Messy House Tour 2014

Since you guys have enjoyed the past messy house tour videos that we’ve shared (like this one from our last house in 2011), we seized the opportunity to remind everyone that we’re not all carefully folded towels and meticulously placed pillows 24/7 (not even close). With our attention focused mostly on the showhouse & some last minute nursery updates, many of our other house projects have been put on hold (some are literally halfway done) and a handful of rooms have quickly devolved into chaos. And when your house is a mess, why not video tape it for the whole internet to see?

A few notes:

  • There is no rapping in this video. I am both relieved and somewhat disappointed.
  • I hate narrating these things and usually just hold the camera (I have steadier hands) while Sherry talks, but she was doing showhouse stuff so I put on my big boy pants and went for it.
  • Burger is all over this thing like a helicopter in a P.Diddy video.
  • Don’t worry about the droopy figs in the office. They bounce right back after getting some water… although they do seem to be suspiciously thirsty.
  • If there truly were a wedding between a sabre toothed tiger and a pony, I would have given anything to attend it as a child (I was a huge fan of any type of tiger, and checked out a library book about tigers every week for two years straight in elementary school)
  • Look at those gleaming hardwood floors after the climb to the second floor. They make my chest swell with pride.
  • For everyone asking what’s on the fourth wall of the nursery, you catch a quick glimpse of it in the video (it’s just a floor lamp and the doorway to the hall for now, but we might add a “wall of fun” like we did in Clara’s room eventually)
  • There’s some rarely seen footage of the unfinished storage room at the end of the upstairs hallway (and – surprise! – that’s a mess too)
  • I edited the end of the video to cut off myself shouting “keeping it real” because something possessed me to yell that out and the end of the video like a Backstreet Boy circa 1995 and I couldn’t not let it see the light of day. You understand, right?

In case you can’t watch the video at work (it would still pretty much tell the story sans sound), here’s a quick tour-via-screengrab of some of the highlights.

If everything stays on schedule, we should have a few days between our big Homearama deadline and our baby arrival date when we can hopefully wrap up a couple of projects and return things to some semblance of order. You know, right before Barnacle comes along and throws us all out of whack again…

Does anyone else have any messes to fess up to? Is there some half-finished project that’s causing a ripple effect into other rooms around it? We can’t be the only ones.

Psst – Showhouse deadlines have kept us even crazier than expected this week, so we’re not going to have a post for you tomorrow, but we hope to be back at it again on Monday.


  1. Kim says

    This is awesome – the fact that you guys are so open and honest coupled with the endless adorableness… no wonder you are so popular! Thank you all for all that you do – you are an inspiration, composed AND cluttered!

  2. says

    You’re so brave showing everyone your mess, I’m not sure I could do that. It’s great to see that I’m not the only one living with chaos – I’m planning a kitchen refurb (inspired by what you did in your second house) but I sometimes wonder if what it really needs is just a good tidy up!

  3. Lindsay says

    Thank you for rmaking me feel better about the hot mess state of my house. I see your half painted office and raise you a half painted guest room and bathroom.

  4. says

    Is it bad that I love posts like these?
    Our house is always messy. It’s very small and there are still three adults living there full time. The fourth is back from college this month and the fifth drops by about twice a week. There’s always a lot going on here.
    After living with only my husband in a very bare rented (vacation) apartment for two months it feels messier than ever. As soon as I recover from my jetlag, I’m going to declutter my little heart out ;-)

  5. Valerie W. says

    Thanks for keeping it real John —I missed the last messy house tour and this just made me think ‘wow! they are real peeps with real messes!’ Sometimes looking at all the pretty tidy rooms on blogs makes me fee like a complete slob–and now I just feel normal! PS–Clara rocks, best play wedding EVER.

  6. Megan says

    Love to see a real house tour, thanks for keeping it real Petersiks! Here’s to hoping the Barnacle listens to your schedule and stays in until you’re all ready for him. :)

  7. Sarah says

    hahaha funny that this is the post of the day. To answer your question, YES. My house is totally upside down because the entire upstairs and the living room/dining room are under construction/to be painted with a paint sprayer soon. I actually have an Ektorp chaise from Ikea (still in the box of course…) with three light fixtures still in the boxes in the middle of my kitchen. Also, I have a unusually large number of empty five gallon buckets around the kitchen. I also have an extra chair in my den that is trying to blend in despite being a completely different color scheme. I’m sure there are other messes I’m thinking of too, but I think my brain is subconsciously blocking them out because I can’t handle it. ;)

  8. Emily says

    You are not alone my friend. We moved in October and just this week allowed the first floor of our house to (finally) become box-free. We were lucky enough to buy a house with both a living and family room space. We only had furniture for one so the family room was our “box staging area.” Sure, we unpacked some of those boxes from the staging area but mostly, we moved them upstairs into the rooms that they really belonged in. Baby steps…

  9. Kim says

    We have a raised ranch, the first floor flooded (too much snow melted too fast + a clogged street drain = disaster in our house). So we had to rip out four rooms of wall to wall carpet and pad. Smells bad, it’s noisy and it’s just a mess. Now to figure out what to do with the floors when your homeowners insurance is useless. This being typed by a woman who isn’t fond of chaos.

    • Cara says

      Oh my. I would need a very large glass of wine. And possibly a blindfold. Good luck!

  10. Fun mama says

    I know you are probably betting on a human type baby, but perhaps consider a tiger/pony type baby. :)

  11. Angela Kay says

    As a mom of four who sits on the other side of toddlerhood, these pictures are such a welcome sight! Our youngest is 12 and I’m just beginning to think of new projects around our house. It is so nice to know that chaos reigns in your house on some days, too! Best wishes in the coming weeks and know that we are all hoping you put baby and your family first and let the blog-baby entertain itself for a bit! I’ve bought tickets to homearama, btw!!

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