My Date With Nate

A bunch of you have been asking what I got from Tar-jay for Nate’s big weekend debut, and since I’m a die-hard fan (remember when our hands almost touched here?) of course I was the first girl at the store on Sunday morning right as they opened. Yup, even though we just got back from Cincinnati the night before, I’m a Noupie (Nate Groupie) so you can bet my buns were there, and they were excited. Then I went in. Womp-womp, no Nate stuff out. And when I asked where it was, the two sweet Target girls were all “Nate who?”

Instead of extolling the virtues of Nate, which I totally would have done if time weren’t of the essence (I was picturing mobs of people at other Targets a la Missoni) I ran out to the car and said “other Target, go!” breathlessly to John. Second Target: nada. Then I started to get nervous. It wasn’t that they’d sold out, nothing had been put out yet. So I started to worry it was only available in exclusive cities. We had a family par-tay to get to on the other side of town, so my hunt was put on hold until we were on our way home and passed another Target. But… they only had an unlabeled end-cap with a few towels by Nate. So I just resolved myself to the fact that maybe it wouldn’t come to Richmond or it was a week late or something. And then John surprised me by stopping at yet another Target on the way home, “just to be sure.” Yes, there about a ten Targets in our city, apparently. And when I walked in, I saw this:

And the clouds parted and I heard angels singing. Stylish accessory-loving angels. Of course I instagrammed that shot immediately, so some of you might recognize it. And I had actually taken that picture after I snatched up the two things I wanted and stood next to them protectively (I was still waiting for a stampede of people to come through and grab every last item). So here’s my “mine” shot:

I’d been ogling the white tortoise shell ever since I saw it in a preview video of his collection, and the little spiky urchin was so quirky and porcupine-esque that I couldn’t resist. When I got back to the car I was holding up my scores and smiling so maniacally that John (who had stayed in the car with Clara) actually started laughing at me. I was that grinny.

And perhaps the funniest thing was that within 24 hours Katie instagrammed her scores, and lookie what she grabbed:

Does it confirm best-friend-ness when you buy the same things without knowing it? I think it should. I called her the second it posted and we both cracked up. Good times.

As for where things ended up, this corner always felt a little heavy on the left side…

… so hanging the tortoise shell seems to balance things out a little more. It’s so glossy and ceramic-animal-esque. LURVE.

Bam. Close up. Isn’t it cute on our stenciled wall?

And here’s where the urchin ended up – on my little fall mantel. Since I already had a bronze spiky orb thing on the other side (you can check it out here), the new guy seems right at home.

So there it is, my date with Nate. What did you guys get? Did you have trouble finding things? Did anyone get any of the bedding or towels? What about those cool chains in those bold colors. I loved the yellow one, I just didn’t really have an idea of where I’d put it, so I passed (it could be a fun DIY project with an old heavy chain and some spray paint though).


  1. Mary says

    I bought the white spiky urchin also! And it’s on my dining room mantle. However, my mantle doesn’t look as wonderful as yours.

    With this purchase, I decided that I need to focus on the dining room before Thanksgiving. So I bought a couple of white half circle consoles yesterday at Home Goods which I’m going to paint either black or a deep red. In order to brighten the room, I’m changing out the light bulbs and lampshades on a couple of current lamps that are going to get a paint makeover later this afternoon. And finally my anti-procrastination project of painting the brick will start on Monday!

    P.S. Bought 3 copies of your book yesterday via Amazon. One for me and one for each of my grown daughters.

  2. says

    My Target didn’t have much :( I went Sunday. Nothing. Tuesday, they had the chevron urns and some pillows. I passed since I didn’t LOVE them. I like your finds. I think I need the little spiky ball…..where can I put it so my son won’t hurt himself or the cat???? Hmmm……

  3. dana828 says

    I was surprised by how low-key the debut has been, considering all the hype leading up to it! I just happened to be at Target (the one on the other side of town that I rarely go to) with my daughter on Saturday night and discovered that they had some of it out already. I picked up the bronze urchin and a yellow pillow. I really wanted the navy/white pillow, but they didn’t have it. The urchin is perfect! I ended up bringing the pillow back, though, as it just didn’t work for me. Almost grabbed the white ram thing, but talked myself out of it… :)

  4. says

    Our target just got the memo too!! They started putting stuff out only today (I have been stalking since Sunday!). I expected it to be a big hit too but apparently I am the only crazy one in the store! I found one end cap that looked identical to the one you found and I picked up the gold urchin thingy. I am still on hunt for the hammered brass bowls! Maybe they’ll put them out tomorrow!

