House Crashing: Stellar (& For Sale!)

When Danielle and her husband Nick sent us a link of their newly listed home in gorgeous and charming Church Hill we couldn’t just ogle the listing and let it go. We knew we had to house crash them in the flesh and share all of the eye candy with you. They bought it in pretty rough shape in 2003 and they worked with one of our favorite local organizations, Better Housing Coalition, to restore it to a livable condition. Records trace it back to existence as early as 1855 (although it’s unclear whether it was burned to the ground in 1865 and rebuilt then). Either way it’s extremely old and it needed lots of work when Nick and Danielle purchased it.

After two years of renovation (!) they finally moved in back in 2005 – and they’ve been loving their first place ever since. Now that her two boys are older they’re moving into our neck of the woods (Bon Air) for the schools, but they’ll always have a special place in their hearts for the home that they so lovingly revived after years of work. So without further ado, here’s Danielle’s amazing house (if you wanna move in, click here to contact her realtor).

This stately foyer is crowned with a classic Restoration Hardware light fixture. And how amazing are those transom windows above the double door?

Danielle snagged this stunning mirror from Pier 1 on clearance thanks to a small missing mirrored disk around the perimeter (which she repaired by gluing on a new one). Paired with that showstopping green cabinet it’s just about my favorite entryway idea ever. She got that awesome piece from a local thrift store called Class & Trash, painted it Palmetto by Martha Stewart, and then added an antique glaze from Lowe’s for depth. Genius right? I’m so in love.

Here’s the living room with cheerful yellow accents. We especially loved the side table (snagged on sale from Serena and Lily) and those dramatic floor to ceiling curtain panels (from Pottery Barn).

The kitchen is dreamy and Paris-like, complete with granite counters that look like marble, ornate wooden brackets under the counter lip, a classic subway tile backsplash, and charming metal stools from Overstock (which are easy to wipe down when her boys get something sticky on them).

Oh and that rug is actually two runners from Ballard Designs that Danielle stuck together with rug tape to create one larger “custom sized” mat for that area of the kitchen.

And check out their fantastically deep double sink and that gorgeous vintage looking faucet (both from Overstock, seen here and here).

Here’s a wider shot of the kitchen which includes the giant bulletin board that Danielle made to showcase all of the sweet art work that her sons whip up. And check out the lovely and industrial pendant light above the sink.

This is the playroom, which is right off of the kitchen. We love the wall to wall seagrass carpet that she had installed – especially paired with the charming patterned area rug from Ikea on top. And the use of those sleek white Ikea bookshelves for toy/magazine/book wrangling (look at all that storage!) was so smart.

See those lovely prints of planes hanging in a nice neat grid? Danielle’s late grandfather was a pilot in the Navy, so her husband surprised her with this gorgeous set of vintage watercolor prints by Nixon Galloway. We’re nothing short of obsessed with the whole arrangement. Especially because it’s so meaningful to their family.

When you travel upstairs there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms (and a charming pooch if you’re lucky).

We loved this little “moment” that Danielle created along that diagonal wall with a cabinet and a collection of frames full of meaningful objects like an ultrasound photo, inked baby footprints from the hospital, wedding photos, childrens portraits, etc. And the bold black color in the table and the lamp shade coupled with the black and white prints was the perfect amount of drama and contrast. We also love how the white frames make the thermostat fit right in instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Here’s the hall bathroom complete with gorgeous floor to ceiling subway tile (which masked some unsightly wall issues that they had to deal with during the renovation). We loved how the tile goes behind the mirror, which is hung in front of it. Such a pretty look that you don’t see every day.

And yes, that’s a fireplace mantel in the corner of the shot above. It’s non-working but still a stunning architectural detail. Especially for a bathroom!

Here’s Nick and Danielle’s master bedroom, which is warm and welcoming thanks to breezy gray-blue curtains…

… and a gorgeous printed headboard that Danielle snagged on sale from Pottery Barn (the headboard’s patterned slipcover, also from Pottery Barn, was something she found on eBay along with the Crate & Barrel lamps).

Here’s their older son’s bedroom, complete with a charming nailhead & denim headboard (from Target) and a fun orange patterned rug (from West Elm).

We also thought the planet mobile (from Pottery Barn Kids) and those super fun greek key curtains (from Pottery Barn) were great graphic touches.

