Painting & Hanging Big Metal Keys On Our Gallery Wall

Remember when we mentioned snagging these old iron keys for $8 in an antique store in West Virginia while visiting John’s grandma? Well I finally got around to painting them and hanging them in our hallway frame gallery (see how we made that here). Where did we squeeze them in? Well, see that card stock placeholder key? That was, well, just a placeholder.

I could have easily spray painted them for a quick makeover but since I love to use no-VOC paint whenever I can (especially since I have a huge gallon of white paint around at all times), I opted just to brush on a few coats by hand. It’s the same semi-gloss Olympic Premium No-VOC paint that I always use for trim and doors in off-the-shelf white if you’re wondering.

Then I decided that the spot on the wall with my card stock placeholder key might not accommodate that big ring of keys as well as three separate keys hung in a row, so I used some lady power and a hack saw to cut the iron ring and free each key to hang on its own.

After touching up some of the white paint for a pristine finish I waited for them to dry and used twine from our junk drawer to string up each one at varying heights for a balanced but not perfectly symmetrical result.

In the words of my imaginary BFF Bethenny Frankel (I know she’s not for everyone, but I love her), thar she blows:

I love glancing over at them through the wide doorway in the kitchen…

… and gazing at them as I walk from the front of the house to the back (or vice versa)…

So that’s the newest addition to the big hallway frame gallery. If only we could get our act together and start on the other side of the wall. You can see that in it’s planning stage – all covered in newspaper – here. And in this video, still covered with newspaper. Maybe tomorrow…

Wow, is this post really only 354 words? That might be a record for a chatty kathy like me. I kind of feel like a slacker. But what more can I say about the keys? Painted them, sawed them, twined them, hung them, took a bunch of photos, professed my love for said keys. The end. Wait, I know what this post needs. An on-the-subject haiku:

Little iron keys
I painted you white (surprise)
Wait, no one’s surprised.

Ok, now we’re over 400 words and there’s some poetry going on. Sherry out.


  1. Olivia says

    As if I didn’t love your blog and you guys enough already, the Bethenny Frankel reference put me over the edge of obsession. I look forward to your updates everyday and you’re awesome!

  2. Angela S. says

    Super clever!! :) And, your haiku made me laugh! :) Have a great day Younghouser’s.

    (PS) I got my goods from initial presents late last week! They rock!! Thanks again!

    • Nora says

      Such a small world…I, too, am imaginary BFFs with Bethenny Frankel! Oh, and I love the keys ;)

    • Lynette says

      I just love old keys. My husband doesn’t see the point. Grrrrr.

      Love Bethenny Frankel too! Never miss a show.

    • Sara says

      Am I only person who has no clue who this Bethany person is? Does she have a TV show of some kind? We’re too cheap to pay for cable so mabye she is on some show we don’t see on regular TV?

      I love the keys though! They have such a pretty shape to them, very elegant.

    • RM says

      This post and these comments have made me certain what I’ve recently started suspecting – that people either love or hate Bethenny but all the people who love her have imaginary BFF relationships with her :) Myself included.

      Oh, and the keys are cute, but I mostly wanted to pipe in and relate to these other BFFs of Bethenny’s!

    • Alison says

      Agreed. Kind of love Bethenny. I can’t have the show on if my bf is in the room, but I don’t care- she’s great.

  3. Tash says

    Love that wall. Wish I had the patience to do something similar. Furthermore…I LOVE Bethenny Frankel. She is hilarious. An acquired taste for sure.

  4. Laura says

    really cute….and, omg who does not LOVE Bethenny???? I live for Monday nights. She is the most hilarious person on reality tv.

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