Hanging Two Oversized Glass Kitchen Pendants

I like big globes and I cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny. When a light walks in with an itty bitty waist…

… and a round thing in yo face you get sprung. At least I do. John just gets all blown out and looks angelic.

The purpose of that photo was actually just to show you why we picked the height that we did. The common pendant light recommendation is to hang it 30″ above the top of the counter (from the top of the counter to the base of the pendant), but we went 31″  because my tall hubby didn’t want those round things in his face obstructing the view. It’s so nice to have some proper lighting above the peninsula since that part of the room has been super dark. As we mentioned yesterday, they were $60 each at a local lighting outlet, which made buying two of them cheaper than the actual retail price of one (they’re $129 a pop here).

Of course we still have some holes to spackle (five to be exact), but things are definitely looking up!

As in, I can’t stop staring up at them. And John’s been ogling them too.

The lights, not the holes.

I’ve got holes. In different area codes… area codes. Remember that song anyone? Apparently I’m in a singing mood today. I blame it on the eh-eh-eh-eh-electrical. Blame it on the eh-eh-eh-eh-electrical.

Ok, I’m done now. Promise.

Anyway, this is a shot to show you that we still have a light over the fireplace to switch out. It’s actually perfectly centered on the fireplace as you face it, although the angle of this pic makes it look all sorts of wonky. This is a pendant that broke pretty soon after moving in so we haven’t used it for about half a year. Can’t wait to hang something better suited to the chill-zone by the fireplace. Maybe a big ol’ drum pendant that’s only dropped a few inches from the ceiling so it’s high enough for anyone 6’4″ and under not to bump their heads (that’s the tallest person we know, haha). So yeah, along with spackling holes and getting a pendant for over the sink, this guy’s on the lighting agenda too.

But back to the globes. We actually installed a dimmer switch yesterday, which is awesome because we can blast them all the way up or lower them for we’re-just-eating-spaghetti-but-let’s-fancy-things-up ambiance. We’d love to get LED bulbs for our pendants (they’re compatible with CFLs, halogens, incandescents, and LEDs, which is nice) but since we have a dimmer switch, we have to find special LEDs that work with a dimmer. We’ll keep you posted.

Update: we’re getting lots o’ comments asking if we’ll be ORBing the stools – we’re actually going to wait for the dark cork floors to go in before making any decisions on them either way since that could be a game changer. Oooh cliffhanger…

Here’s how things look in the other direction. See how a big drum shade might be nice for that cozy corner by the fire?

Mmm, let’s get a little closer, shall we?

Update: We gave edison bulbs a try and they were reallllly yellow in our room (maybe with white counters they’re not the best idea since they left ours looking dirty?) – we also gave clear bulbs a try but they cast a bunch of harsh shadows on the ceiling, so we prefer the frosted guys we have here for now – although we’re definitely still looking into dimmable LEDs!

In the words of sandwich-loving Joey Tribbiani: how you doin?

Oh and see that nice big chunk of sunny grellow wall between the fridge and the half wall into the dining room? We want to get a nice big piece of art for that spot. So we’re on the prowl. Will keep ya posted on that too.

When we were reconfiguring the kitchen we talked about putting an upper cabinet there but knew that the peninsula would feel so much more open to those sitting there (especially the person on the end) if they weren’t staring at the side of a cabinet. It’s actually an area where we do a lot of prepping now, so we love that it’s open. It’s hard to explain, but it feels more like a room and less kitchen-y, in a good way. Just sort of casual and airy and not too wood-riddled.

Anyway, next on the ol’ kitchen list is patching those holes (we’ll share all the spackle-tastic details) and hanging (and building in) our craigslist range hood. Then we finally get to add the open shelves that I’ve been over the moon to “meet” since about four months ago when we decided to go for it. We’ve been keeping all of our dishes/plates/cups in a lazy susan cabinet in the corner by the stove, and while it works okay, open shelving will be approximately 957 times more convenient. Yes, I’m a complainer about turning the lazy susan one way to get a dish and having to spin it the other way to get a cup. Plus after we get the shelves made and hung and painted I get to put pretty vases and containers and frames up there along with all of our everyday dishes. Maybe even a ceramic animal or two if I’m feeling crazy. And let’s face it, I’m pretty much always feeling crazy.

Speaking of which, remember my whole self-imposed “Dude, Get On That Already” challenge?

How is it already Wednesday and I have yet to tackle something? Come on $herdog, you said once a week you’d get on that. So GET ON THAT, ALREADY! Hopefully I’ll have a little update for ya tomorrow. Anyone care to join me and share what you’ve done tomorrow morning?

So in summary: work continues and we’re all over the place as usual. Hah. What are you guys up to today?


