Adding To Our Week Of Crazy…

To everyone who has said “go rest!” or “we understand if you have to catch your breath after this showhouse marathon and before this baby comes” we are SO APPRECIATIVE of the encouragement. We’re still over there every day shooting each remaining room for afters/source lists and are also hoping to record a video tour for you guys, but we fully intend to cash in on that whole sit-down-and-breathe-for-a-second thing as soon as we finish documenting everything.

But amongst the last crazy week of showhouse stuff, another crazy thing happened that we just had to talk about for a second. We can’t begin to tell you how awesomely surreal it has been to see our line of hooks and rails out there in the real world (on Target shelves, in your hands, on your walls, and next to your dogs and babies).

We’d been in our own little bubble with it for so long that it was amazing to see Instagrams, tweets, and Facebook photos from you guys. So we couldn’t let another day go by without saying: THANK YOU for being a part of this latest adventure of ours. We are so grateful.

Everything started rolling out in Target stores throughout last week (it’ll be carried in most US stores for 14 weeks) and you can see the full store list here for which ones will carry it. We actually saw your pictures of the end cap before seeing it in person ourselves, which was pretty crazy. And when we saw it with our own eyes? Kinda made our brains explode.

The home improvement department also got a few other new DIY items like paint and removable wallpaper. Plus they’re carrying our book in stores for the first time as an exclusive paperback version.

Along with taking a moment to send out a giant thank you to you guys, we wanted to bring you behind the scenes to touch on a part of this whole process that was kind of a surprise to us: packaging design. For so long we had been focused on how the products looked, that when Liberty asked for input on the packaging we were sort of caught off guard. But it ended up being a fun assignment.

The graphic designers at Liberty were the brains behind it all – taking inspiration from the colors and themes that they saw frequently on our blog. Together we made little tweaks, like ditching a version of our blog backdrop (the small gray heart pattern) behind the products in favor of a cleaner, less busy solid gray. And we loved their suggestion to put a wood grain detail on the sides of the packaging to bring in some texture.

The funny thing is that it was originally supposed to just be some generic wood texture from an image library somewhere, but when we were doing the product photography here last November someone suggested that we just shoot our kitchen table and use that real wood-grain shot instead. It had already become the de facto backdrop for the other photos, so it was a no brainer decision. So yeah, that’s our real kitchen table on the side of each box.

We were also tasked with choosing the visuals that we’d shoot for the back of the packaging as well as writing the copy for it – which ended up being a fun opportunity to share our inspiration for each item (like an octopus painting made by Clara along with a ceramic octopus that I got Sherry a few years back – or Burger himself, our four-legged muse).

This copy is also the text that appears in the “Overview” section of each item on the Target website, if you’re so inclined to read each one.

Now that we can freely use the hooks without fear of blowing our cover, we’ve put them to good use in a few places in the showhouse (since it’s about the only house getting attention from us lately). We put this wood hook rail in the girl’s bedroom after painting it blue and adding some mix-and-match ORB hooks (the color is Blue Lake by Benjamin Moore). This is obviously the version with the ledge, which was nice for extra storage.

We went sans-ledge for the one in the boy’s room and painted it with a random diagonal of yellow at the bottom (Citron by Benjamin Moore) using painters tape across the rail, while leaving the raw wood up top.

We also used a trio of doorknob hooks in the master bedroom closet (two of the larger beaded knobs flanking the smaller hex knob in the middle) but we still have to shoot that room. We’re working on getting more after pictures documented today so we can share them tomorrow if all goes well.

Ok, now I’ll shut up about it. Sherry and I are still kind of reeling that this stuff is out there in the world after nearly three years of development, and we’re both so grateful to you guys for supporting us. In other Wednesday news, if all goes well and we have our son on Wednesday the 16th (that’s Sherry’s scheduled date), that makes this the very last Wednesday of our lives as parents of one (well, two if you count Burger) so that’s kind of blowing our minds too. Happy Wednesday, guys!


    • says

      Oh how we’d love if they decide to carry it. We hear you guys have been requesting it and those comments are heard by their main office so we hope they pick it up!


    • says

      I just sent a very emphatic email to a certain head office… Maybe I will send one daily. HAHA! Squeaky wheel gets the oil!

    • Lauren says

      YES! Canada loves you SO much! I am driving to Buffalo over Easter weekend just so I can get some hooks. My love for YHL knows no borders (literally ;))

    • Evelina says

      I am betting that the Niagara Falls and Buffalo Targets were the first to sell out because of all us Canadian fans flocking across the border!!

