10 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Ladies (2012 edition)

Aw, yeah. Momma made a mood board… for mommas (or any other ladies out there). Just like the kid edition for Clara, I got a bunch of requests for a $herdog version (and even a J-boom board, so he’s working on a holiday-for-him board for you too). So without further ado, here’s what I’m loving – both as gift ideas for fellow gals in my life… or even for finding under the tree myself. Oh and in the interest of thriftiness, there are five under-$15 things along with a few $30-or-less finds (with a couple spendier items peppered in there, but nothing over 65 beans).

1. This fun watch watch from Anthropologie is pretty cute. I could see going in on it with a sister in law (since most of our family gifts are in the $30 range, this $58 gift is perfect for two folks to share).

2.This $38 two-tone clutch is my jam. I’d totally use it inside of my big ol’ purse (to restore order to my cavernous bag) and then pull it out on any occasion when I want to travel lighter.

3. I actually already have one of these leather keychain tassels – and it probably saves me at least ten minutes a day because it’s so easy to find my keys in my aforementioned cavernous bag now that they’re all tassel-y. And you guys know I’m a fool for grellow.

4. This pom-pom hat from Target is under $15 and would look cute on pretty much anyone.

5. Words can’t express how much I love this leopard bracelet from J Crew. I’ve never had jewelry from there (except for clearanced outlet finds), so I think it would make any girl feel fancy. Update: They’re running a 30% off sale and free shipping if you enter WISHLIST at checkout.

6. How pretty would one (or even three) of these guys be, all glowy and charming on a mantel or windowsill? And they’re all on sale right now. I would totally grab one of the small $19 ones and make some cookies and give them to a good friend together (to me coziness = a votive candle flickering in the windows while I suck down cookies). Update: they sold out of the smaller $19 guys – bummers!

7. I’ve dropped some heavy hints to Santa that I’d swoon over these guys in this rich emerald color (John sweetly got me a different set of Kendra Scott earrings last year and I’ve worn them about a million times since).

8. We all know that I love big earrings, but I’m not a snob about ’em. In other words, many of mine are under $8 – like this pretty gold pair from Tar-jay.

9. This is my very favorite nail polish ever (it’s eco and stays on forever) and these three colors feel pretty festive for the holidays (found here, here, and here).

10. John and I have a collection of capiz frames for each year that we’ve been married with a picture of us taken on our anniversary inside. So although we have another six months until our 6 year anniversary rolls around, I’m always on the lookout for pretty capiz frames, and round ones like this are my favorite (tip: I usually hold out until they hit the clearance bin at Anthro for under ten bucks).

Woop, there it is. Momma’s list o’ holiday goodies for ladies. At least ladies like me who love all things leopard, capiz, and large-earring related. Do you have any favorites of the group? What are you guys hoping you’ll find under the tree? Are you making or buying anything special for the gals in your lives?


  1. Jennifer says

    Well shoot, the leopard bracelet is already gone (doesn’t ship until Feb). I guess a girl (me) can wait for something so cute! :)

  2. Jana says

    LOVE the green earrings! I’ve noticed yours in several of your posts, they are so pretty. Can I ask, how would you rate them on the ‘heavy’ scale? I don’t do we’ll with heavy earrings. Thank ya!!

    • says

      They’re not light but I wouldn’t call them super heavy. I usually just wear them for a certain event (not all day, but to dinner or a gathering with the family, etc) and they don’t hurt at all! But maybe 12 hours of them might be a little much, ya know?


  3. Brenda says

    Earrings are my favorite. I wear them practically every day to work, you don’t have to worry about sizing, they’re easy to pack if you travel for Christmas, and I love regular, inexpensive ones because you have a great excuse to buy new ones once they get a bit worn out.

  4. Erin says

    Great finds! I’ve been eyeing that tassel key chain in your “we’re digging” panel for weeks now.

    How do you an John do gifts? Since we’re Jewish and don’t often have our act together by/for 8 days of Hanukkah, we end up being a bit lazy about buying gifts for one another. (My guy usually buys himself whatever extravagant tech toy he wants anyway)

    • says

      I just ordered a few things for John last night, so I’m usually a last minute nelly. He always has mine done (he smiled a few weeks back and said “Santa’s done with momma”). As long as mine come by Dec 24th it’s all good though, since I wrap them and toss them under the tree just in time to be opened on the 25th. We usually have an under-$75 limit or so, just because we’re cheap. Hah!


    • Erin says

      Super impressed with John’s Santa skills.

      Any great gift ideas for moms (as in Clara’s grandmas)? I find it harder and harder to buy for mine as they get older, have pretty much everything they need, and want very little. I’ve been going the route of a day of pampering – massage, mani/pedi, etc., but I’m feeling pretty unoriginal this year.

    • says

      I don’t want to ruin any surprises for them since they read, but in past years we have gotten them pretty frames with Clara in them and a nice candle along with a gift card to their favorite dinner or a nice big and cozy throw blanket for the couch. Hmm, what else have we done? We’d given them other experiences, like tickets to a show/play they like or their favorite brunch place, etc. I also love picking up small but personal things for them, like a pretty ornament I know John’s mom will love or a tiny print of a dogwood tree that I know my mom will love. Maybe try etsy for a print or small ornament that might have meaning to them?


  5. says

    I adore those little houses!

    Well, I know I’m getting the YHL book, so hurrah for that, but I’m also looking forward to maybe getting a replacement chain for my The Vintage Pearl charms! It’s been too long since I’ve worn them.

  6. says

    I have never heard of that brand of nail polish but when you whisper the words “stays on forever” I’m a total much. Mostly because I’m so lazy and once nail polish gets on my fingernails, I get really lazy about taking it off, even when it’s all chipped up.

  7. says

    I’m crocheting scarves (the infinity kind) for lady gifts for fam this Christmas. I wish I wore more dangling earrings like you, Sherry, but I have the teeny-tinyest earlobes ever, so I’m afraid they’ll rip my holes right out, or stretch them out all nasty like this professor I had in college. I’ll live through you. Ethne

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