Bringing Someone Else Into The Bedroom…

… it’s… gasp… a TV.

We were originally anti-TV-in-the-bedroom, so we know it’s not for everyone (and it’s downright sinful to some) but we only have one TV in our entire house – in the living room – and this guy was just sitting unused in the playroom (ever since we upsized the living room one since he wasn’t large enough to actually see from the sofa)… so we’ve gone and changed our minds. Haha. There’s actually a real reason behind the decision: more and more we’ve been thinking about how we have issues with work/life balance and it’s hard for us to “shut off.” Which is why we always end up working on the couch with our laptops and the TV on in the background. But a TV in the bedroom could become a no-work-and-no-multi-tasking spot – so we wouldn’t allow any laptops or work to take place in the room and we could actually concentrate on our favorite shows.

Just pure relaxation and zombie-apocalypse/Dexter viewing. What can I say, that’s our idea of a hot date. And I know there’s an old saying that a TV in the bedroom might keep you from… ahem… other activities. But we figure if things like caring for a toddler, renovating rooms, writing a book, and maintaining a blog don’t get in the way, that’s nothing a little TV in the bedroom could change. Aaand, now I’m blushing. Moving on.

Not gonna lie, it sounds downright heavenly to wake up on a lazy Sunday and watch a movie in bed with the bean instead of sitting on the sofa and immediately snapping into “we should be working” mode and grabbing our laptops.

And let’s just say a wall with a dresser and a TV are straight up spa-like when compared to this ridiculously cluttered before:

So I returned from all of our tour flights with a fire burning under my buns to whip the wall that we stare at every. single. night. into shape. The first step was just putting things where they actually belonged (books we had read went under the built-ins in the dining room with the rest of our collection, empty boxes got broken down and stashed in our recycling bin, the lamp moved back to where it should be, etc).

Then I moved our mid-century side tables (remember we phased them out here?) into the guest room. Now that we yard-saled the old dresser that was in there we have a completely bare wall – and two of them next to each other actually look like a console against it. I owe you guys a picture, but it definitely works for now. We don’t know if we’ll eventually use them in Clara’s big girl room, so we’ll have to keep you posted.

Anyway, once those were out of the way we could properly center the dresser (which was one of the only secret book projects that we paid for and kept since we were so in love with it – you might recognize it from this video). It sits directly across from our bed – for our prime viewing pleasure – and then we just plopped the old too-small leftover living room TV on the top.

So far, it totally works for us. Wait, except not literally. It’s not actually hooked up to cable or anything yet, so… womp-womp. Nothing to watch. Maybe I’ll “dude, get on that” in a week or two (returning from tour stuff + Thanksgiving week = too much going on to sit on hold with Verizon). Perhaps I’ll have the patience next week?

Oh and I’ve heard that it’s bad feng shui to sleep across from a TV or a mirror, but we actually slept facing a giant floor length mirror for a few years at our first house and didn’t have issues sleeping or anything like that- thank goodness. So maybe we’re immune? Haha.

Honestly, my favorite thing about the dresser actually being centered and cleared of clutter is that I get to put cute little jewelry dishes up there (which tie into the color of the rug, you know, because I’m coo-coo-for-stuff-like-that).

Also hanging out up there: wood blocks in our initials and our favorite number. Oh yeah, this stuff makes my day, guys. #noshameinmygame

So that’s where we are. Slowly inching towards a bedroom that looks less blank-wall-here, cluttered-junky-wall-there. We’ll let you guys know how the whole TV thing goes once it’s up and running. Who knows, we might end up never using it, hating it and removing it, or pretty much deciding we should never leave our room! Mostly I’m just excited that we can share photos of one of our favorite book projects on the blog. Yeehaw.

Do you guys have TV’s in the bedroom? I’m dying to know the breakdown (is it 50/50? way more than not? very rare indeed?) but the last time we embedded a poll it crashed our site, so we’ve cobbled this tiny poll together over on Facebook so if you feel like playing along or checking out the tally, click here. Can’t wait to hear where you guys land!

Psst- Have you guys seen baby Weston yet? It was so exciting getting the call in the middle of the night that he came into the world safely and all was well with Katie and the fam. Clara loves him already – and after I showed her a picture in the morning she lovingly said “I want to bother him.” Cute, right?


  1. says

    We’ve got one in the bedroom too. Usually I just have Frasier on long enough to get me settled down but since Hallmark channel is running every unentertaining Cmas movie they’ve made at the time of night, it’s Craig Ferguson and last night I might’ve woken the Mr up trying to stifle my laughter by shaking the bed. Maybe a TV isn’t such a great idea.

