Sharing Some Love & Some Art

This week would have been my Aunt Kay’s birthday so it was kind of hard for me since she passed away last year (she lived with me growing up and was sort of like my second mom). She was such a happy and colorful person, and she loved to paint and draw, in fact it was her minor in college. So I decided to do a little watercolor painting with Clara in her honor.

I know every mother probably thinks this, but my kid is an artist. Somebody get this girl a beret.

The watercolor set came from Target (it was a total impulse buy when I saw it on an end cap – I just loved all of the happy and bright colors). Here’s one of the simple boxy paintings that I did, mostly while marveling at Clara’s creations.

Here’s my absolute favorite painting that Clara did. Aren’t the colors gorgeous? I’m her biggest fan.

She also did this one on a smaller piece of watercolor paper that I gave her. She painted it sideways, but when we stood it up we thought it looked like a pink sunset reflecting on the water. See it?

This little Clara creation made me smile when I noticed that the small dot of red looked like a heart. I know it’s probably just a happy accident, but I like to think that she was feeling the love while we painted and I told her stories about her Great Aunt Kay.

Here’s a close up of the boxy little painting I made, which was inspired by this shirt that I saw on Instagram. I just made a few messy boxes in any colors that caught my eye and then cropped it like this.

I thought it might be fun to hang two of those together, so this could be a second print to hang next to it.

I can’t decide if I’d like them better vertically though. We’ll have to see which way they end up if I ever get them onto the walls around here.

And here’s my last one, which is sort of like Clara’s first painting, except not as cool. Here’s the headline: Three year old trumps mom in paint-off. Mom couldn’t be more thrilled.

I made all of the paintings above available for download. So if you click any of the images, it’ll open a larger version of them (they’re all 8 x 10″ printables) that you can download by right clicking or dragging them off your screen onto your desktop (depending on your computer). I know it’s not much, but during a tough week, they made me smile, so I wanted to share them. I also want to start an annual tradition of donating to the MS Society in my Aunt Kay’s memory, so feel free to click that link if you’d like to join me.


  1. Elisabeth says

    Love all your paintings!

    Summer greetings from South Germany!

  2. Elisabeth says

    Love all your paintings!
    Clarasherry=artists !
    Summergreetings from South Germany!

  3. Allison says

    You are both so talented! :) Prayers & love to you in memory of your darling Aunt.

  4. Elaine says

    All your paintings look wonderful! I had an aunt who was artistic and creative, too. I think it’s great that you’re keeping her memory alive, and giving Clara some family history. All of our talents came from someone!

  5. Maggie says

    This is so sweet, and a great way to remember your aunt! Art can be very therapeutic :)

    Also, Clara’s yellow and pink “sunset” kind of looks like a lady smiling and holding up a peace sign. Very cool!

  6. says

    What a lovely tribute to your Aunt. As an Auntie myself, I love hearing how much she meant to you. I think a donation to the MS Society is how I’ll celebrate being a devoted Auntie today. That and a call to my adorable nephews! (Ages 7 and 5. They’re still single Clara!)

  7. Krista says

    What a fantastic way to celebrate your aunt! And so wonderful of you to share your creations with everyone. I take my daughter out for ice cream on my mom’s birthday, in honor of a special memory of a childhood ice cream date with just Mom and me. I know birthdays and holidays are hard after losing someone you love so much, but you’re sharing and creating special memories with Clara on these days, and I really think that’s the best medicine. :)

  8. Nikki says

    The pink sunset also looks like a little blonde headed girl wearing a pink shirt with one arm extended. Perhaps a Clara selfie? ;)

  9. Val says

    Sherry – You and John are such wonderful parents, keep nurturing Clara’s interests. Art can be such a powerful force in the life of a girl/young woman, trust a gal who knows. This will forever be a source of joy and confidence for her (and you, when you have her beautiful pieces hung and your daughter is beaming because of them).
    Thanks for always adding a little extra joy to my days; my co-worker and I always joke about thinking that you and John are actually our friends because we love your blog so much and you write in such a friendly, funny, real manner :)
    Best wishes,
    PS – Your new house is coming along beautifully!