Since We’re On A Rug Kick…

It feels like the last few months have been The Age Of Rugs. We got this one from a local outlet for our bedroom

… this one from Urban Outfitters for our kitchen

… and just got this one from Joss & Main for our office…


It was actually kind of hard to find an 100% jute rug that was 6 x 6, so when this guy came up for $89 (down from $150) we finally pulled the trigger.  Especially since Pottery Barn sells a nearly identical one for $129 down from $149 and Overstock has something similar for $115.

We had always wanted something round to soften all the angles in the room (the built in desk, the chair rail, the criss-cross chairs) and tie into the big round chandelier that we tweaked by spraying it indigo and adding a giant shade

So we just measured things out on the floor to see what would work (an 8 x 8 was way too big, and a 5 x 5 was too small). Thankfully we were able to determine that a 6 x 6 would be the right size to make the room feel nice and balanced without getting in the way of our chairs (since we have to push them out to get in and out, and any large rectangular rug was always getting caught on the legs and annoying the heck out of us).

In the in interest of keeping it real, here’s what the office looked like before we cleaned Clara’s toys off the floor and organized the piles of random stuff on top of our desk:

And here’s how it all looked once we did a wee bit of cleaning before snapping a proper rug photo:

 We love that it’s “braided woven” since in our experience of owning a few natural fiber rugs, the braided ones tend to be the softest, so they’re less bushy and wire-y. Sure enough, when our new rug arrived, it was nice and soft, and thankfully it fit perfectly in the office. See, no issue with the chairs being pulled out and our new rug. Wahoo.

So that’s the latest rug update that has gone on around here.

Oh, and Burger approves:

Oh, and new rug = a good excuse for a plastic animal parade.

I think that shot captures how it’s nice and soft. Always a plus when it comes to jute (anyone remember that Friends episode where Joey learns French from Phoebe and says “Tout De La Fruit”? – I always want to say “Jute De La Fruit”).

Are there any other jute lovers out there? Or round-rug owners? This is our first round rug, and I have to admit, we love it. In a house full of right angles, it definitely feels kind of novel. Haha. So that’s my live-on-the-edge-tip. Be a rebel and try a round rug once in a while.


  1. says

    Joe and I want to get a new rug for our living room (what were we thinking getting a white/cream rug!?!) but it’s not in the cards for us yet. We’ve considered putting it in a less used room but the wood floors underneath are all scratched up (since the previous renters’ dog was a bit destructive) and I think seeing that would annoy me more than our light carpet. Oh well.

  2. Stephanie says

    Looovee that rug.

    I’m on a rug search myself. I apparently measured wrong because I thought I needed an 8×10 but it was WAY too big. So I’m returning it and on the hunt for a 5×7 that I love.

    One day my living room will have a rug… one day…

  3. Barb says

    Recently changed all my first floor rugs to jute rugs…gone are the dark orientals. It brightens the rooms so much. I love them but need to be careful vacuuming because sometimes the ends come free. I just take a chopstick and push them back in. Simple as that.

    The old rugs are ready for my July Tag Sale.

    Welcome to the world of jute. Looks great.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  4. Laura says

    I love that the circular rug complements the cylindrical lamp shade (lamp drum?) on the chandelier. Nice choice!

  5. says

    I actually really love that rug! Hope you guys are having / had fun at Haven! I’m so jealous of all of the pictures people are putting on Instagram with you guys in them, since they got to meet you! I heard your keynote session was awesome as well, great job guys!

  6. Virag says

    Guys, I just love your working area. One question: do you always agree when re-designing?
    Please tell me that you also disagree and think/talk a lot before you decide.

    Still, i just love your new rug

    • says

      Oh no, we disagree all the time! Haha. We have a Full-Agreement Agreement, which just means we don’t paint/buy/change anything without both agreeing. So all the time one of us wants to do/buy something, but we won’t pull the trigger until we are both on the same page. It takes time but works better in the end since we don’t have anything that one of us hates in the house for harboring resentment. Haha.


  7. says

    That last photo makes it look really soft. Like it translates well through the camera, ya know? At first I was imagining some tough bristled rug that would exfoliate your feet every time you pass over it, but nah it’s looking more comfy up close. Nice bargain hunting, and great purchase.

    My best, Lynn

  8. Vikki says

    I have a large round braided rug (Purple, green, and tan.) I bought it from Sears about 10 years ago and I just LOVE it. It is in the middle of my living room and is the perfect colors and everything.

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