Who’s The Joss?

Last October we had fun teaming up with Joss & Main to curate a sale event over on their site (which entailed picking favorites from hundreds of items in their database to make a “Young House Love collection”), so when they invited us back for a spring collection – and agreed to an extra special perk for you guys this time around (more on that in a sec) – we were psyched. Side note: I used to think that word was spelled “siked” until freshman year when my BFF laughed ’til she cried and finally clued me in.

It’s really funny to hear the title of “curator” used to describe us (except maybe Curator Of Outfits With Dog Hair And Cream Cheese Smears), but seriously, getting the opportunity to reopen a little virtual decor store of sorts over there for the next 60 hours is awesome. And although we didn’t set the prices ourselves, we did our best to find a variety of things in a nice wide price range (from under $25 accessories to $250+ furnishings). This collection even includes some things we’ve bought – from our happy yellow kitchen radio to the gray nailhead chair in our living room. So here’s a sampling of our collection that’s over on Joss & Main through Saturday morning (there’s a lot more over there). If you’re not already a member, just click here for an instant invite (so you don’t get wait-listed). Then you can find your way to the sale by clicking here:

And because we like to be 100% transparent with you guys, it’s Joss & Main’s protocol to offer a small commission to the folks who curate sales on their site, so it’s just like any other side gig that helps us pay the bills (like our magazine column, our book, and our paint collection – you can read more general blog income info here). But here’s the twist. Joss & Main also offers small referral fees in the form of store credit (which is actually available to anyone who refers someone who makes a purchase) but we wanted to pay those forward. So instead of accepting the referral fees, we asked if we could save all those credits up in a separate “gift account” and dish ’em out in a big fat giveaway for one lucky reader next week. And they said yes. Cue the cartwheels!

So stay tuned for that next Monday. In the meantime, our collection will be available for the next three days (until Saturday morning). We had so much fun putting this together, and we hope it inspires you in some way – even if it’s just to spray paint something from the thrift store or otherwise do your own DIY spin on something that grabs ya. And speaking of things that grab you, what accessories have you been into lately? I’ve found myself inexplicably drawn to lamps (as in we don’t have enough surfaces in our house for all the lamps I want to adopt) and serving dishes (perhaps due to the new open shelves in the kitchen?). Meanwhile John has a newfound love of accordion folders and house plants. Go figure.


  1. says

    I have a collection of yard sale lamps in my attic. mainly the old brassy ones that are in dire needs of face lifts, transformations and new shades.. but for now they are stored in the attic anxiously waiting for me to be done with 1,000000000 other home renovation things before I am able to decorate.

    • says

      Aw thanks Melanie! I totally wanted the $9 island bamboo bowl but it sold out. Haha. I did get the $12 green dishtowel set though! We tried to work in a bunch of under-$25 accessories for people whenever we could. And here’s hoping you get that yellow radio for your birthday!


  2. Momcat says

    WOW!!!!!! I literally just got my J&M email and THERE YOU WERE!! Right on top of all the collections! I was in there like a flash. Sadly some things are ALREADY sold out (bummer!). You guys have such a great eye for style, I love all you’ve picked out. Now off to peruse again to see if I can add anything more to my cart before checkout!

    Way to go! What a way to start my day :) Thanks!

  3. says

    I’ve been obsessing over centerpieces for the dining room table! I finished completely refinishing our new (to us at least!) craigslist table and chair purchase a few months ago and can’t stop myself from picking up funky decorations for it! My latest favorite find was a flower pot from Joann’s shaped like a pair of green Wellie’s that is currently inhabiting the middle of the table! :)

  4. Bethany says

    I think it’s awesome that you guys are so honest in how you conduct you blog… It really says a lot about your integrity and who you are as people :) I’ve been reading for years now and I check back everyday. Thanks for being so real and for all the inspiration! You guys rock!

    • Karina says

      Hi – there is always the option to send the items to a USA company who specializes in then shipping stuff overseas :)! Not sure how expensive that is, so probably won’t be worth it….

  5. Amanda Jones says

    I love that you gus are going to give away what most would keep for themselves. Such a humble and delightfu couple you are!


  6. says

    Wow, great job getting them to agree on you idea about the referal fee. Did you manage to get them to ship the items outside the US for the lucky winner as well? I really hope so. (I live in Denmark)

  7. Courtney says

    What color is your living room couch? I love it!! sometimes it looks black/dark gray and sometimes it looks navy?

    • Katie says

      I really wanted that pillow too! :( I googled for it online and it is for sale at other places, just not at that price. Best I could find was at wayfair.com for $48.99.

  8. Dawn says

    Loved those pop/swirl multicolored pillows, so I bought them! I can’t wait to get them. They are so cheerful, and will make me smile each time I see them.

  9. emma says

    LOVE all the items! I’ve been eyeing that yellow radio since you showed it in your kitchen. Is it compatible with your iphone? Did you have to buy a separate component? The tivoli website left me a bit confused…thoughts would be much appreciated!

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