Oh Snap.

And now for a behind the scenes ceramic animal related story. While we were working on this

… this happened:

Since I’m still not ready to talk (or write) about it in depth, here’s John’s depiction of how the tragedy occurred:

Alas, my favorite giant ceramic dog (snagged from HomeGoods three years ago for just 29 bucks) sadly lost his face. In the words of the world’s most famous blogger, it sucked and then I cried.

Yes, there’s a candle lit vigil in progress. Goodbye Mr. Ceramic Dog. You were a wonderful pet. Never had to clean up after you once. Until this happened.

I might try to glue him back together (although some of the pieces are pretty tiny). Until then I’ll be found shaking, crying, and whispering “why?”

Just kidding, I’ll live.

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  1. sarah m says

    The drawing is pretty funny…but the situation is so sad :( However, I think that you could glue what you can back to gether. Then, when the glue sets up, take spackle or tiling grout, and fill in the gaps. Let that dry, and then do a light sand and try painting mr.dog – any color your heart desires! He’s totally cool and worth a shot at fixing! Good luck :)

  2. Elizabeth says

    It’s so sad how the dog in the drawing seems to be looking up at the impending doom.


    Great artist’s rendering of the scene though.

  3. Sally says

    Oh no! So sad! I did get an almost identical wooden dog statue at Tuesday Morning. You could possibly paint him white if they still have them. Although I like mine the dark brown. He holds open a french door to our office. Maybe it is just too soon. You still need to mourn the loss of your beloved ceramic doggy!

  4. Lauren says

    Nooooo! I just gasped when I saw the picture! I feel like you two could come up with some way to repair his face since you’re so resourceful :-)

  5. Nicole says

    You could take a photograph of your beloved dog and add it to the wall collection.

    I love the drawing though… you should frame that too lol.

  6. Nae says

    That’s really sad. And you know it’s kinda strange that you never officially named big ceramic dog. Or did you and I missed that post?!? Anyway, sorry for your loss.

    Love you guys and think that I think that Clara is absolutely adorable.

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