Bringing Someone Else Into The Bedroom…

… it’s… gasp… a TV.

We were originally anti-TV-in-the-bedroom, so we know it’s not for everyone (and it’s downright sinful to some) but we only have one TV in our entire house – in the living room – and this guy was just sitting unused in the playroom (ever since we upsized the living room one since he wasn’t large enough to actually see from the sofa)… so we’ve gone and changed our minds. Haha. There’s actually a real reason behind the decision: more and more we’ve been thinking about how we have issues with work/life balance and it’s hard for us to “shut off.” Which is why we always end up working on the couch with our laptops and the TV on in the background. But a TV in the bedroom could become a no-work-and-no-multi-tasking spot – so we wouldn’t allow any laptops or work to take place in the room and we could actually concentrate on our favorite shows.

Just pure relaxation and zombie-apocalypse/Dexter viewing. What can I say, that’s our idea of a hot date. And I know there’s an old saying that a TV in the bedroom might keep you from… ahem… other activities. But we figure if things like caring for a toddler, renovating rooms, writing a book, and maintaining a blog don’t get in the way, that’s nothing a little TV in the bedroom could change. Aaand, now I’m blushing. Moving on.

Not gonna lie, it sounds downright heavenly to wake up on a lazy Sunday and watch a movie in bed with the bean instead of sitting on the sofa and immediately snapping into “we should be working” mode and grabbing our laptops.

And let’s just say a wall with a dresser and a TV are straight up spa-like when compared to this ridiculously cluttered before:

So I returned from all of our tour flights with a fire burning under my buns to whip the wall that we stare at every. single. night. into shape. The first step was just putting things where they actually belonged (books we had read went under the built-ins in the dining room with the rest of our collection, empty boxes got broken down and stashed in our recycling bin, the lamp moved back to where it should be, etc).

Then I moved our mid-century side tables (remember we phased them out here?) into the guest room. Now that we yard-saled the old dresser that was in there we have a completely bare wall – and two of them next to each other actually look like a console against it. I owe you guys a picture, but it definitely works for now. We don’t know if we’ll eventually use them in Clara’s big girl room, so we’ll have to keep you posted.

Anyway, once those were out of the way we could properly center the dresser (which was one of the only secret book projects that we paid for and kept since we were so in love with it – you might recognize it from this video). It sits directly across from our bed – for our prime viewing pleasure – and then we just plopped the old too-small leftover living room TV on the top.

So far, it totally works for us. Wait, except not literally. It’s not actually hooked up to cable or anything yet, so… womp-womp. Nothing to watch. Maybe I’ll “dude, get on that” in a week or two (returning from tour stuff + Thanksgiving week = too much going on to sit on hold with Verizon). Perhaps I’ll have the patience next week?

Oh and I’ve heard that it’s bad feng shui to sleep across from a TV or a mirror, but we actually slept facing a giant floor length mirror for a few years at our first house and didn’t have issues sleeping or anything like that- thank goodness. So maybe we’re immune? Haha.

Honestly, my favorite thing about the dresser actually being centered and cleared of clutter is that I get to put cute little jewelry dishes up there (which tie into the color of the rug, you know, because I’m coo-coo-for-stuff-like-that).

Also hanging out up there: wood blocks in our initials and our favorite number. Oh yeah, this stuff makes my day, guys. #noshameinmygame

So that’s where we are. Slowly inching towards a bedroom that looks less blank-wall-here, cluttered-junky-wall-there. We’ll let you guys know how the whole TV thing goes once it’s up and running. Who knows, we might end up never using it, hating it and removing it, or pretty much deciding we should never leave our room! Mostly I’m just excited that we can share photos of one of our favorite book projects on the blog. Yeehaw.

Do you guys have TV’s in the bedroom? I’m dying to know the breakdown (is it 50/50? way more than not? very rare indeed?) but the last time we embedded a poll it crashed our site, so we’ve cobbled this tiny poll together over on Facebook so if you feel like playing along or checking out the tally, click here. Can’t wait to hear where you guys land!

Psst- Have you guys seen baby Weston yet? It was so exciting getting the call in the middle of the night that he came into the world safely and all was well with Katie and the fam. Clara loves him already – and after I showed her a picture in the morning she lovingly said “I want to bother him.” Cute, right?


  1. Kara says

    I used to always have a TV in my bedroom, but I haven’t had one in there for the last two years and I have to say that it’s been really refreshing for me! But I can see it working out for you because you really do have to set up your “play” zones versus your “work” zones. Plus there’s a buttload of doctors that will drone on about how the blue light of the TV can screw up your sleep habits, tricking your brain into thinking it’s daylight. (but they also say the same about anything with a blue screen = phone screens, iPods, iPads, computer monitors and TVs.)

    Maybe down the line, you could mount the TV on the wall, with some cool trim work to frame it out, and that way you get more surface space on that gorgeous dresser (that ombre = awesome.)