      I can’t believe that’s your kitchen table! What a personal touch.

      And lastly this totally gave me goosebumps: ” that makes this the very last Wednesday of our lives as parents of one (well, two if you count Burger)” craycray.

    • Katie says

      I just came to say the same thing!!! Tell them your Canadian fans are outraged and demanding the product ;)

    • Jess says


      I agreeeee. CANADA! :)
      I know that you guys have no say over this and we need to make ourselves heard to target… but!!

      Also! Best wishes for your delivery! I am an April 16th baby myself. So naturally, I am VERY excited. It makes me feel special. Haha. I am very strange.

      Okay anyways!
      Take time! Enjoy your success and your baby. And we all love you and support you!


    • rachael says

      I saw on the Target Canada FB page that they said we will not be getting this line in Canada’s Targets. I don’t live far from the border though so I might have to go shopping!

    • Paula says

      Down here downunder I’m doubly jealous – no YHL range in our Targets, and from the glimpses I can see of the store itself, our version is like something out of the 60s, and not in a good way.

      All the best for next week – if he arrives on the 16th, he’ll be 57 years younger than my husband!

  1. Amanda L. says

    Well, I already needed to go to Target, so you can bet your (ahem) that I’ll be picking up some of those items tonight! I’m so happy for you all. You clearly love what you do, and work hard at it, so it’s great to see the rewards coming your way!

    • Suzanne says

      I just noticed when she wrote “our son” too– He’s now “our son…the Bun” in my book. Congratulations again, Sherry, John, Clara and Burgs.
      Suzanne in NW IL

  2. Kate says

    Just want to add to the chorus of people encouraging you to rest up and take some time to yourselves before the baby arrives. You are so good to line up posts even when you’re on vacation, but it really is OK to take some time completely off. We all do! You deserve to do so, too. Family comes first. So if I don’t hear from you, I’ll be hoping it’s because you’re all resting with your feet up, reveling in the successful projects of the past few months, and eagerly anticipating your new babe!

    • says

      Haha! He would LOVE that. Burger won’t rest until there’s a van with his face on it. You know, kind of like that furry one in Dumb & Dumber?


  3. Melissa says

    Wow! Just wanted to send some love through the internet… a week a way! You guys must be on cloud 9 right now with the success of your projects and a babe on the way. Well deserved! xo

    • Ana Silva says

      Check that link in the post to see which stores have them. Thanks for that John because I was looking in the wrong Target. Now that I know where to find them you better believe I will be going there now!

      Oh and off topic, I followed your Richmond suggestions of things to do and eat and I loved it! I live in Williamsburg and my husband and I went on a Sunday. We spent all day there. We missed a lot of the stores that were closed on Sunday but still caught a lot. We ate at Urban Farmhouse and loved it! We had donuts from both suggested places haha. And finished at the Pie place. My favorite part was Maymont. Wow what a gem. I wish I would have gone there before. We got a tour of the mansion and it was so worth it. Thanks for the easy to plan mini trip we got to take!

    • myamogabi says

      the link really helps because i went around my target over and over today and just couldn’t find the YHL line. now i see it’s not the right target. thanks!

  4. jeannette says

    i have to say again, nobody works harder than you two, or so mindfully, for your success. sherry, i’m faxing you those foot-long diamond chandie earrings and the housecall foot rubber. bon voyage, mama. <3

  5. says

    I love this line! My Target did not have it yet last time I checked, so I will be going back this week. I have to have at least one thing from your line!

    My oldest turns 18 today – enjoy it, it goes by so fast.

  6. Colleen says

    I’m so bummed!!! Your line isn’t being carried at ANY Targets in Iowa and not at any of the Target’s I shop at in Wisconsin =( We’ll be moving to VA later in the year, but by then, the 14 week run will have passed us by.
    How do they decide which stores are carrying your products? There’s a whole area of the nation that is missing out!

  7. Sina says

    I went to target the day it came out- and it was SO picked over. THAT IS AMAZING! You two have touched the lives of SO many people. Even my fiance walked past the empty shelves and mentioned your blog!

    You guys are great! And I am excited to drive around like a mad woman from Target to Target to get my hands on some of these goodies!


  8. kschike says

    I bought the bees to put in the house we are remodeling for our college twin girls to live in. Thinking I may get a few other pieces. Love your sense of style and your entrepreneurial spirit!!

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