Messy House Tour 2014

Since you guys have enjoyed the past messy house tour videos that we’ve shared (like this one from our last house in 2011), we seized the opportunity to remind everyone that we’re not all carefully folded towels and meticulously placed pillows 24/7 (not even close). With our attention focused mostly on the showhouse & some last minute nursery updates, many of our other house projects have been put on hold (some are literally halfway done) and a handful of rooms have quickly devolved into chaos. And when your house is a mess, why not video tape it for the whole internet to see?

A few notes:

  • There is no rapping in this video. I am both relieved and somewhat disappointed.
  • I hate narrating these things and usually just hold the camera (I have steadier hands) while Sherry talks, but she was doing showhouse stuff so I put on my big boy pants and went for it.
  • Burger is all over this thing like a helicopter in a P.Diddy video.
  • Don’t worry about the droopy figs in the office. They bounce right back after getting some water… although they do seem to be suspiciously thirsty.
  • If there truly were a wedding between a sabre toothed tiger and a pony, I would have given anything to attend it as a child (I was a huge fan of any type of tiger, and checked out a library book about tigers every week for two years straight in elementary school)
  • Look at those gleaming hardwood floors after the climb to the second floor. They make my chest swell with pride.
  • For everyone asking what’s on the fourth wall of the nursery, you catch a quick glimpse of it in the video (it’s just a floor lamp and the doorway to the hall for now, but we might add a “wall of fun” like we did in Clara’s room eventually)
  • There’s some rarely seen footage of the unfinished storage room at the end of the upstairs hallway (and – surprise! – that’s a mess too)
  • I edited the end of the video to cut off myself shouting “keeping it real” because something possessed me to yell that out and the end of the video like a Backstreet Boy circa 1995 and I couldn’t not let it see the light of day. You understand, right?

In case you can’t watch the video at work (it would still pretty much tell the story sans sound), here’s a quick tour-via-screengrab of some of the highlights.

If everything stays on schedule, we should have a few days between our big Homearama deadline and our baby arrival date when we can hopefully wrap up a couple of projects and return things to some semblance of order. You know, right before Barnacle comes along and throws us all out of whack again…

Does anyone else have any messes to fess up to? Is there some half-finished project that’s causing a ripple effect into other rooms around it? We can’t be the only ones.

Psst – Showhouse deadlines have kept us even crazier than expected this week, so we’re not going to have a post for you tomorrow, but we hope to be back at it again on Monday.


  1. says

    Well done, John!

    Why do I have an image of your infant son walking through your sweet blue door, thinking, “Gosh, my parents are nice and all — but this place is a pigsty!” (NOT.) :)

    Curious — what is the little shadow box in the upstairs bathroom (near Clara’s Barbie and pink purse)?

    • says

      That’s a book shadowbox that we made after we handed in our final manuscript. I think if you search book shadowbox pencils on our sidebar it’ll come up :)


  2. says

    I love the Burger bombs! I’m glad to see your house is a little unkempt, makes me feel better. HA!

    Everything needs a little tidying right now in our home but the worst is the office. It’s like when JoBeth Williams opened the door to Carol Anne’s room and all the floating stuff screamed at her and she slammed the door closed. That’s me.

  3. says

    This is awesome! Nice to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t live in a showhouse!! And yes, there is always at least one room around here that has a half-finished (or less) project and a handful of rooms that result in relocation clutter!

    I saw a cute little sign the other day I’m thinking about getting for our ledge in the entry — excuse the mess, but we live here :)

  4. Angie Lee says

    Thanks for keeping it real. This looks like my house on a normal day without doing other projects. Full time job, 3 kids and total lack of motivation aren’t helping me either!

  5. says

    Oh man I am in a similar messy house state! MY husband has been gone for 3 weeks (coming home TODAY!) and the laundry situation is outta control. Somehow I went from having perfect control to doing 10 loads (sheets, towels, regular load, bleach load, hot load). How does that happen?

  6. Amy says

    Oddly enough, seeing this makes me feel infinitely better about coming home from work and seeing blankets/pillows/clothing/dog toys flung every which way. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

  7. Crystal says

    I love it! You should narrate videos more often, your both great at it. Can’t wait for an update on the counters.

  8. jeannette says

    i know you’re crazy busy, but you all deserve every crumb of success you have achieved. i will miss you tomorrow. happy trails.

  9. Taylor says

    Our storage space looks almost identical to your storage space! We even have the double stacked white lampshades goin’ on, with tons of framed art everywhere…because why hang it when nearly your entire house needs to be painted still?? We are renovating our 1950 all brick ranch. So far, we’re about 75% done with our kitchen, 50% done with our dining room, and 75% done with our entry way. The 4 bedrooms, office, craft room, 2 baths, and hallway still have a LOOOOONG way to go.

  10. Diana T. says

    Slightly OT question — when Clara was born, you guys had stockpiled a lot of “secret” posts so that the blog could continue running during those crazy newborn days. Are you planning the same thing for the Barnacle’s arrival? Or are you going to give yourselves a (much-deserved) break?

    • says

      We wish we had time to stockpile but with the showhouse we can barely keep up! There will definitely be a break/adjustment period, but it depends what kind of baby we have :)


    • Martha says

      I vote you take a break! People with more “traditional” jobs take maternity leave, why shouldn’t you?

    • Taya says

      I’m pretty sure all us faithful readers are happy to adjust to a possibly changing blog schedule in lieu of your new bundle! So happy for you!

    • JenB says

      You’ve had so many great posts over the years that you really should re-post a few old favorites (the best of YHL) while you’re adjusting to life with TWO kids:) Best of luck with the show house and with delivery! You’re in the home stretch!

    • says

      The file cabinet in the corner is Ikea but the white parsons table is from West Elm about 7 years ago (was a wedding gift from my best friend).


  11. says

    I need to sneakily watch this at work somehow. I love house tours! My house feels like its in a constant state of disarray with all the simultaneous projects. This working full time on top of diy & blogging is for the birds!!

  12. Bethany says

    This makes me feel much better about my messy apartment. Granted, I don’t have as many excuses as you guys do, but still. Who feels like cleaning up after you’ve worked all day?! Not I.

    • Rebecca says

      Took the words out of my mouth, Bethany. I feel like my place always looks like this, and I have few to no DIY projects or kids to help me make the mess. Oh well!

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