    • says

      That could be fun! And yeah, either way we were in front of the TV and on our laptops until midnight or one and then would crash in bed, so putting the laptops down and at least laying in our beds and unwinding with the TV on is less intense than all that technology at once… we’ll have to see how it goes!


    • says

      Sometimes we all need breaks from technology (social media/sharing burnout) and all of the electricity that is constantly running through us/them as they surround us (something I never once thought about until I saw a holistic doctor). If having that down time means having a TV in the bedroom to force you to put away the laptops and give your brain a break, then more power to you! Do it up! I say we’ll never have a TV in our bedroom again, but I’ve been known to prove myself wrong over time. So I guess I should say I “prefer” at “this time in my life” to not have one haha. It would keep me up way too late!

  2. Brenner says

    Where did you get the art behind the chair? I have been thinking about DIYing something similar, but I am still on the fence.

  3. says

    I’m so glad you kept that dresser! It’s gorgeous!!

    We have the same navy West Elm initial catch-alls on our night stands (a J & K, respectively). In fact, other than our lamps, that’s all the accessories we have in the bedroom right now… I didn’t realize how hard accessorizing was!

  4. Thais Bessa says

    I am really against TV in the bedroom, not because it gets on the way of… stuff, but because I think it gets on the way of sleeping well. From other people and my own experience having a TV in the bedroom as a teenager, I know it is very easy to get absorbed into cool shows and films and ending up sleeping less each day. Maybe I have little self-control, lol. So here we have a no-TV-in-bedrooms rule for adults and children.

    Postman JUST delivered my copy of your book. Believe me, it is taking every ounce of my little self-control to dump work and read it for the rest of the afternoon (I work from home). But tonight I have a hot date with it! :)

  5. Monica says

    We have a TV in the bedroom, but it rarely gets used. We’ll turn it on once in a awhile if we’re really tired but not quite ready to call it a night, but that’s about it. Oh, and like you guys we only have one other TV in the house.

  6. says

    Very nice! No TV in our bedroom. We had one for awhile but never used it so I put it away.

    Also – loving One Canoe Two which I just noticed as a sponsor! Some great christmas gift ideas there!

  7. Sara says

    We put a tv in the bedroom after I swore I never would. My hubby had a gift card from work (free on our part) and our 9 mo old is a “go to bed at 8pm right next to momma” baby. So, it’s the only way I get to enjoy my shows!

  8. Paula says

    I am a master at falling asleep while watching TV – so having the TV in the bedroom just makes sense for me! =) After trying it both ways (our first apartment we had one, second apartment moved it to a guest room, new house moved it back to our bedroom) I have decided I am definitely a fan.

    Plus – I love folding laundry in the bedroom, so I can just put things away as I fold them – and having a TV makes folding laundry way less horrible =)

  9. Emma says

    Golly that dresser is awesome! I love the MCM side tables too! (Yes – MCM – that’s what the cool kids say…yeppers). Your bedroom looks great. I have a TV on a dresser at the food of my bed too and I like having it there. My husband and I “only” have TVs as well so I can watch a movie or a show on the DVR in the bedroom to avoid any TV wars. Enjoy the holidays!

  10. Clare says

    Hey guys!

    I’m totally with you on the Tv in the bedroom thing! Also I know this post was about the Tv but I literally cannot stop staring at that dresser, I am obsessed!


  11. says

    Love baby Weston already!

    As for the TV in the bedroom topic–We hardly ever watch our only TV in our living room (we’re more of a reading family), so a bedroom TV would probably just be a major dust collector and I HATE dusting. :) So it’s a no-go for us at this point. Not promising it will be that way forever though!

  12. Sarah says

    Good for you guys! My boyfriend and I both have TVs in our bedrooms and it’s never a distraction. I like watching exactly one episode of Law & Order before bed every night. I also never had a TV in my room growing up, so having one makes me feel decidedly more adult-like.

    • says

      I completely agree with you Sarah! I used to tell my mom that when I grow up, i’m going to have a TV in my bedroom and buy white american cheese instead of the yellow american cheese that my mom used to get at the deli counter.

      I’m really living the life now that I have my own TV and cheese! #beinganadultisnotasexcitingasithought

  13. Mari says

    We are thinking seriously about putting a TV in the bedroom. Our 3 year old’s bedroom is just off the living room so it is hard to watch a little TV at night right after we put him down. So if we want to watch TV when he is in bed we frequently end up watching something on the laptop in the bedroom anyway so adding a TV really wouldn’t be that much of a change. (And yes, there are so many other things that we should be doing with our time, but seriously, sometimes an evening veg fest is just what the doctor ordered.)

  14. Maureen says

    That dresser looks amazing in there. Your room looks so cozy now compared to how it used to look! I totally NEED to do a gradient piece. Once again, you guys are awesome! Hope to see you guys when you come back for the Soho book signing (If I don’t chicken out like I did for the NJ one. :))

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