Painting Our House’s Exterior Siding

Remember back when we debated painting the siding on the front porch way back here in fall 2011? Hence the creepy Halloween wreath on the door.

We had picked a color and everything (Flagstone by Martha Stewart – the one on the right in the photo above) but before we got around to doing it, the temperatures dropped too much to paint. Then the test swatches – which lived on our porch for several months (sorry neighbors) got painted over when it was time to shoot book photos out there. The project literally became out of sight, and out of mind.

Then we redid the columns. And when we did a few of you guys were all “wait, weren’t you going to paint the siding out there? what happened?” and we were all “oops, yeah, that never happened.” And then we added the pergola and a few window boxes and our paint-that-siding hankering returned. Initially we worried that painting just the porch siding would be weird without doing all the other siding on the side/back, but after rethinking it we decided it would be fine since the cream color of the other siding is still in the porch trim, so it all ties in.

So although you could literally describe us as being on the fence about this project since 2011, in the end we just didn’t want to leave without going for it. Especially because we thought the trim, columns, and that happy yellow door would pop a lot more from the street. And let’s face it, we’re going to be doing a lot of drive bys just to wave at her once she’s not ours anymore. #totallynormal

So out came the paintbrush and roller. We had already bought the paint way back when we settled on the color in 2011 (Flagstone by Martha Stewart) so we didn’t need to spend any more loot to make this happen. Update: this is hardboard siding, which is like a wood composite material, so this method might not work on aluminum or vinyl siding.

And believe it or not, we whipped out the entire job (two coats!) during a Clara nap on the same day that we hung the window boxes (we were like little front yard tornadoes running around).

And since the color ties in so well with the mortar in the brick (it’s nearly the same color up close) it’s a nice seamless addition. It helps the door and the trim and the columns feel a bit less flat from the curb, yet it doesn’t make the other cream siding stand out like a sore thumb since that relates to the rest of the trim.

The biggest difference that we notice in person is that the house feels less choppy since that big cream rectangle was a lot more broken up looking than the not-as-light new color. See how the before picture below looks like a house made of a brick box next to a white box next to another brick box and the after picture looks a lot more like one facade instead of three blocks sitting next to each other?

Best of all the yellow door is one heckova happy guy now that he’s next to a slightly deeper tone than that former sea of cream.

Almost makes us forget that the house looked like this during our first walk through back in 2010…

Anyone else painting siding? How did you tackle it? We just used a small foam roller and a brush (John used the roller to get along each length of siding and I used the brush to get into the groves and cut in around the edges). We were both shocked how quickly we got those two coats knocked out.


  1. Vanessa says

    I love this, what a difference. Your house has the perfect curb appeal. Ok I am about to tear up about the current house and having to say goodbye to it! So I am trying to look on the bright side and know we have so much in store with the new house! :)

  2. Renee says

    I like white better, but I think it brightened it up under the porch. Good luck selling! The new house interior was built around the same time as ours. We update a little each year! btw: typo – “So sorry this is late guys! Internet problemz.” (problems)

  3. Jenny says

    I’ve been debating doing something similar to this with my little ranch. It looks so good! It may have just pushed me off the fence . . .

  4. says

    I like it! Love how something that sounds like a huge project turned out to be quick.

    We have a gable over our front porch that we painted gray and left the rest of the siding in the back and sides white. Not there’s much siding (house is brick), but I never thought twice about it.

  5. Alisa says

    Yup! We’ve been painting siding too! Decided to add some trim to the bottom of our siding for curb appeal (listing tonight! aah!) so we are thrilled there was justenough paint left from the previous owners to not have to worry about color matching!

  6. says

    SWEET! Looks great. It’s so great that you are still giving so much love and care to the details of your home even though you’re already moving on. By the way, I STILL have yet to hang the framed art I have for my son’s room and he’s 20 months already. AHH! So your procrastination ain’t nothin.’ haha. :)

    And speaking of laaate, I finally got around to posted our family trip to Venice, Italy. Let’s just say that our toddler did NOT find the city romantic at all…hahaha. But it was a great memory, and HEY, we captured a ton of great photos (and some hilarious ones of a grumpy boy). :) Loooove for you to stop by!!

    Venice with a one year old!

  7. JenB says

    Like you said, the door really stands out and looks even more terrific (terrificker–I like that word). The new columns really stand out more, too.

    Our ‘white box’ is on one end of the house where the previous owners enclosed the garage to make a family room. Alas, it is vinyl siding and I hear that’s really tricky to paint.

  8. says

    Totally agree, makes the house feel less choppy. Love the gray, can’t go wrong! Also, we’re totally twinning right now. Just painted our entire house this week, thank you for finally showing up Spring! xoxo, Jessie

  9. Jessica says

    Is that vinyl or wood siding? We have vinyl siding and would love to paint it, but I am not sure if you can/if it would come out nice.

    • Mindy says

      We had our old vinyl siding painted with Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior paint and it turned out great! Definitely helped the curb appeal as we got ready to sell. Good luck!

      PS..Love the gray! Makes me want to paint the stucco on our current house.

    • says

      We have old vinyl siding (from the 70s) over the whole exterior of our house that is about the same width of yours. I’ve never painted it but have contemplated it (it would be a big undertaking!). It has a nice matte surface to start with and I think it would hold up much like painting shutters would. But I haven’t tried it and then waited 5 years or so to see how it lasts.

    • Deb says

      Looks awesome! I’m in the process of painting the vinyl siding on our house – a project I started last year but it’s taking a long time because I haven’t had a lot of spare time to work on it. I’m using Behr “premium plus” outdoor paint from Home Depot; works like a charm. I only put one thick coat on, using a normal roller and a paint brush for the grooves, and touch up any missed spots after it dries. Still looks great after surviving a Canadian winter. The old siding colour was baby blue (yuck) and the new colour is a light grey. Makes a huge difference!

    • Jen. says

      I think I read painting on vinyl siding has to be the same color or lighter than the original, or you can get into trouble with shrinking and expanding at different rates. I heard a rumor that Benjamin Moore has a product that gets around that problem, but I haven’t investigated yet. Anyone know?

  10. Jeanna says

    It looks great :) It plays well with the yellow and looks great with the brick. Have you noticed how your cute wooden bench fades away in your before and after shots? It would look painted white……….. :)

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