has been stressing me out is where to store coats, scarves, hats, etc. so that they are out of the way but accessible. My goal is to save the precious bedroom closet space and I would love to get rid of the overcrowded coat rack I’ve been using in my Fan apt. I’d also like something that guests could use. I’m thinking a storage bench/hooks combo by the front or back door…. but I’d love to hear your ideas on how to avoid having 10 (ok maybe more…) coats on display!

    Many thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • YoungHouseLove says

      Hey Emily,

      We have this mini mud room in the corner of our den which really helps (the storage ottoman can hold even more stuff than we hang out in the open) and we actually do have a hall closet back by the bedroom (it shares space with the bathroom and is accessible from the hall) so of course that comes in handy too. Hope it helps!


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