10 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Ladies (2012 edition)

Aw, yeah. Momma made a mood board… for mommas (or any other ladies out there). Just like the kid edition for Clara, I got a bunch of requests for a $herdog version (and even a J-boom board, so he’s working on a holiday-for-him board for you too). So without further ado, here’s what I’m loving – both as gift ideas for fellow gals in my life… or even for finding under the tree myself. Oh and in the interest of thriftiness, there are five under-$15 things along with a few $30-or-less finds (with a couple spendier items peppered in there, but nothing over 65 beans).

1. This fun watch watch from Anthropologie is pretty cute. I could see going in on it with a sister in law (since most of our family gifts are in the $30 range, this $58 gift is perfect for two folks to share).

2.This $38 two-tone clutch is my jam. I’d totally use it inside of my big ol’ purse (to restore order to my cavernous bag) and then pull it out on any occasion when I want to travel lighter.

3. I actually already have one of these leather keychain tassels – and it probably saves me at least ten minutes a day because it’s so easy to find my keys in my aforementioned cavernous bag now that they’re all tassel-y. And you guys know I’m a fool for grellow.

4. This pom-pom hat from Target is under $15 and would look cute on pretty much anyone.

5. Words can’t express how much I love this leopard bracelet from J Crew. I’ve never had jewelry from there (except for clearanced outlet finds), so I think it would make any girl feel fancy. Update: They’re running a 30% off sale and free shipping if you enter WISHLIST at checkout.

6. How pretty would one (or even three) of these guys be, all glowy and charming on a mantel or windowsill? And they’re all on sale right now. I would totally grab one of the small $19 ones and make some cookies and give them to a good friend together (to me coziness = a votive candle flickering in the windows while I suck down cookies). Update: they sold out of the smaller $19 guys – bummers!

7. I’ve dropped some heavy hints to Santa that I’d swoon over these guys in this rich emerald color (John sweetly got me a different set of Kendra Scott earrings last year and I’ve worn them about a million times since).

8. We all know that I love big earrings, but I’m not a snob about ’em. In other words, many of mine are under $8 – like this pretty gold pair from Tar-jay.

9. This is my very favorite nail polish ever (it’s eco and stays on forever) and these three colors feel pretty festive for the holidays (found here, here, and here).

10. John and I have a collection of capiz frames for each year that we’ve been married with a picture of us taken on our anniversary inside. So although we have another six months until our 6 year anniversary rolls around, I’m always on the lookout for pretty capiz frames, and round ones like this are my favorite (tip: I usually hold out until they hit the clearance bin at Anthro for under ten bucks).

Woop, there it is. Momma’s list o’ holiday goodies for ladies. At least ladies like me who love all things leopard, capiz, and large-earring related. Do you have any favorites of the group? What are you guys hoping you’ll find under the tree? Are you making or buying anything special for the gals in your lives?


    • says

      Haha that sounds like fun to me too! And as for Zoya, isn’t it the best? I worried it would flake and peel right off (some other eco brands do) but it holds on for dear life! Haha.


    • Jen says

      Sherry, do you buy Zoya polishes at a salon? The website has a “salon locator” but doesn’t mention if drugstores or Target carry the products. Thanks :)

    • says

      I found a local salon that had them (I think I called a few to find one that did) so I didn’t have to blindly order them without looking at them. But now I have so much faith in them that I blindly order all the time! Haha.


  1. says

    Nice choice on the emerald earrings – that’s been named the 2013 color of the year by Pantone!

    I’ll be working on gift baskets this weekend – doing a bunch of homemade items (hot chocolate mix, caramel corn, marshmallows) with an activity gift (movie, book, or board game) for a “cozy winter night” theme. Apparently I need to add cookies and candles!

  2. says

    fishs eddy in manhattan near ABC carpet and union square has GREAT gifts for foodies, especially women, with their new cute tableware lines from todd oldham and others.. but i’d take anything on that awesome list!! good job kids. the color of that watch is beautiful!

  3. Claire says

    I’m asking for tickets to the opera! I want something we can do and experience together, and that is totally out of my comfort zone! Who doesn’t like an excuse to dress up and hear some fantastic music?

  4. Meg says

    Hoping to find your book under the tree! I also put a cardboard deer head on my list & everyone in my family thinks I’m crazy. Oh well, guess they don’t know true style ;)

  5. says

    I know this is way breaking the bank but it is SO worth it.
    You should look into an Alesya Bag. It’s technically a laptop bag but she thought of everything in the design, including “One shallow top pocket to avoid the ‘black hole’ syndrome. Perfect for anything you need to grab and go. Keys, parking stubs, etc.” Check out the bags: http://www.alesyabags.com/

    (Not a paid endorsement of any sort, I’m just obsessed with mine and thought “how perfect for a blogger like Sherry!”)

  6. Steph says

    Those earrings. I can’t even. I’m obsessed.

    I am desperately trying to decide what to get my mom for Christmas. She knows that I’m tight on money so she will KILL me if I spend too much but I want to get/make her something.

    • says

      Aw, I’d love to hear what you end up doing! Moms love homemade gifts so much. Even just a store bought picture frame with a picture of Clara and a tub of cookies = the key to my mom’s heart ;)


    • Steph says

      I don’t have any kids or a husband/boyfriend and there’s only so many pictures of me she can have in the house. (Only child. There’s LOTS of pics! lol)

      I’m making my grandfather homemade ice cream in his favorite flavor. I am considering making my dad some kind of candy. But my mom is a tough one. We are very close and I usually get her really good gifts but this is the first time I’m doing it on a budget.

      I was going to get her an articipe print but I waited too long to order. So now she must wait til mother’s day. Unless I can figure out how to DIY one.

  7. says

    Just to be on the safe side, I’ve already done all my shopping … for myself :) I may let Mr. Redo wrap my items … if he’s nice. You’re rocking on your mood board, girlfriend! Hugs ~ Mary

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