No, nothing’s being hurled at your head (at least we hope not). We’re just sharing our latest purchase:

I guess he’s actually a goose. Where he’ll go and what color he’ll be painted is still up in the air (oh look at that, a flight pun). But we figured we could do something fun with our plucky friend, so we brought him home. It was actually my suggestion – although we all know my wife has a penchant for collecting faux animals – I guess this old-school bird was just calling my name this time. And I didn’t exactly have to twist Sherry’s arm. Perhaps it’s the beginning of our own pink duck collection a la HGTV’s Antonio. Well, pink’s not really my jam but I would go for lime or navy or pretty much anything else. Sherry mentioned bold glossy plum about an hour ago. Could be interesting…

We spotted him during a day of thrifting on Richmond’s northside. Our goal was to find some nightstands or even a dresser, but in the end we only came home with El Goose and a silver quatrefoil tray that happens to resemble a certain mirror that we purchased a few weeks ago.

Not quite sure where that’ll end up yet either, but the ol’ ball and chain loves to place random trays on top of stacks of hardcover books, dressers, console tables, and nighstands for everything from lip gloss and hair bands to jewelry or keys. And Sherry murmured something about loving the fact that it’s not ceramic/breakable, which fits into our attempt to make this house virtually kid proof (hence all the ceramic animals being stored up high in the built-ins). This goal means we’d love if the whole extended family could come to stay and we wouldn’t worry about nieces and nephews blowing through and shattering things as they go. Of course it’s not exactly toddler friendly if it’s used as a weapon, so we’ll have to keep it out of reach of the little ones. But it should be great up on a console or dresser.

Total cost for both buys: under $12. Not a bad price for a bit of art & a smidge of organization. Btw, the duck was from Pass It On in the Lakeside Towne Shops and the dish was from Consignment Connection, also on Lakeside Avenue for any locals who are wondering.

So now at least you have the backstory in case you happen to spot what looks like a goose migration going on in the background of one of our pictures in the near future. Why not add a wooden friend to a house full of white ceramic ones? The menagerie madness continues.

Psst- Who doesn’t love a little organizing? Check out this week’s BabyCenter post all about Sherry’s system for storing outgrown baby clothes, blankets, the Boppie, and her not-gonna-need-that-for-a-while maternity stuff.


  1. says

    That dish is awesome – maybe for your bathroom vanity? You guys really should do a post on what you would do if you had one day or two days in Richmond. Some combination of a museum, thrifting, and where to eat unique to Richmond. I would definitely take advantage :)

  2. says

    Interesting duck find!! I found a super cute ceramic frog last week and the first thing I thought was how much Sherry would like it. Then my second thought was that I needed to find real friends :)I just posted about it today, check it out!

    • bex says

      (I do the same thing when I find something even remotely YHL-esque. NERDS. At least my hubby finds it amusing…)

    • says

      Ha Ha Ha that’s so funny. I was hanging out with some school friends from my younger days (that now have a huge family and live far far away and were just visiting) and I was chit chatting (a lot) about my blog friends. My friends son says “mom, your friend really needs some real friends”. It’s so true… But I love my bloggy friends!

  3. Bob says

    “Not a bad price for a bit of art…”

    I’ve read through about 200 pages of your archives and I’ve noticed you use the word “art” a lot. It’s not just you guys, but also Apartment Therapy and all the other home design blogs. As an artist, it has started to bother me to see “art” used in such a haphazard manner. I’ve wanted to start a campaign for teaching designers the difference between “art” and “wall decor.” There’s no problem having wall decor, but it’s mildly insulting to me (and perhaps other artists) to call this duck “art.” Sure, it can become art, but spray painting it is not enough.

    All of this falls along the same lines as “DIY art” or “make your own art.” Of course, you or anyone else can make art, but typically what is meant by these statements is wall decor.

    I don’t mean to harp on you guys specifically, but given your recent interest in art (VMFA visit, wanting to own original art, etc) I think you might be most receptive to this. I hope you’ll give it some thought and see if becoming more discerning with the use of “art” is important to you. I love this blog and will continue to read it regardless, but I had to speak up about the duck as art statement. :)

    Keep rocking it guys!

    • says

      Hey Bob,

      I totally get the distinction that you’re trying to make and respect your point of view on the subject for sure! Betcha didn’t know this about me, but I went to a four year art college in NYC (I have a bachelor of Fine Arts from a SUNY school, FIT in NYC if you’re wondering). So I actually consider myself to be a fine artist – at least on a good day when I whip out the ol’ sketch pad. Maybe that explains why I love painting rooms so much. And my penchant for ceramic animals (I took about a million pottery classes). I guess since we’re planning to paint the goose something bright and glossy it felt like an art-like adaptation to us. Just as someone who finds an old map and prints something on it or an old chair and sprays it pink for a modern gallery showcase of old-meets-new is considered art. I’m definitely a subscriber to the “everyone has a different definition of what art is to them” theory though, so I guess to me, one man’s goose wall decor could be another man’s goose art! To each his own!


    • Bob says

      Hi Sherry,

      Yeah, I did know you attended FIT. I think the fashion angle to art is what probably gives you your perspective. It’s like a design viewpoint instead of a creation view. Fashion versus studio art. Concept versus design. Blah blah blah… :)

      Anyway, you guys have a great museum down there (I’m in DC) and you have several great commercial art galleries. Since they are 100% free to visit and have rotating exhibitions every 4-8 weeks, I really encourage you to visit them. Some of my favorites are: 1708 Gallery, ADA Gallery, Page|Bond Gallery, Reynolds Gallery (by far the best) and don’t forget visiting the MFA shows at VCU.

      Growing up I absolutely hated art. It took a long time for me to find the value in art and also learn to distinguish it from other pursuits.

      Thanks for listening.

    • says

      Love all of those galleries Bob! Art history was actually my favorite non-studio class back in the day! VMFA is amazing too. Have you been yet? It reopened last year after a fantastic remodel! I took Clara when she was just four weeks old. Gotta start them early!


    • Meredith says

      Interesting thoughts. Wall decor IS different than art. Just like a decorator is different than a designer. And just because one owns an expensive camera, it does not make them a photographer.

    • Bob says


      Yeah, I visited the VMFA just after the opening last summer sometime. It’s beautiful. I was bummed to miss the recent Sally Mann show though. Hopefully you got to catch it!!

    • Paula says

      Love the finds, have passed by the flying ducks a few times myself in thrift stores and considered but was too ‘chicken’ ?! This is making me reconsider. Maybe it would look good in the same turquoise tones as the glass lamp shade Sherry painted?

      Also, art is subjective and meant to provoke or stir emotion. I think if you love something and it feels good in your home it could be considered art. Artists work in many mediums and I think repurposing something for aesthetic and emotional sake could be considered art. In my humble opinion :) Paint on!

  4. says

    The Lakeside area is such a great consignment/thrift spot! I love that you can drive through there and hit so many shops. If you haven’t been to McAdoo’s (just up the road from Consignment Connection), make sure to stop in. We’ve found some great vintage pieces and go back on the regular.

  5. Ali says

    I’m excited to click over and read about baby clothes organization! I have 3 kids and I still haven’t figured out a system for organizing kid clothes or kid toys! Oh happy day….I know your post will be full of great tips! Thank you in advance!

    ~ Ali

  6. Ali says

    I love the tray! Great find! Let us know what job of organization you give that beautiful tray! Put that tray to work!

    ~ Ali

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