    Oh yeah and HELLO could Dexter be any more sloppy this season!?!

    • Brooke says

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to watch Frasier on the Hallmark Channel! I have a newborn and it’s what we like to watch during night feedings. :) I can’t wait until the Christmas movies stop! Oh and we have a TV in our bedroom and it doesn’t affect anything…. If ya know what I mean. ;-)

  2. says

    We don’t have a tv in the bedroom (never have) but we do watch our shows on netflix on the laptop or ipad so no judging here! It does kinda look like that TV was made for that spot… could you hook it up to a laptop for DVD viewing until you get it sorted? We got a cable that links my macbook to the TV. And the bonus is that then you CAN’T use the laptop for work!

  3. says

    Hahahaha. This line: “we wouldn’t allow any laptops or work to take place in the room and we could actually concentrate on our favorite shows.” has me cracking up!!!! I am guilty of laptopping while watching tv and you know, concentrating on my shows sounds wonderful!!

    • says

      Haha, doesn’t it? So novel, right? Remember when ten years ago people just did one thing? Like if the TV was on they watched it instead of being on their smart phones and their laptops at the same time?! Oh, those were the days!


  4. says

    I’ll admit it, I’m not a huge fan of the TV in the bedroom, but that’s just because I’m a mega introvert and need place to have total quiet. However, as far as TVs in the b-room go, this is the classiest. Love the pantone dresser! I just got some vintage printing press plates too! Can’t wait to make a duogram with them on our yet-to-be frame wall.

    I hope Dallas pulled out all the stops for you. I wish I could have gone, but I couldn’t. Sadface. Although I did see some friends on FB post pics at the signing. Y’all rock!

  5. says

    Watching The Walking Dead in bed is 35892384389 x’s better, than watching it on the couch. You get to cuddle easier and hide under the blankets easier during certain scenes :P Plus, it’s usually on past my bedtime, so as soon as it’s over I can pass out. Win-Win

  6. Liz O says

    We put on in our bedroom last Christmas. One of our fave things to do is cuddle in bed and watch a movie. We actually ended up getting on of those netflix equiped bluray players and just use that, no cable or anything. This way we kind of limit what we can watch in there but we still have it. Plus it helps the hubs fall asleep at night when he has some background noise! I was against it for a long time but it’s not bad at all! Enjoy!

  7. Katie says

    Love the ombre dresser! And we could not live w/o Dexter, Homeland and Boardwalk Empire in our bedroom :)
    On a side note, 10lb 3oz OMG! Go Katie!

  8. says

    I would be in love with that dresser too. It’s soooo pretty.

    I’m in the Pro-TV-In-Bedroom camp. I love laying in bed and watching TV on a lazy day. :)

  9. says

    I used to have a TV in my bedroom, and then it just became too cluttered since it was one of those huge tube TVs. It now resides in the guest/TV room. I don’t even have one in the living room. This weekend I am going out and buying my very first flat screen (5 years overdue, right?). But I like the idea of not having a TV in the bedroom. I definitely sleep better. Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

    • says

      You know me, I’m just a chatty over-sharer! A few years ago we were in the anti camp, so maybe I was just analyzing myself since this is just where I share various brain dumps? Hah!


  10. says

    We have two tv’s in our home too: living room and bedroom. We actually don’t watch it much but sometimes it’s nice to have the tv on for background noise when I’m folding laundry upstairs or cleaning our bedroom, etc. :) I absolutely LOVE that dresser in you room, looks great! :)


    P.s. We’re almost done with our bathroom remodel! :) I’d love for you to take a look! :)

  11. says

    It’s a good idea for you guys to get some work life balance. Shut it out to the rest of the house but for us it’s not something we want. I struggle enough getting out of bed as it is, if there was a TV in there I would never leave!!

    I had one as a teenager though and thought it was the coolest thing ever!!


  12. says

    Oh my gosh – I just LOVE that dresser! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for a similar one in our thrift stores. I’m just dying to get my hands dirty on a similar project!

    As for TV in the bedroom – not here. We only have the one TV in our living room and that’s plenty. If we want to watch a movie in bed we just bring one of our laptops up there and watch it on that. Even if we wanted a TV we don’t really have the room for it up there since our ceiling is sloped. It would have to be a pretty tiny TV to fit on top of the dresser without hitting the ceiling!

    And isn’t Weston ADORABLE?! I was following along on Instagram. Katie is way impressive. 10 lbs? Ouch!

  13. Jennifer W says

    I have one in my bedroom, but it’s rarely on. I turned it on one day while I folded laundry and my four-year-old came in, gasped, and said, “I didn’t know that thing could turn on!” lol. I don’t watch much tv.

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