Reader Redesign: A Kitchen From Scratch

Just as we finished our big kitchen adventure, Amanda and her handy husband were finishing theirs. Except she and her husband Ben completely gutted theirs and have literally rebuilt it by hand (yup, they even DIYed new cabinets). And although we’ve been sharing quite a run of kitchen-related Reader Redesigns lately, we couldn’t resist sharing this one too. So here’s her letter:

I wanted to send you a link to our recently finished kitchen. The room started out as a 90’s oak and almond appliance box:

We tore everything out to start from scratch:

My hubby and I did all of the work, no contractors involved. He tore down a wall, built custom cabinets, laid new hardwood floors, installed our wood counter tops, backsplash, and much more.  

It feels so much more open now, and things like the glass cabinets and our marble backsplash really finish things off nicely.

 I just thought you could appreciate all of our hard work seeing as you’re at the end of your kitchen remodel too!  -Amanda

Quite the transformation, no? And if you wanna see more, check out Amanda’s blog and be sure to hit up this post for a complete budget breakdown of the project. Congrats on a job well done guys!  Now let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. I’m loving those rich wood counters and Sherry wants to rub her face on that marble backsplash.

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  1. says

    This is beautiful! I don’t know what I like the best. I think the way they did their kitchen hood is unique and memorable. And yes, the counter tops!

  2. says

    I love Amanda’s new kitchen! I’ve been a follower of hers for awhile now. My favorite part is that they opened up that wall behind the stove and were even able to add additional storage to their living room. It’s a gorgeous transformation!

  3. Marla says

    Apologies for a very random comment… but wanted to let you know that I just nominated Young House Love to be considered to curate a collection for . I’ve never used the site myself yet (darn it if they aren’t closed to new subscribers right now…) but I would be all over getting items personally selected by you guys delivered to my house every 3 months.

    Just thought if I mentioned it in a comment it might stir up some interest in other readers who might be inclined to second my nomination so the people at Quarterly know how popular you are.

  4. Katie says

    Gorg! Love the reclaimed look of the countertops. I laughed out loud at “… Sherry wants to rub her face on that marble backsplash.” Glad to hear there are others as creepy as I am when it comes to home decor. I usually end up rubbing my face and making purr noises to things I like. :)

    • mp says

      Me too! I was so excited when I found Flannery O’Connor’s bio in the local B&N, I kissed it right there in the store.

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