  1. Lauren says

    I’ve been enjoying reading about your kitchen progress. Just wanted to let you know that there is a coffee shop in Orange County, CA called Portola Coffee Lab that has a similar design scheme as far as the lab stools and globe pendants. (The baristas wear lab coats!)

  2. Sarah says

    LOVE the song references in this post! They put a big ol’ grin on my face on this cloudy, humid, record-breaking-high-temperature Wednesday in Florida.

    Actually, some colleagues and I were just saying yesterday that the party/dance music from when we were in college (i was at UVA at the same time as John) was so much better than today’s. I got 99 problems…but party-music nostalgia ain’t one, thanks to an embarrassingly long playlist.

    Also, the kitchen looks fabulous! I can’t wait to see how the final pieces come together!

  3. Darcy says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! They look amazing! I have the hardest time choosing lighting, and then eventually, cause I can’t make a decision, I just freeze, and give up! Hence, the horribly ugly fan that is hanging in my living room for 5 years!! This year, I must change this….(adding to my to do list..)! Thanks for the inspiration!

    As for the D-GOT challenge…I was actually quite productive over the weekend – Reorganized some shelves in the garage where we keep all the extra kitchen supplies (platters, extra large roasters, bowls, etc.) that had become junked up. And we decided to get rid of some stuff (either CL or maybe garage sale in spring), then we re-organized our kitchen cabinets (cleaned and everything). Then I worked on the office, re-organizing as well! And since then, I am just trying to keep up with stuff better – dishes, junk on the table, my 2yo’s toys. So, I’m feeling like I am off to a great start!!! Yeah, me!

    And, Sherry… I gotta tell ya — “How you doin’?” Is STILL on of my FAVORITE expressions!! And since I’m now in Colorado, I feel like I’m still east coast when I say it!! LOL! Dork, right?!?!?!

  4. says

    I can’t wait to see if you find decent CFL Dimmer bulbs. We had an energy consultation in our last house and we were given CFL dimmer bulbs for our dinning room light and I hated them (even though they were free). They were huge with a bulky base so you could see the bulb above the shade. They would take forever to turn on and even when on didn’t quite lose that purple tinge. I’ve been looking ever since for better ones…

  5. Carly says

    Cool lights!
    I’m not sure if they’re dim-able but have you guys seen/thought about those vintage style bulbs that have more of an exposed filament? I’ve seen them called Edison or Victorian bulbs. Might be kind of cool in the ORB orbs :) This site seemed to have a variety…


    -Carly, Minneapolis

    • says

      Oh yes we tried those but it was a really yellow light (made the counter look yellowed like it was 500 years old- haha) so we decided they might work better in non-white kitchens!


  6. Donita says

    Those lights are so pretty, so perfect. You guys are amazing. Envy is a sin, do I am trying hard to not be envious of your home. ;-) The art for your wall, what about that pear picture you painted. Was that for Clara or for Johns sister? I love that picture.

  7. Christie says

    I love the stools the color they are!

    Can I suggest the vintage Edison bulb? We got one for our glass lantern-style pendant over our kitchen sink, and I am in love with it. When I need relax while cooking dinner, I even turn off the fluorescent overhead light, and cook to that one little, happy, glowing bulb. And the light given off is rich and warm, and while its not bright, its perfect. I promise, if you put Edisons in your globes, you will love your globes twice over!

  8. fd says

    I love how the kitchen is going, great work guys! And amazingly, since you put the penny tile up I have seen the light regarding the cork tiles. I jsut didn’t get it before, but now I can see why they will be necessary. EEps I can’t wait to see the end end results, but also all the in the middle results too.

  9. says

    These look great. Have you thought about a cool message center instead of art on that wall? Once my kids got older it got crazy with paper we had to keep track of.

  10. says

    Looks awesome! So bright and airy.

    I am curious if you could shed a little more ‘light’ on the recessed light fixtures. Ie. size and trim style. We are redoing our kitchen and I want to add some recessed lighting but very confused about which to go with. Yours look nice and bright and the fact that you only needed 4 means that they must be.

    Thanks and can’t wait to see those holes patched up!

    • says

      I think they’re just basic 6″ can lights? We asked our electrician what he recommended and he likes Halo brand lights and thought anything smaller than 6″ would be more of a spot light and wouldn’t illuminate the whole side of the room. They’re each 60 watt but we have Halogena bulbs in them which put out 75 watts of light and only use 50 watts (energy savers). Hope it helps!


  11. Ingrid says

    Those pandants are fabulous and you can’t beat that price. I think they would look great with some clear Edison bulbs. The kitchen is coming together so nicely.

  12. says

    Looks fan-freakin-tastic!! I come to your blog everyday…it keeps me sane as my husband, I, and our two kids bide our time living in a 400 sq ft apartment while we finish school. When we get our own place I am going to be DIYing like a crazy person!! Your kitchen reno is an inspiration :)

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