Never Before Seen Footage

How do you like that sensationalized title? Haha. It’s like Star Magazine up in this joint. This is basically a post idea that John and I came up with when we realized that there were a surprising amount of nooks and crannies in the house that we’ve never shared. And some things that are a lot bigger than a nook or a cranny. Which is weird for two over-sharers like us. So consider that remedied now that we’re over-spilling the beans in true Petersik fashion. Without further ado, here’s the first we-can’t-believe-we-haven’t-shared-it-yet thing. Our pantry:

We’ve mentioned that we have a pantry-ish cabinet next to the wall oven in our kitchen…

… but realized that we never opened wide and snapped a shot. All the cabinetry in the kitchen was replaced around 25 years ago, so the swing out doors and the little middle compartment that also swings out (so there’s storage on the back and on the wall behind it) must have been quite the state of the art stuff back in the day. Heck, we’re still kind of charmed by all of those little shelves to stash stuff – although we do occasionally forget where we put something which leads to a ten minute cabinet swinging search party.

Ok moving on, betcha didn’t know we had an in-ground irrigation system. Fancy, right? Since I’m not fancy I just use the term sprinklers. It’s not for our whole almost-acre lot, just for the front yard and a small portion of the backyard that’s grass. Of course we’re “frugal” with our water usage, so we only turn it on after a while without rain (when we’re not on water restriction of course), but they’re actually pretty handy (it definitely beats wrestling the hose). And Burger jumps off the couch/out of the bed and runs to the window if they turn on. Which is always hilarious. The guy loves watching them do their thing.

Up next is just an update that we’ve been meaning to share. Remember I mentioned that I got a rendering of our first house for John this Father’s Day? Well, I finally got around to framing it. First here’s a shot of the pretty little pen & ink + Prisma marker portrait:

The artist (Jennifer Ahnquist from Kentucky) also included this first-draft sketch in the envelope as well, which was really fun to see:

So here’s the portrait hanging up in our always-changing hallway frame gallery. We hung it nice and low (using the same affixed-to-the-wall-so-it’s-baby-safe method that we outlined here) since Clara loves saying “ohh hou” which is “bean-talk” for old house. So cute.

Oh and see the frame above it? That’s this page from a hand-me-down Boden catalog that my BFF left at my house. I loved the playful riff on “seize the day” so I just cut it out (following the imperfect background rectangle) and popped it into that frame. Can’t wait until Clara starts learning to read, since it’s down towards her level.

This never before seen tidbit might scare you in an is-that-the-vine-from-little-shop-of-horrors-and-will-it-try-to-eat-my-face kind of way. Yup, that’s right, the green leafy mass on the tree trunk next to our upper patio is a vine. It’s actually “hugging” a tall healthy oak tree (we had someone check things out, just to make sure), and apparently the vine down towards the base shouldn’t be invasive enough to do too much damage, but if it continues to grow and starts looking too heavy or the tree starts not-thriving we’ll be on it like white on rice.

And now for the that’s-a-shame thing that we’ve never really pointed out specifically. We love the extra wide reclaimed pine floors in our bedroom, but they desperately need some love. Check out the faded square in front of our dresser (our best guess is that some piece of furniture sat there for so long that the floor somehow faded around it).

It has also completely lost its seal, so the previous owners must have placed something brown here on the floor that was sucked right into the wood and stained it (floors with poly or some other sealer usually prevent this from happening). So refinishing it (along with a lot of other damaged areas of hardwood in our house) is definitely on the someday agenda.

We also ironically learned in the very last post about our first house how often we re-share the same angles of a room over and over again – but somehow miss taking shots from other vantage points. For example, we never shared a shot like this of the den (looking into the kitchen/laundry nook) until moving day when everything was packed up in the truck. So it makes us want to include mundane photos like this one of the hallway that connects Clara’s room, the playroom, the guest room, and the hall bathroom to the heart of the house (the hallway frame gallery/kitchen/dining room/living room, etc).

See that giant intake vent near the floor? I’m dying to add some sort of wainscoting to the hall, but I’m not sure how I can do it with this beast going on. Maybe just work it in around it and paint it glossy white and hope that it looks semi-seamless?

Ok, and here’s the thing that will probably surprise everyone the most. This is the south-west corner of our house:

Yup, it’s pointy. The entire sunroom actually slants up. Which definitely threw us off during our walk-through since the rest of the house is so mid-century and ranch-ish. This room was added in the 90’s, so that might explain the different look. But it’s actually a really airy and light-filled room from the inside – thanks to that lofted ceiling:

So it has lots of potential and we’re happy to have it – strange slanting-up roof and all. We actually have a few ideas for trying to integrate it down the road when it comes to the exterior, but who knows where we’ll end up. One thing is for sure: we’ll keep you posted. Probably in that typical over-sharing fashion that we know so well.