And the long Ikea dresser provided tons of storage while the driftwood lamp on top of it totally had me drooling. Cutest thing ever? There was a little white owl ornament tucked into the lamp’s branchy base by Danielle’s mom (she did it the last time she came over and they left it there because it made them smile).

This is the corner of the guest bedroom. Everything from the bold green curtains to that pretty scroll art work on the wall (from Pottery Barn) and the West Elm mini parsons desk was totally speaking my language.

So there you have Nick & Danielle’s lovely Church Hill home. We’re sending them a big wet kiss for letting us run through and snap some pics for you guys.

Now let’s play the what’s-your-favorite-part game. I was enamored with those plane prints in the playroom and the two runners that Danielle rug-taped together in the kitchen. John loved the pops of yellow in the living room and the fun planet mobile in the kids room. Now you.

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  1. janie says

    Thank you, I’ve been missing your house crashing posts!I love the makeover ones, too, for instant gratification while your (and mine) renovations trundle along in real time.

    I am already planning planets for our play room.

  2. Heather says

    I love, love the runner idea, I have been toying with this idea for my kitchen as well. Also love the airplane prints! Thanks for the tour. :)

  3. allison wist says

    I love love love the yellow accents in the living room. I also really love the little boys room! Right up our alley!!!

  4. Margreet says

    Oh how gorgeous! Love those yellow curtains, always thought yellow was a horrible interior color but this proved me wrong. Would love to know what their next house is going to look like. You have to do another house crash at due time.

    • Danielle says

      Thank you for the kind words! If/when we move to Bon Air, the Petersiks are always welcome in our house. They are even sweeter in person! It’ll be fun being in their neighborhood, and also getting the chance to decorate a house from a different era.

  5. says

    Love house crashing! I hadn’t seen one of these post before, but enjoyed it. Even when we aren’t in the market for a house, I love checking out real estate websites. My favorite part of the tour was the black & white moment on the hallway upstairs. Love how they collect everything together that is important to them.

    • Abby says

      I love the guest room too! I wonder if Danielle could also share info about the paint color on the walls in that room? It’s beautiful!

    • julie says

      love it all!!! I also want to know where the guest room rug is from as well as the ottoman in there.

    • Danielle says

      Hi Mallory! The striped rug was a bargain buy from Williams-Sonoma Home last year. I believe it’s call Nautical Stripe Rug if you want to track one down. It came in a few different colors. Ours is black and white.

  6. Cathryn says

    Such dreamy hardwood floors! What can’t you do when you start with a classic base like those floors? Loved the historic exterior house color, too. Very charming!

  7. says

    This house is gorgeous. Love lots of her details and accents. I also really like her photo collage wall.

    Sort of related question: is there any way you could make it so that we could enlarge the pictures when we click on them? Or maybe there’s a reason you don’t have that feature…? I was wanting a closer view of that owl you mentioned, as it’s hard to see without making the picture bigger.

    • says

      We wish we could do that- unfortunately we’re at capacity with picture size (anything larger slows down or even crashes the site). So sorry!


    • Danielle says

      Hi Beth! Thank you for the compliments on our house. I can email you some close ups if you want to check out the owl or any or the details. The owl is actually a Christmas tree ornament from Target a couple years back. My email is griff_koug at hotmail dot com.

  8. says

    GORGEOUS! Those yellow accents in the living room are so lovely. I am about to paint my living room a very similar wall color and now that has me rethinking accent colors.

  9. jules says

    I loved all the pattern they welcomed into their home, the kitchen sink a favorite too but what really caught my eye was that red mailbox at the front door:) Great house crash!

    • Danielle says

      Thanks Jules! It was a risky move but I spray painted the mailbox on a whim. Glad you like it!

  10. Amy J says

    I love the pops of color throughout the house. The only thing that really got me was the couch in front of the fireplace. I get why you might do that day-to-day, but when selling a house you would think you would want to show that fireplace off!

    • Danielle says

      Hi Amy! Good question about the fireplace. All the fireplaces in our house are non-working. Unfortunately it was too cost prohibitive to restore them, but we wanted to keep them for architectural detail. I had a hard time finding adequate seating for this room. The sectional ended up being the best solution for our family. No worries though – we have 4 other fireplaces getting top billing in the house. :)

  11. Danielle says

    Wow, it’s beautiful! That rug in the older son’s bedroom certainly provides a pop of color…love it :) Any idea where the little ottoman in the guest bedroom is from?

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