Road Trip In Progress…

True to our 2011 resolution, which inspired us to sneak off to Maui last year, this year we’ve road tripped down to Destin, Florida so we can soak up some rays and recharge our drill DIY batteries.

Turns out even if you love painting and sanding and stripping wallpaper, it’s nice to step away from the primer and the sawdust to reboot for a week with your family. And since we had already driven down to Atlanta last week for the Haven Conference, we figured why stop there when the beautiful gulf coast was a half-day drive away…

Destin was our destination of choice because our good friends the Bowers have said such great things about it. Oh, and did I mention the Bowers came with us?

We do plan to drop in a few times throughout the next five days with some posts that we wrote up before we left (we have an awesome $1,000+ international giveaway that we’ll share tomorrow morning along with some other things, like a sweet Reader Redesign). But our main goal is to recharge, put the laptops down, and show Clara a good time.

So we’ll just be stopping by every once in a while until next Monday (please forgive us if we’re not actively answering comments until then). We can’t wait to come back refreshed, inspired, and ready to tackle everything on our beefy to-do list. If only we could coerce our house sitters into painting some blue trim while they’re there (we have a few friends and family members who are taking turns moving in to stare at the wallpaper hang out while we’re gone).

What do you think the odds are of them surprising us with some painted trim when we return? Methinks it’s zero point zero zero. So we’re grateful that this is the only blue that we’ll be staring at for the next few days:

Naaaature! (said in the voice of Robert Goulet, of course).


  1. Amy says

    My favorite vacation destination!!! Crab Island is the BEST!!! Love boating out to the underwater island and playing with all the little hermies!!! Have the BEST TIME!!!

  2. says

    Happy Vacation! I grew up going to Destin every year for vacation, since we lived only 3 hours away in south Mississippi. Moving to Nashville put a cramp in our beach time, but we’ll be going to Destin this Sunday-woohoo!

    You need to check out Another Broken Egg Cafe and Maguires Irish Pub while you’re there. They’re both fantastic! Also, if you feel like you’ve burned enough calories in the sand and sun, you need to get a filled doughnut at the Donut Hole Bakery. You will not be disappointed. Can you tell I basically go on foodcations? :)

    Have a great time!

    • Laura says

      To add to Kristin’s suggestions, visit Crust Pizzeria for some AWESOME pizza. Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant has better fish tacos than Pompano Joe’s (and cheaper too!). And Fudpucker’s is just fun with the adjoining arcade for Clara.

      Have fun!

    • Kathy S. says

      We vacation in Destin every year. I love it! So I have to chime in with a couple other suggestions. The Red Bar in Grayton Beach is definitely worth the drive, and in the evenings, the little Seaside is a fun place to hang out. They usually have free concerts and other fun things going on in the amphitheatre. Seaside is also where they filmed the movie, The Truman Show. Have a great time!

  3. Katy says

    Have fun on vacay, but please keep Clara OUT of the water near dusk and dawn – those are prime shark feeding times! Get good sunblock and go to the beach between 10-3 for the safest time in the water.

    • amanda says

      I am pretty sure they’ve been to the beach before and managed to avoid getting eaten by sharks (!!) or getting full body sunburns. Lighten up! People, you don’t have to comment with warnings on every post they make.

    • Katy says

      Sorry, but I grew up in Florida and many many times saw people letting their toddlers swim on the beach at dusk and dawn less than 20 yards from where people were shark fishing and purposely putting blood in the water. It is not a good idea to swim at those times.

    • Jasmine says

      There was actually a shark attack in destin a few years ago while I was there visiting my grandparents who live there, so fair warning

    • amanda says

      I get it but this is just kind of a running theme that I’ve noticed here in the comments. If they say they’re going to get their chimney fixed, there’ll be someone in the comments telling them that they better not because Clara might see workers on the roof and then try to climb up there one day and fall. Or if they’re eating snowcones, a commenter feels the need to let them know that sometimes kids can eat a snowcone and then go home and try to swallow an entire ice cube and choke and die. Seriously, these are two 30something adult parents who have managed to keep a kid alive for over three consecutive years without shark attacks. Enough with all the “helpful warnings.”

    • Katy says


      I wasn’t aware of that, I was just responding to the shot of Clara in the water at sunset. A lot of people take littles to the beach at sunrise and sunset to avoid sunburn and are oblivious to people shark fishing nearby. A lot of hotels and resorts have safety guides that warn people NOT to swim at dusk and dawn for that reason. Avoiding the water when people are pouring in chopped up fish to create a feeding frenzy is slightly less obvious than typical common-sense safety if you didn’t grow up on the gulf coast. The truth is that sharks swim all around you at the beach all day long – sometimes they’ll even bump into you. But you’re unlikely to be attacked unless it’s at dusk, dawn, or there is blood in the water.

  4. Savina says

    Eat at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach!! It is fabulous and there is so much to see there so the kids will love it. Lots of live music and cool eclectic art. And the food is superb.

    • MaryB says

      I third that suggestion – along with a pre-or-post dinner drive down 30A to see all the fun little towns. Be sure to go all the way to Alys Beach. Have a wonderful vacation! :)

    • Megan says

      Yes, the Red Bar is a must! We go to Destin (well, actually Blue Mountain beach) every other year with my husband’s family. It’s a wonderful beach!

      You should also hit up Seaside, a cute little town that you all would love about 15 minutes from Destin (also near Grayton Beach and the Red Bar).

    • Dayna says

      Agree!! Its right off hwy 30A in Grayton, turn at the blinking red light and you can’t miss it. Ask any local and they’ll give you directions!

    • Sara says

      while on 30A stop at Blue Mountain Creamery….the best ice cream and homemade frozen yogurt!!! bring cash

      Also Bud and Alley’s in Seaside

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