Look Who’s Hanging Out In Our Bathroom

This guy:

You saw the wall we were dealing with before we removed the not-very-functional shelf and towel bar here:

And you saw it again after we spackled and sanded those holes from the fixtures and painted:

Well now, thanks to two nails (it’s a pretty light canvas), we hung up the DIY art that I made a while back (I originally whipped it up for the bedroom, but it’s nice to tie this color in here and it was aqua overload in the bedroom). Thankfully I used latex wall paint to make the painting (the same thing you’d use on the walls of a bathroom) so it should hold up well in here. It was a complete lucky break that it fits on this wall. And thanks to the ceiling-height shower curtain on the other side of the room, something over-sized on this side of the space actually adds balance, and feels less heavy or invasive than the shelf/towel bar that stuck out from the wall.

Admittedly, the pattern of the art isn’t perfect with the tree border tile that runs around the room since that’s pretty busy (see that up close here) but because we have a plan to redo that with soft frosted white or gray glass subway tile someday it should look nice and clean after Phase 2. It’s not that the tree tiles are terrible, they’re just not “us” if that makes sense. So we figure the room will feel more like our bathroom and not someone else’s when we put up accent tile that floats our boat.

And now for an art detail shot. Ooh. Ahh.

One of the coolest things about my homemade painting is how purty it looks with our blue light. The room just went from feeling beige and builder-basic to feeling like ours. Ya know?

And now for a light detail shot. Ooh. Ahh.

One issue in here that we haven’t explained is that the door is too tight to the floor, so it actually doesn’t open all the way since it gets stuck on this floor grate. So we have added “remove the door from its hinges and shave a sliver off the bottom so it opens correctly” to our to-do list. And then we can have a bath mat outside the tub since it won’t get scraped by the door. Hurrah!

Speaking of the door, the trim around the window, the trim around the door, and the door itself were originally a beige-y off-white color. So things like the bright white towels, shower curtain, and light switch made that feel a little… dirty. We’re crisp white trim folks anyway, so I got my paint on.

I used leftover semi-gloss paint that we’ve used for other rooms (it’s off-the-shelf white by Olympic Premium). And two coats later…

… it was white! Like the towels and the shower curtain and the light switch. Oh happy day.

Here’s the window all glossy and refreshed.

Pretty much still looks like this from the doorway since you can’t see the art behind the door. But once you go inside, bah-dow, art in yo face.

So that’s the latest with our cheap little bathroom update. We love that this step was f-r-e-e thanks to art we already had (sitting around in the playroom waiting to be hung – who’s surprised?) and leftover trim paint. And here’s what the ol’ to-do list looks like now:

  • paint the walls so they have some contrast
  • replace the boob light
  • paint the cream trim white
  • hang some bathroom-friendly art
  • craigslist the toilet and replace it with a classic white one
  • do something to add privacy to the window
  • remove the door so we can shave the bottom to allow for a rug/bathmat (and add a door stopper so it doesn’t squash the art)
  • replace the border tile around the room (maybe in phase 2?)
  • move the blue pendant light to hang centered in front of the window
  • replace the floor tile down the road (just to break things up since there’s so much of it)

So there you have it. Any trim painting or art hanging going on in your neck of the woods? Have you painted any giant canvases to add color to a small room? Or made some quick bathroom upgrades on the cheap?

Psst- To follow this bathroom sprucing project from the start, check out this planning post, this painting post, and this light-swapping post.


  1. says

    Looks awesome!! One question though- do you worry about the moisture from the shower impacting the painted canvas? Ive always been scared of hanging art in the bathroom for that reason.

    • says

      I think since I used latex wall paint (which holds up in a bathroom) instead of water based craft paint it has a much better chance of doing ok! After each of our first three showers I ran my towel-dried hand over the painting and there wasn’t dew or anything on it. So I hope it means that if it seems to hold up to showers now that it’ll continue to do so. It also was so cheap and easy to make that I might be tempted to just touch it up if over a year or two it needs a little refreshing. Now that we have it in there we love it so I’d hate to relocate the guy again! Haha.


    • Jenna says

      I have had 2 canvases hanging in my bathroom for 2 years now, and painted them with craft paint. They are still in great shape!

    • Tyra says

      I’ve actually heard (from my moms interior decorator) that the moisture is good for some paintings, she has had one of those 8×10 home goods
      Discovered paintings (with the decorative frames-you know the ones) in the bathroom for a few years and it has done great!

