Three Months In


Dude, we’ve been here over three months! On one hand it feels like we’ve lived here forever, and on the other hand it feels like we just moved in last week (wasn’t it last week?!). We’re definitely surprised by how much we’ve knocked out since moving in (new flooring upstairs, a bunch of exterior upgrades, a half bathroom and a foyer facelift, some fresh paint in the bedroom, and a freshly lofted sunroom) yet some of the completely untouched rooms have us itching to bounce around to them soon. But enough chatter, let’s get to the photos. Here’s a time capsule of how our house looks three months in: – The Front – We’ve had

Reader Redesign: Secret Garden


Something has us gravitating towards outdoor spaces lately. Maybe it’s being mid-makeover on our freshly lofted sunroom? Maybe it’s wishful thinking that summer isn’t ending? Whatever it is, we loving Stacy’s transformation of her backyard into a quaint and cozy green space. Here’s her letter: There were several books from my childhood that affected my view on life and how I wanted my home to be when I grew up. One of them was a book titled Mandy, and another was The Secret Garden. I have always wanted a space that was all mine. A space that maybe didn’t function as anything other than a retreat and a place to image and dream. Welcome to my secret

Converting An Extra Coat Closet Into Organized Toy Storage


The closet next to our front door was an obvious place for our coat closet when we first moved in. But since our definition of “coat closet” seems to include random stuff like cleaning supplies (vacuum, dust buster, etc) as well as miscellaneous files and bags, we quickly realized that it was smarter for us to use the deeper closet under the stairs for that stuff instead. It’s slightly closer to the garage anyways, so it’s actually a more convenient spot for daily coat access (not that I’m ready to admit summer’s over yet). But that left this lonely guy next to the door without a job to do. And what’s the opposite of having

Black Pepper In The Boudoir


Nope, we’re not cooking in the bedroom, that’s the name of our new paint color… You’ve actually seen it already in this post about the color palette that we’re leaning towards for this house and we’re so dang happy with it. It was between Sparrow, Knoxville Gray, Sea Star, and Black Pepper for our master, and when we held up the swatches it took the lead for having depth along with a cool faded feeling. It feels fresh, yet also could be one of those “historical colors” which we think is the sweet spot for our house. Since it’s a large room full of light furnishings and crisp white trim and doors, we thought it

Fab Freebie: An A-Muze-ing Story


Happy Labor Day! We’re spending the holiday with our family, but we wanted to drop in with a giveaway for you guys, which not only involves a $200 gift card to Home Depot but a new iPod touch. They’re both thanks to the free Muzio app, where you can weave photos, video, audio, and text together to tell the story of an event, memory, or your latest project (think a trip to the zoo, your latest craft, a vacation, or even a house tour). It’s like a digital scrapbook that you can keep private or share with others, even if they don’t have a smartphone or the app (feel free to share yours with us