Drawing Up Floor Plans & Dreaming About Changes

Just like our first house floor plan and our current house floor plan from yesteryear, a bunch of you have requested a new house floor plan. So here ya go! They definitely help visual people like us see what walls are where, and what flows into what. So we whipped this up with floorplanner.com (which is, as the name might suggest, a free floor planning site). One big difference from the last two floor planning posts that we shared? This time there’s a second level. Who’s got two thumbs and a set of stairs? This girl.

The funny thing is that when we shared a video tour of the new house, some people said “wow, the new house seems so much bigger!” and some other people said “wow, your new house seems so much smaller!” so that was interesting to us. I think it’s hard to judge room size without furniture, so since the new house is empty – and covered in blue trim and wallpaper – it might be throwing people off. In reality the new house and the current house are almost exactly the same square footage (there’s literally only a 20 square foot difference). The new house just looks a lot bigger from the outside since there’s a visible second story instead of a hidden 1000 square foot addition off the back of the house that you can’t see from the street.

As for a few first thoughts about what we’d like to do to alter the actual footprint…

  • we’d love to convert the big triple window in the eat-in part of the kitchen into a big french door that leads out onto the deck
  • there are a bunch of doors closing everything off on the first floor (they block the flow between the dining room and kitchen, the kitchen and foyer, etc) so we’ll be taking those down to open things up
  • the wall between the living room and the kitchen will come down, but we’d love some built in bookcases on each side with a large centered opening (sort of like the built-ins in our current dining room but perhaps with glass doors and lighting)
  • we’re planning to fully renovate the chopped up bathroom and sink nook in our master so they’re all one space with a nice big double sink and a soaker tub
  • someday we’d love to fully finish the unfinished storage space at the end of the hallway (right now it’s just a raw space full of exposed beams and ducts, but maybe down the line we can floor it and drywall it to create a movie room/bunk room for Clara, potential Bean #2, and their friends when they’re older) Update: due to lots of questions, I wanted to clarify the stairs you see in the unfinished storage space – those lead to the attic, but the area labeled as “unfinished storage” is on the same floor as the bedrooms (no walking up or down to get to it).

This video tour of the new house will probably make more sense out of those bullets, and of course we have a bunch of other stuff banging around in our heads (we change our minds every minute) so we’ll be back with a big ol’ List O’ Planz for all the items on the agenda. Get ready guys, we might break 3,000 words with that baby. Oh wait, we forgot measurements! Here’s an extremely approximated rundown for ya (tape measure + three year old = immediate mayhem).

  • Foyer: 9.5 x 8′
  • Office: 16 x 13′
  • Dining Room: 13.5 x 13′
  • Kitchen: 21 x 11′
  • Hall Bath: 4.5 x 5′
  • Living Room: 20 x 13.5′
  • Sunroom: 18 x 12′
  • Master Bedroom: 13.5 x 19′
  • Master Bath + Sink Nook (since we hope to combine ’em down the line): 8.5 x 7′
  • Possible Future Nursery: 11.5 x 13.5′
  • Clara’s Room: 13.5 x 12.5′
  • Hall Bath: 8.5 x 7′
  • Guest Room: 13.5 x 11′
  • Laundry Nook: 3 x 7′
  • Unfinished Storage (with exposed beams, ducts, etc): 17 x 19.5′

Ever made a floor plan? Ever been so excited to have stairs? Tell $herdog all about it.


  1. Ang says

    Looks like there will be LOTS of fun headed your way! [and our way too] I am so excited to see what’s in store! :)

  2. Lindsey S says

    My first thought when seeing the unfinished storage was “God I couldnt wait to tackle that and turn it into living space!” I would love to see what you guys do with it!!

  3. says

    It’s nice that you’re getting to spend some time owning the house before you move in. Our house was so disgusting when we bought it, it took 11 months of working on it before it was habitable.

    Then again, it wasn’t just unattractive and outdated finishes we were working on. Took it down to the studs, we did.

    I wish there had been inspirational and informative blogs at the time, it would have made things better.

    Anyway, got away from my central thesis here . . .

    Which was?

  4. says

    I love floor plans (I usually scour the web looking new floor plans, and I especially like checking out the ones in the area) so this is great!
    I really like the direction you’re headed, can’t wait to see all your ideas come to life.

  5. says

    Stairs always remind me of our first Easter in our Pittsburgh house. It snowed, so my folks hid the eggs inside. We didn’t find one until we moved a year later- in a closet.

    Life with stairs was so different from our Mississippi and Navy housing places.

  6. Amanda Gail says

    Know you guys have never built a house, so this might be a long shot, but wondered if you had any recc’s for sites w/floor plans for prospective builders. There are just so many out there, all differently formatted, etc… it’s tough to weed through ’em to get to the good stuff so thought I’d try my most trusted source ;-)

    • Alyn Hancock says


      I browse floorplans quite often. Check out books of them. This website is my favorite, because the houses are more than a diagram of a floor plan. They have continuity in 3-d, with the details, and materials. There are several floorplans on this website that I love.

  7. bridgett says

    FYI – the link for the video of the new house layout (towards end, above bulleted list) doesn’t connect. feel free to delete this comment after you read it :)

    LOVE your site – have been a loyal reader since right after the first house got started

  8. Sugar Cookie says

    Looks great! I’m wondering, though, if your huge gray sectional will fit in the new living room, as well as your beautiful bedroom rug in the new master bedroom. Those are some of my favorite pieces from your second house and I would be sad if they didn’t work in the new place.

  9. Lu says

    Really looking forward to seei the colors in this change from their current palette! Do you think you will keep a similar scheme as your current house, or go warmer?

  10. Jill says

    This is great, I am so excited to see this new house get some love! Seeing the floor plan made me think what amazing possibilities with the unfinished space upstairs…any plans down the road for a playroom/ or teen space as Claire (are some day maybe other beans) to hang out there? I wish our house had that space over the garage! Sending you guys happy home maker over vibes!

  11. Vanessa says

    Wow, this helps so much to get a better idea of how much space you have. I didn’t even realize you had the extra storage that’s such a big space with so much potential. I wondered how big is your actually yard. Is it similar to your current house? I cannot wait to see all you do to this house.

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