  5. Jyoti says

    I <3 Nate too! Thought you would enjoy this fun little story about him … one of my favorite hobbies is flying trapeze (you know, one of those weird things you can do in NYC) and last year on my birthday I decided to play hooky from work in the afternoon and fly. Little did I know that Nate and his bf were going to be in my class! They were both super nice and super fun, and even though it was Nate's first time, he squealed like a little girl because he is afraid of heights. He even was super nice and took a video of me doing my trick. What a guy! I can't wait to check out his collection!

    • says

      Hilarious! I love that story!! He’s so nice, right? I couldn’t stop smiling after John and I met him. Just truly one of those genuine humble people.


    • Bernadette says

      I fly trapeze too! I’d go to TSNY in the city and missed them terribly when I moved to Chicago. Then they opened a school here last year and I am once again in flying heaven :) anyways…that was totally not YHL or Nate related. I just had to shout out some trapeze love!

  6. Alison says

    I actually found his stuff at my local Target on Saturday night and snagged one of those little white urchin-like things. :) Still waiting to see his new book though… :(

  7. Heather W says

    I almost bought both of the items you purchased and still might. However, I purchased his book…gorgeous cover meow anyway… I also got the small chevron urn. I am still thinking about that shell though and the urchin.
    Also, my big target where I lived had things out early that morning because I went too and they were not busy at all. However, the smaller target across town only has his bath goods out now and will not be putting out the accessories until another date. They told me they are a smaller store and their set date is different than the bigger Target???? So, that maybe why you didn’t find his things at your other Target’s yet….. So keep looking. Sherry do you know isn’t his line going to be an on-going thing? So they should replenish items when they sell out I think. Sorry so long…

  8. says

    I must be a weirdo, because I cannot get into the Turtle shell! I dont know why, but I just dont love it. I was trying to, esp since you guys both got it along with thousands of others Im sure… but the love is just not there. :-) I do love the sea urchin though! Glad you guys were able to find some stuff!

    • says

      Oh no worries Lauryn! I definitely think items like that are more of a some-folks-think-it’s-cray-cray-and-others-love-it thing! There were these awesome big chains in different colors and people near me were like “um these are really weird” and then someone else came by and grabbed all of them and ran to the checkout! So funny!


    • Bethany says

      Ditto, it reminds me of some save marine life documentary I saw a bit of where they make turtle soup and there’s all these sad little empty turtle shells. Oops tmi. But the spiky thing looks fab!

  9. says

    The closest Target is 1.5 hours away from me! Don’t feel too terrible, I’ve learned to deal with it. Luckily, I was able to score the same tortoise shell and those chevron vases! I’m in love!

    Thanks for sharing your finds.

  10. ashley h says

    Ahh!! I love the turtle shell, and then I went to the website…and saw it in yellow….which is the accent color in my gray and white kitchen…..ahhh! I love turtles :) this might have to get picked up! :)

    • ashley h says

      The Yellow one was too mustard… had too much green hue to it? Our yellow sun accents are more sun yellow…..however…I did buy the white one….and when I can convince my husband to put it up and that I’m not crazy to want it….I’ll post a photo :)

  11. Jamie says

    I love the black/white urns/vases! I resisted though because money could be spent elsewhere right now especially with the holidays approaching but they’ve been on my mind and I am trying to resist the urge to run back to Target and grab them off of the shelves!

    P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog. You have fantastic ideas!

  12. says

    Yeah I’m the loser who shopped online at 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning for Nate stuff. I had intended to go online right at midnight but I fell asleep on the couch and woke up frantic (I guess I thought it would all sell out at midnight?). The good news is that I snatched up the two things I REALLY wanted—the wood lamp and the white urchin—but the bad news was that I wanted a few other things too that weren’t available online. I only have one Target anywhere nearby and I didn’t want to miss anything! Tracking says my stuff should be waiting on my porch when I get home today!

  13. says

    All I saw at mine was the bedding and I’m in a major city. :( I’ve been every single day and nothing new yet. In the words of Sherry, they need to “dude, get on that!”

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