Messy House Tour 2014

Since you guys have enjoyed the past messy house tour videos that we’ve shared (like this one from our last house in 2011), we seized the opportunity to remind everyone that we’re not all carefully folded towels and meticulously placed pillows 24/7 (not even close). With our attention focused mostly on the showhouse & some last minute nursery updates, many of our other house projects have been put on hold (some are literally halfway done) and a handful of rooms have quickly devolved into chaos. And when your house is a mess, why not video tape it for the whole internet to see?

A few notes:

  • There is no rapping in this video. I am both relieved and somewhat disappointed.
  • I hate narrating these things and usually just hold the camera (I have steadier hands) while Sherry talks, but she was doing showhouse stuff so I put on my big boy pants and went for it.
  • Burger is all over this thing like a helicopter in a P.Diddy video.
  • Don’t worry about the droopy figs in the office. They bounce right back after getting some water… although they do seem to be suspiciously thirsty.
  • If there truly were a wedding between a sabre toothed tiger and a pony, I would have given anything to attend it as a child (I was a huge fan of any type of tiger, and checked out a library book about tigers every week for two years straight in elementary school)
  • Look at those gleaming hardwood floors after the climb to the second floor. They make my chest swell with pride.
  • For everyone asking what’s on the fourth wall of the nursery, you catch a quick glimpse of it in the video (it’s just a floor lamp and the doorway to the hall for now, but we might add a “wall of fun” like we did in Clara’s room eventually)
  • There’s some rarely seen footage of the unfinished storage room at the end of the upstairs hallway (and – surprise! – that’s a mess too)
  • I edited the end of the video to cut off myself shouting “keeping it real” because something possessed me to yell that out and the end of the video like a Backstreet Boy circa 1995 and I couldn’t not let it see the light of day. You understand, right?

In case you can’t watch the video at work (it would still pretty much tell the story sans sound), here’s a quick tour-via-screengrab of some of the highlights.

If everything stays on schedule, we should have a few days between our big Homearama deadline and our baby arrival date when we can hopefully wrap up a couple of projects and return things to some semblance of order. You know, right before Barnacle comes along and throws us all out of whack again…

Does anyone else have any messes to fess up to? Is there some half-finished project that’s causing a ripple effect into other rooms around it? We can’t be the only ones.

Psst – Showhouse deadlines have kept us even crazier than expected this week, so we’re not going to have a post for you tomorrow, but we hope to be back at it again on Monday.


  1. says

    I feel you! But I hate to tell you…after baby #2, it feels like the home is always is disarray. Constant tea parties, underpants, and drawing extravaganzas everywhere. It’s worth it. But let’s just say we don’t have people over nearly as much. And laundry never stops. Which I, personally, hate. I need myself a wife! But, having two kids and watching them fawn over each other and play together is amazing. Can’t wait to see you guys enjoy it! Hope to see you at the Showhouse!

    • Kati says

      Bahaha! Brilliant! I need another spouse to do my housework, too!!!!! Thanks for the lol :-)

    • Cara says

      I feel this way with just one. Her imagination is so big and the mess see s to follow.

      I’ve recently made a resolution to invite people over whatever the state of the house AND to resist the ever present urge to apologize for the mess. People are important, housekeeping isn’t. Right? Right. And, honestly it’s just a-family-lives-here mess, not a health hazard.

  2. Colleen says

    Where did you get the pillows that are piled on the right side of the screen in the guest room with the yellow rosettes on them? That’s exactly what I’ve been looking to buy for my living room and can’t find anywhere! :-)

  3. Beth says

    My favorite part of this post was the P.Ditty video and helicopters comment! I am still laughing at that one :)
    Love having my morning coffee with you guys!

  4. says

    This is amazing comforting to me right now. We’re having our kitchen and dining room remodeled, and are currently laying down new hardwood throughout the first floor, so the entire house is CHAOS. My first baby is due a few weeks after yours, and this makes me feel so much better about the current state of things!

  5. Jennifer R. says

    “I get more cleaning done in the 10 minutes before someone comes over than I do in a week”


    In our house, we always prioritize family time to cleaning. We don’t live in a pig pen, we have a nice house and it’s usually somewhat in order. But if it comes down to folding laundry or playing a game of frisbee/reading a book together/playing scrabble, the latter wins 100% of the time. Life is too short to spend it wiping down the counters 10 times a day. Good for you for showing your normal-ness!

