We’re not experts, just two happy homeowners who love to learn as we go and share our adventures (and misadventures) with the world. We’ve tackled our fair share of projects and gathered a slew of our most popular tips and tutorials for ya. From cabinet painting and drain unclogging to making your own art on the cheap, here’s what worked for us along the way.

Painting Furniture

Making Easy No-Sew Curtains Making No-Sew Curtains

Painting Furniture Painting Furniture

Making A Clothespin Chandelier Making A Clothespin Light

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Pick The Perfect Paint Color Picking The Perfect Color

Painting Trim & Cutting In Painting Trim & Cutting In

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Upholstering A Headboard Upholstering A Headboard

Making Postcard Shelves Making Postcard Shelves

Letting A Room Evolve Letting A Room Evolve

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Reupholstering Office Chairs Reupholstering Chairs

Refinishing Furniture Refinishing Furniture

Refreshing An Old Highchair Refreshing A Highchair

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Lining Drawers With Bright Paper Lining Drawers With Paper

Decoupaging Decorative Cups Decoupaging Mugs

Sewing A Quilt Sewing A Quilt

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Replacing A Toilet Replacing A Toilet

Grouting Penny Tile Grouting Tile

Frosting A Window Frosting A Window

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Wallpapering With Frames (Part 2) Hanging Wall-To-Wall Frames

Making Faux Butterfly Art Making Faux Butterfly Art

Hanging Arrangements of Frames Mastering Frame Groupings

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Painting A Striped Porch Painting A Striped Porch

Planting An Edible Garden Planting An Edible Garden

Laying A Paver Patio Laying A Paver Patio

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Storing & Stashing Anything Storing & Stashing Anything

Cleaning The House Quickly Cleaning The House Quickly

Repurposing For Shoe Storage Finding Shoe Storage

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Making A Compost Bin Making A Compost Bin

Converting To A Dual-Flush Converting To a Dual-Flush

Making A Rain Barrel Making A Rain Barrel

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Making Sentimental Art Making Sentimental Art

Dyeing My Wedding Dress Dyeing My Wedding Dress

Displaying Wedding Mementos Displaying Marital Mementos

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Living With Less Living With Less

Managing Money Managing Money

Learning To Coupon Learning To Coupon

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Making A Play Kitchen Making A Play Kitchen

Taking Weekly Baby Photos Taking Weekly Baby Photos

Sewing a Bean Bag Pouf Sewing A Bean Bag Pouf

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Puffy Painting Pumpkins

Exterior Holiday Decorating

Making A Balloon Garland

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Cutting In

Making Wood Look Old

Stenciling A Wall

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*And now for a bit of legal mumbo jumbo: The various home improvement and decorating related methods, suggestions, and tutorials above are not error proof, they’re merely what worked for us along the way (remember we’re just regular people, not experts). Extra precautions and additional research are always advised and Young House Love cannot be held responsible for your personal safety or the outcome of your home improvement undertakings. Here’s our full disclaimer.