    • says

      We wish we could do a pocket door, but the only wall we could use for it has the plumbing for the shower in it, so it would mean completely reconfiguring that ($$$$) so I think using the door we have for now is the way to go. Once we shorten it a little I think it’ll be great!


  2. says

    Wow, that crisp white trim makes a huge difference! I didn’t even realize how not-white it was until you painted it. And I am loving the pop of color with the art! So inspiring.

  3. Karen J says

    It looks like it was made for that space. Have you considered (as a temporary fix) painting out the accent tile so it’s all darker grey? Then you would have the texture, which might be nice, but not the busy pattern. And it would give you a new thing to try.

    • says

      I actually have thought about that, but since the border tile runs all the way around the room (and through the shower) I don’t think I could paint it myself with any lasting results (it would peel and scrape off in the shower) and we could hire someone to professionally reglaze it for a few hundred bucks, but we hope to replace it ourselves for less than that!


    • says

      I was thinking the same thing Karen! I didn’t realize that it went into the shower too though. What about a varnish or floor stain? Might be quite a bit of work for something that might not last, but just a thought.

      I read comments about the steam from the shower interacting with the canvas art. As a former custom framer, I think you should be fine considering the paint that you used. Had it been art paint, I would be a little more concerned. The canvas might need to be stretched sometime down the road (years), but it might be cheaper to just make a new one. But knowing $herdog, it will probably migrate somewhere else by that time :)

    • says

      Haha, thanks for the tips! As for floor stain or varnish I’m just not sure how that would go over tile (since it’s slick it’s hard for anything to stick to it without beading up or peeling) but if I come up with anything I’ll let you know for sure!


  4. says

    Okay, you’re making me feel like a slacker. We got all of our interior doors replaced 3 weeks ago from “fauk” (faux oak) to white 6 panel doors and the “Kitten” paint trim in the bathroom now looks dirty next to the brilliant white doors. We need to paint that and the beadboard/chair rail.

    Love it all though. Looking forward to your getting more things checked off the list!

  5. says

    Crisp white trim makes such a difference!! We did the classic mistake of using matt first time round and everything got grubby really quickly. Repainting it made such a difference to the whole room. xox

    • says

      I did that too! In our first house I painted every room’s trim with flat paint and had to redo it all. Total nightmare. I cried as I painted.


    • says

      We just wiped it down. Probably would have primed if it were bare wood to keep bleed-through at bay, but just like we repainted the semi-gloss walls without primer, I did the same with the trim. Thankfully it worked!


    • megan e. says

      It really depends on what is currently on your trim. In my house, it’s flat paint on top of glossy paint which no one prepped first, so it’s all chipping. We are in the process of sanding the trim in every room of our house to rough up the surface and painting with a glossy white. If you aren’t sanding, I’d recommend primer to provide some grabbing power.

    • says

      Oh yes, that’s true! We usually recommend semi-gloss paint for trim (so wipeable, and has more flex, so it seems to grab better). They also make great primer + paint so maybe that’s a good idea! Or a liquid deglosser to help paint grab!


  6. Angel says

    Looking good – one thought, you’ll want to add a door stop after you fix the door! Don’t want those towel hooks to accidentally go through your canvas if Clara opens the door really fast/hard!

  7. says

    Mucho improvement!

    I know I should be embarrassed by this, since we’ve never met and all, but I feel like we’re friends. We have been busy making big and small changes over at the little yellow cape. I would love to know what you think!

    Laura @ cookiecrumbsandsawdust.blogspot

  8. Meagan says

    That painting is perfect for that space. I love it in there and am glad you found a place for it! I can’t wait for you to re-do that tile ugh…those trees…why haha.

  9. says

    Sacrebleu! That paintbrush is not Purdy!

    LOL, I actually have that same brush and love it. But I totally had a moment in Home Dept before buying it of thinking “but Sherry says Purdy is the best….”

    Totally loving how the bathroom is coming along. I having been thinking about adding pops of Aqua to my kitchen after we paint the cabinets this weekend (eek!)

    • says

      Haha- yes! They sell this one at Home Depot and Ben Moore and I grabbed it once (feeling like I was cheating on my Purdy) but it’s awesome! Just as good. I think the short handled part is the key.


    • says

      That is hands-down my favorite brush! I use it for all of the trim and cut in work in my house.

      I was also nervous about the steam with the canvas so I’ll be curious to see how it holds up over time. I have a fan in my bathroom and I still get dew on my glass frames sometimes.

    • Penny says

      I would just like to thank Shellie for bringing back “sacrebleu”, which I haven’t heard since The Little Mermaid. I LOL’d!

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