Multiplying Egg Chairs…

I’m back as promised with:

    1. an egg chair update (since I just tossed pillows on it but promised to share the rest of the details once we figured out a real seat and all that jazz)
    2. three new egg chairs that we recently brought home

I guess we should skip right ahead to those huh? Don’t worry, our living room doesn’t look like an egg chair family reunion. They’re of the dollhouse variety (you can read more on Clara’s DIY dollhouse here):

When a super sweet reader (thanks Nicole!) told me CB2 had them on clearance for 50 cents each (wahooo!) I couldn’t resist. They’re actually Christmas ornaments (hence the super sale price so far into the year) and all I needed to do was clip off the string that was meant to hang them from the tree and they became serviceable chairs for a certain small pig family. So that’s how three of them somehow ended up in my cart and I just clicked “buy” – and the rest, as they say, is history.

The fun part is that Clara loves putting Olivia and the rest of her family in them since they’re a bit more “hold-y” than her other chairs (they don’t slip out as much as they do in the smoother and smaller brass chairs that she has in a few other rooms). So that’s the dollhouse upgrade that’s going on.

But back to the real-person-sized egg chair in the corner of the living room. Remember when we got it from a local thrift store and he looked like this?

And then we painted him and tossed a few already-had-them-around pillows on during the “just for now” phase?

Well, we’re finally in the “taa-daa, it’s finished” phase thanks to a pretty simple and cheap-o update.  Yup, we landed on a permanent seat cushion for the guy. And oh happy day, it doesn’t look like a feminine hygiene product anymore.

Although I thought I might end up buying foam and fabric to make a custom seat, we ended up finding a seat cushion on sale for $14 at Pier 1 in a soft blue tone that’s pretty much a neutral in our house (it’s in nearly every room in some form – like art, pillows, curtains, etc). We weren’t sure if it would fit the chair though (it has a pretty unique rounded shape) so we just bought it and hoped for the best. Turns out it totally didn’t fit at all:


But then I wondered what would happen if I turned it around so the rounded part that should be the back of the cushion was facing out towards the front. Lo and behold, it sat a lot better and actually looked like it made sense!

So I cut off the ties and the tag which were screaming “this is the back of the cushion” and didn’t look back. Oh yes, I’m such a rebel. It actually kind of looked like a custom cushion made just for the chair since it’s such an unusual shape and it laid so well on top of the chair. Then it was just back-pillow time and I tossed a few different options on there. Like this blue and white back pillow from HomeGoods a while back:

And this faux fur pillow from Target last year:

And this bunny pillow from HomeGoods a few months back:

I finally landed on this rhino-meets-pig combo (the pig pillow is from a local store called Buford Rd Pharmacy a while back):

So that’s the story of our egg chair’s quickie new cushion solution with a bonus dollhouse egg chair update tossed in there for good measure. Ten points for anyone eating an egg sandwich while reading this post.

Is anyone else out there buying chair cushions or turning things around to see if they work better backwards than forwards? Any other dollhouse decorating going on?


  1. says

    LOL about the old cushion looking like a feminine hygiene product. Didn’t occur to me before, but yep, that assessment is spot on. (Apologies for the pun there.)

  2. says

    omg! Yay!! You got them!! And you really did shout me out!!! OMG! You guys are the coolest!! LOOOVE THE CHAIRS! And can’t believe how similar they are to your very own egg chair!! Waahooo!! :) Looks awesome!

  3. says

    Imagine if someone had a whole blog dedicated to redecorating a doll house. THAT was my first thought when I saw those mini egg chairs. As for your egg chair, props to you for thinking of turning the cushion around. It looks completely custom!

    We just had a new couch cover arrive and when we got it in the room and put it on our couch, the light gray turned BLUE. I need a quick fix for that. Stat!

  4. Denise says

    I love that the little chairs in Clara’s dollhouse and your big chair both house pigs. Such a subtle, cute tie in!

  5. chelsea says

    Did anyone else find it odd that there would be egg chairs hanging on a Christmas tree? Great for a dollhouse find, funny hanging on a tree as an ornament!

    • says

      Totally! I just can’t believe they’re the right scale! I worried they’d be giant or too tiny. Lo and behold, they’re perfectly sized for a family of plastic pigs.


  6. Jill says

    Your own egg chair looks great with the new cushions…but I keep going back to look at the dollhouse. I want one of my own (I’m 34) to decorate! So fun! So much cheaper than decorating my own house! Those chairs are awesome and so stylish. Am I the only one remembering the Friends episode where Monica brought out her childhood dollhouse and Phoebe made her own with a ghost and a dinosaur? I feel like I would be very much a Monica with my own dollhouse, no dinos allowed. Clara’s pigs are great, though :)

  7. says

    What a great find on those CB2 chairs! I *may* be purchasing them right now even though there is currently no dollhouse in our home. I do have dreams of building one for my nieces to love on! Never hurts to be prepared, right?!?