Easter Bid-ness

We’re pretty sure Clara has a new favorite holiday (although it could be that Easter is just the first major holiday that she’s finally old enough to really enjoy). Either way, someone had a fantastic Easter weekend.

Her love of Easter could also be skewed because as far as she knows, the festivities stretch over at least 5 days. We actually kicked things off last Wednesday with an egg hunt at a local park with her older cousins Jake (who turns 13 today! Happy Birthday Jake!) and Olivia (age 10), since they’d be spending Easter weekend with their dad’s side of the family this year.

She found two eggs (aka, Sherry and I handed her two eggs that my dad had left out in the open for her and her 18-month old cousin Emanuel to find). It was love at first sight. Literally, she couldn’t take her eyes off of them.

She refused to put down her beloved eggs as we continued to play on the nearby playground. Apparently the only thing better than swinging is swinging while holding an Easter egg.

That was Clara’s first of three Easter egg hunts. On Saturday we happened to be at the grocery store while they were hosting one (in the paper towel aisle, no less) for kids under seven. Clara left with one egg, a balloon, and a giant smile. But that of course was only another warm up for the official hunt that ensued on Easter morning.

The scene: the yard around my parents’ beach house in Delaware.

Clara’s mission (which she happily chose to accept): collect nine eggs.

Since her love of Easter eggs was still fresh from her previous hunts, we actually let her do some of the grabbing this time around (though most of the eggs still needed to be pointed out by Sherry and me). And since she has recently become fond of putting things away, dropping the coin-filled eggs in the basket came pretty naturally (though one egg always stayed in hand most of the time).

Her egg-huntin’ bucket was actually her Easter “basket” for the day. It was a tin from Target that we found for a few bucks and not only does it fit in with her nursery colors, it also fits in with her love of buckets (which probably slipped down a notch thanks to her newfound romance with Easter eggs).

You can read more about how we assembled a baby-friendly Easter basket right here on BabyCenter today (complete with details about those wooden Easter eggs that Sherry dyed with food – no kidding).

We also tossed in a bunch of Clara’s other favorite things (from cheerios to a big pile o’ ribbon, which always ends up exciting Clara more than the actual present that it comes with) so you can check out all those deets and some more pics here.

Oh yeah and of course we remembered to snap her weekly fabric-background picture, and we couldn’t resist giving it a bunny-esque slant. Yes that’s a real carrot. The girl loved it.

But as much as Easter baskets and egg hunts and bunny ears rocked Clara’s little world, perhaps the number one reason that Easter takes the cake for her is sand.

Since we enjoyed the weekend at my parents’ house near Bethany Beach, Delaware and we were graced with 80-degree temperatures, Easter involved an impromptu trip to the ocean (on both Saturday and Sunday, actually). Though the breeze on the beach meant it wasn’t quite bathing-suit weather, we definitely still had some good old fashioned beach fun.

Saturday’s trip got Clara reacquainted with sand, of which her only previous experiences involved being six weeks old and completely unaware of it and then having it blow in her face on our Valentine’s Day trip to Rehoboth Beach (which she didn’t like at all).

This time it was straight up sand love at first sight. There was lots of pinching it between her fingers, throwing it in the air and, yes, even a bit of “what does this taste like” going on (luckily the verdict was “not good” so that ended soon enough).

Sunday’s trip was a bit more dynamic (since it was already established that sand = friend, not foe). So there was a sandy crawling session…

…a hunt for seashells and apparently surfer boys (though neither were quite as exciting as the hunt for eggs hours earlier)…

…a brief fashion show (involving her new sunglasses from the nearby outlets, which were tolerated for about 10 seconds)…

…and spending some quality time with her mommy (who ditched her usual uniform of black shirts) and her fellow baby cousins (Emanuel and my sister Emily on the left, John and my sister Katie on the right). And yes, this was the most flattering picture of three babies on a windy beach that we were able to achieve. They’re squirmy little things.

Of course, all of adventures that made Clara fall in love with Easter also meant that it was a pretty darn good weekend for us grown-ups too. In addition to all of this, our cousins/BFFs Cat and Travis (who we mentioned here last week) had their baby! The Easter bunny stork dropped off Edison Dean on Sunday afternoon, so we were even able to swing by the hospital on our way home on Sunday night for a brief meeting. Everyone’s doing well by the way, including new big sister Elsa.