Is anyone on the floor? Come on, somebody tell me that something shocked them. Probably not. I wish we had crazier house secrets (although I do have a recurring dream about discovering a hidden room). Wouldn’t that rock?

Psst- Speaking of dreams, I actually had one about Beyonce last night. But the real one (as opposed to the chicken one that we mentioned yesterday). We bought a tiny horseshoe shaped necklace together (it was $100 so I put in $40 and said “you’re the rich one, so do you mind doing $60?). Ugh, I’m even embarrassingly cheap in my dreams. But Beyonce was cool with it. The oddest thing is the concept (how on earth were Beyonce and I going to share a necklace? Are we together so much that swapping it back and forth is easy?). So strange.


  1. Penny says

    I also have dreams about hidden rooms in our house, and I always wake up just before I start to decorate them. And then I can’t remember what I was gonna do to them.

  2. says

    I love the pantry. If there’s no actual closet-in-the-wall pantry, I love having them hidden in cabinets. You guys hvae crazy amounts of storage that I cannot get over!

    With the brown marks on the bedroom floors, does that mean you guys are going to use a rich chocolate brown stain to cover it up? I hope so (I love dark wood floors)!

    • says

      We have to sand everything down first (which might lift out those dark stains) but either way we’re thinking about going a little more mocha. Nothing too dark or ebony or anything, maybe just a little richer – sort of like a lighter version of our new desk…


  3. says

    Yes, the pointy bit weirded me out! I thought it was photoshop or something!

    My boyfriend just asked me “How many times a day do you check Young House Love??” Haha… You guys are great. :)

  4. says

    The pine floors look pretty nice to me, even with the brown spots. We were lucky to find pine (I think) floors under carpet at our house. Now we’ve got lots of nice brown glue marks that will have to stay until we refinish as well.

  5. Renee S says

    Okay…I thought I was the only one that had dreams about discovering new rooms in my house! I’m glad that I’m not alone! In my “hidden room” dream, I always go through a door and realize that my home goes on and on and on into a never-ending house full of beautiful rooms that I hadn’t discovered until then. I blame it on the fact that I read The Secret Garden too many times to count when I was a little girl. I always wished I could find a secret garden or secret space in my house to be all mine! I loved reading about Mary Lennox exploring the mansion and discovering new things! ;)

    I also have re-occurring dreams (nightmares?) that I’m on American Idol and no one will vote me off! I’m forced to sing every week and I can’t carry a tune, but somehow I stay on the show…I’m guessing I’m all alone on this one though! :)

  6. Bridget says

    Ahhhhh hahahahaha! That Beyonce dream story was just the pick-me-up I needed on a slow moving friday morning… You’re blog is always so cheery that I constantly check it for new posts. It’s a real picker-upper! I’m a young graphic designer still trying to figure out my own decorating style, I mostly just want to copy yours, lol! Have a great weekend!

    p.s. I have insanely strange dreams too….most recently I made my bf and I get matching polka dot tattoos behind our ears…just one dot. so goofy!

  7. Pip says

    Ooh la la I like your pantry shelves! That pointy roof must have been disconcerting when you first walked through of the house – it’s funny what gets stuck onto houses in the name of renovation (though your sunroom is glorious on the inside :). I often dream about an extra room in our home – better grab that dream analysis guide. Thanks for the link to chicken Beyonce – snort laughs all round.

  8. says

    Oh I want that pantry. And I am seriously floored about the shape of that sunroom – would have never guessed it! I think it’s great that you showed some of the quirks and never-before-seen angles in this post :)

  9. Christina says

    love the frame idea…I am SO doing that. I have the perfect spot too.

    PS. Currently in progress is my daughter’s Photo Project {your idea}. I am on week 13 and having so much fun! Thanks again for sharing your GORGEOUSly fun idea with us.

  10. Rachel says

    When I was 12 I started ripping up the carpet in my bedroom (yes, without asking) because I wanted to have a wood floor. What I found below was SEVERAL layers of ancient linoleum, including one at the very bottom that was designed to look like a “rug” and covered just part of the floor. When it came up, there was discoloration of the wood just like on your floor. We eventually stripped and sanded and stained it all to match (well, that part was my dad) and it still looks great in my parents’ guest room today!

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