    • Kim R says

      I know this means I’m spending too much time on Facebook, but I had to “like” this.

      Though, sometimes on Sunday nights, the family will throw on a movie and fold laundry simultaneously. And getting Sheldon’s shirt folder from “Big Bang Theory” has the kids fighting over folding their stuff. But still life > laundry.

  6. Kate says

    Love how you are keeping it real. Love all the renos so far. Cant wait to see what you have planned for the future :o)

    • says

      A lot of that random stuff used to be in the nursery but it got shifted in there when we started that room. Needs to get cleaned out (aka: put in the storage room, craigslisted, clothes put in nursery drawers, etc). We have less than two weeks to get on that because my mom is coming for the bun’s birth!


    • Kati says

      Guests don’t sleep when there are new babies do they?!?!? And they are not guests so much as slaves. At least, that’s what my parents turned into for my daughter’s birth! :-)

    • says

      Oh man, my mom is so funny she tries to get up at night and I’m like “sleep momma, I’m the one with the food supply.” Haha! She’s going to be awesome for playing with Clara I think, with a lot of baby snuggles going in too…


    • Lauren Nicole says

      My mom was seriously the GREATEST when my second was born in October. Did all the cooking and cleaning for an entire week and played with my older daughter. She had me wondering “Why do I live with this man who has to leave ALL of his shoes by the back door when I could be living with you, mom?!”

    • Tara S says

      Sherry, your comment about your Mom playing with Clara after the baby comes is priceless!! When people came to visit after I had Jasper the best thing they could do for me what play with Grace (3 yrs old at the time). You obviously make it very clear to Clara that you love her like crazy, but getting that extra attention from Nonna after the baby is key. Good luck adjusting to a family of 4!! I’m so excited for you guys.

      PS….Thanks for keeping it real with the mess. I’m right there with you. We came home from vacation last week (First trip to Disney with the kids!) and I still have laundry to do and suitcases to finish unpacking. Ugh. The mess is so hard to keep under control.

  7. says

    OMG Thank you!!! I’ve been feeling awful because, with a full time job and a side business, my house is always messy and I feel like I can’t keep up! I keep wondering “how does everyone else do it??”. So thank you for making me feel normal!! haha

  8. Evelina says

    We will miss you tomorrow! Good luck with getting all the loose ends tied up with the showhouse. And thanks for keeping it real (as always) with these videos. You guys 100% deserve all this success.
    Aaaand for whenever Barnacle decides to pop out (saying this now in case it happens before Monday), I hope all goes well and that Momma and Baby are safe and sound!

    • Gina says

      Hi Sherry!

      You must be so excited that you will be meeting Barnacle Bun very soon! I am excited for all of you and can’t wait to see him! If this is not too personal, do you have an actual due date (aside from the scheduled c-section date?)? Yesterday, I thought you said 2 weeks from now? So, April 16? How are you feeling overall? Are you into that homestretch where everything just feels surreal and all this waiting will be over? Much love, Gina.

    • says

      Thanks Gina! Yes, the 16th is when I believe I will deliver unless there’s an emergency before that. I’m feeling great except for morning sickness but I’m used to that by now. Can’t complain!


    • Jess says

      Oh hi, Don’t mind me creepin’ comments on a Saturday night. I am 25 and livin’ the life… :)

      Anyways, April 16th is my birthday, and let me just tell you, it’s EXCELLENT.
      So fingers crossed that he has my birthday! I will share the amazing vibes with him!

      Oh, and I hope the birth is safe and quick and maybe after the showhouse is done :)


  9. says

    Thank you for this video! Our house looks pretty similar at the moment, although the guest room is the tidiest, as we had people staying the last week. After moving in August last year, two rooms in our house are still full of boxes, and items with no fixed home. #KeepingItReal

  10. Shauna says

    Every blogger (the ones I like at least) always makes a point to say “this styled room is not my regular life, I make messes just like you!” but MAN, it still feels good to see it for real. We bought a house around the same time as you, similar size, and I feel like a real jerk for having half painted walls and piles of decorative stuff just hanging out in the rooms they should be decorating. Thanks for helping me feel like less of a jerk…or a successful jerk, I guess?

  11. Debby says

    Yep. I gotta big old mess at my house. Full kitchen gut/reno with hardwoods going down the foyer. Everything from kitchen, dining room, and foyer is now in the living room and family room. With some stuff in the basement. And my husband’s half of the garage looks like a mini landfill. Keep on keeping on.

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