Oh and after all of that what-does-this-have-to-do-with-your-house stuff, Sherry and I were actually able to make some progress on our next big project all the way from the beach: patio planning. My dad is also planning to add a stone patio to the back of their beach house, so we helped him brainstorm a few shapes to choose from and even sketched out a general plan for the one that we’re going to tackle momentarily on the side of our house behind the carport (it’s accessible from the sliders in the living room and the sunroom). I’m sure we’ll be blabbing a lot more about that as we go, but we’ll leave you with these photos of the side yard where we’ll be adding some fencing (for privacy) and a paver patio (for a lot more outdoor living space while keeping some of the green stuff around for shade/beauty):

Here’s our little sketch of the plan – at least as it stands today (Sherry had some Photoshop fun):

It’s only early days though, so who knows where we’ll end up with it. All I know for sure is that Clara’s party is less than three weeks away and my charming-but-sometimes-a-bit-too-optimistic wife thinks we’ll be done by then. Should be interesting. But enough about us (at least until this afternoon’s post) – tell us about your weekend. Were there egg hunts and Easter baskets and bunny ears and prop carrots involved? Are there other born-on-Sunday babies that you know of?


    • says

      Haha, yes they’re the best. They match everything and they’re comfy and not too heavy for warmer weather. We’re huge baby jeggings fans at our house (we have three pairs).


  1. Dana M says

    Where to start?! Those pics are ADORABLE and I love your plans for the patio. I had a VERY productive weekend…. built a 5’x12′ raised cedar garden bed, built my VERY FIRST piece of furniture… a bench for my bedroom… and martha’d (aka sewed) a quilted pad for the low shelf under my coffee table where my dogs love to nap. I need a vacation from the weekend! :-)

  2. says

    You guys are giving me serious beach envy! Looks like so much fun. And Sherry- you look great in yellow, and I love that grey/yellow tank underneath! I wonder if I could turn it into a pillow? ;)

  3. Christie says

    Clara is the happiest baby ever. So adorable. This may sound weird, but am I the only one who thinks Clara looks like she has a french pedicure in her weekly photo?……..Okay, maybe the cheese stands alone. LOL Her little toes are just the cutest. Okay, that’s enough weirdness for one day.

    P.S. Love the yard plan! The hubs and I are currently working on something similar for our yard. Good luck!

  4. says

    Clara looks like she had a great Easter. We had about 40-45 people at my mom’s house this year. The egg hunt had around 15-20 kids hunting. The rule is that the smaller kids get a few minutes first then the big kids join in. My 4 year-old son didn’t not want to go with the smaller kids. He held up his 4 fingers & said “I’m 4. I go with the big kids. I’m not little.” So he went with our daughter (8 years-old). Clara will soon tell you that she’s not little. Enjoy these moments of sand-eating.

    Easter is always a special time (other than for the obvious) because my daughter (1st born) was born Easter weekend 8 years ago.

  5. Christine says

    Great Easter pics!

    I know the feeling of trying to get a project complete before a big family get together – good luck.

    I think you have said before but I have forgotten…..the patio will be paver stones? Are you guys doing it yourself? (is that a dumb question???? :-))

    • says

      Yup the plan is to do the entire thing ourselves (well, we might also call in an electrician to extend some wiring so there’s power on the far side of the patio). We hired a crew to create our last patio because it went in just about a week or two before our backyard wedding (so we couldn’t stand the time pressure of trying to DIY it) so we actually look forward to tackling it ourselves this time!


  6. Jessica says

    Sherry, I know you’ve said before that nobody thinks Clara looks like you…..I have to beg to differ! After seeing the pics from your weekend, I think she looks EXACTLY like you!!!

    Glad y’all had a good holiday! :-)

  7. jane says

    She’s adorable!!! I bought 3 of those same buckets yesterday at target. They were half off. They are great for organizing craft supplies in my kiddos bedroom.

  8. Audrey says

    Every time I see pictures of the outside of your house I’m so lost. Your yard must be huge! Also, my daughter has the first two dresses Clara was wearing. Our girls have style!

  9. Jenny B says

    Gosh, Clara is a cutie-pie! I love, love, love the (faux) denim leggings, too. Looking forward to yard updates. We’re in the process of trying figure out how to manage/change/fill in our large, sloping backyard. A couple of terraces maybe? The trick is making it playable for our toddler.

  10. says

    I loved hearing about your trip & projects, don’t get me wrong – you are a huge inspiration for projects around my house. The question I can’t seem to get out of my mind today is what is the name of the font you frequently use in your banner, your photoshop work, etc.? Is it a free one? Can I get my hands on it?

  11. says

    OH I LOOOOOOOVE THIS!! I just realized how much Clara looks like you Sherry!! My daughter Julia had some bunny ears like this too, they are sooo much fun!! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this post, it was like a giant gust of Easter sweetness :)

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