You heard it here first. “Purloined” is the new “snagged.” Just kidding. I’m just being weird. John didn’t even know what it meant when he walked by and saw the title. “What the.. purloined?… are you sure that’s a word?” was his exact response. Which is exactly what I’m going for. Not. Yes, I’m bringing back “not” too. I’m in a strange mood. Anyway, we’re still working on a few different projects today (details soon!), but we figured we’d pop in and share what we recently snagged purloined at Tar-hay (btw, Tar-hay is the new Tar-jay):

Ok, so purloined might mean “get by any means necessary” or “steal” – but we paid for them like good law abiding citizens. I couldn’t pass up these patterned gray velvet pillows for Karl. At $24 a pop (well, plus 5% off that since I used my trusty Tar-hay card) they’re not insanely cheap (like my $2.50 pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond) but they’re nice and big (around 18″). And the velvety texture and pattern feel a lot more high end than the usual big-box store purchase (nothing piddly and cheap looking will do for our new family member sectional). So I choose to think of them as around $75 cheaper than the big textured ones I drool over at places like Restoration Hardware or Williams Sonoma Home. Glass half full, style.

Of course we’ll add in some serious color too with some other pillows, art, curtains- etc. Don’t want a big gray room with nothing but a gray sectional and gray pillows. The reason I liked the textured gray tone on tone look was because I thought they would layer in with other pops of colors and even other more obvious high-contrast prints for something that’s not too crazy but just interesting enough. Can’t wait to see them sitting on The American Dream when it arrives (yes that’s Karl’s other nickname). If not we’ll just return them. No harm, no fowl.

Psst:  “No harm, no fowl” is the new “no harm, no foul.” Spread the word.

Psssst: Did I mention I’m in a weird mood?


  1. says

    I’ll be sure to spread the word about tar-hay and what was it… purloined? okay then. how’s that Target (credit?) card working for you? Is it worth it?

    • says

      We love it for the 5% off that we get every single time we shop. And the fact that we don’t need to save receipts for returns since they can look it up on our card (and we always know which card to give them since it’s the one with all the bullseyes on it- haha).


    • Rachel says


      I’ve got to know more about this Target card too. Do you have the debit card or the credit card? I’m thinking about getting one. I guess I would prefer the debit card but you can’t use it on target.com Decisions…

  2. kim says

    WOW for a minute there I thought I was taking to my ten yr old. Did you know making up words is the new english. LOL

    • says

      Seriously, right? Weirdest post to date. I have been doing something pretty repetitive for a few hours now, which usually makes people go crazy, so you never know…


    • Jill Stigs says

      Funny…………..I was wondering what kind of high a person could get if they are watching chemicals in their house. Maybe the pillows are off gassing.

      IDK if it’s my monitor, but those pillows also look like they do a mighty fine job of blending gray and beige/tan.
      I am looking to do that myself.

    • says

      Yes they do that pretty amazingly. And since we’re hoping to bring in a beige nailhead ottoman as the coffee table for the sectional, we thought they might be just the thing…


    • Jill Stigs says

      Yup……..not like you have to save space with wall mount lamps. Go big or go home (wait, you are already home………um, just go big!) :)

    • says

      I have to ask … where’d the conversation about night stands come from? So confused!

      I love the fact there’s a few people who think you stole these! I can’t even imagine it! So funny.

    • says

      Hey Amanda,

      Jill noticed that the nailhead ottoman that I referred to as a potential “coffee table” with the sectional is now being used as a makeshift nightstand in the in-progress bedroom. So if it moved into the living room I’d need to get a new nightstand!


  3. Erica says

    pur·loin (pr-loin, pûrloin)
    v. pur·loined, pur·loin·ing, pur·loins
    To steal, often in a violation of trust

    SORRY! I just had to google it!!!!!
    Lovelovelove the pillows! Cant wait to see what “pops” of color you guys will end up with!

    • says

      Hahah- we didn’t steal them! I’m using it to mean “got.” Not necessary “got by any means necessary.” Hah. I promise we paid for them like good law abiding citizens!


  4. Deb says

    Yep! No more painting for you!Repetitive…hmmm…are you sewing those new bedroom curtains by hand??
    We need details Miss Sherry!

  5. says

    Looks great! I’m jealous of your ability to put together a room the way you all do. I have to have it all planned out before I make any purchases. I just can’t see it all come together in my head if I don’t.

  6. says

    All these quickies posts are teasing us! Can’t wait to see these babies on Karl.
    Hmm, these would be perfect on my couch, I want some… although my hand-me-down lame couch doesn’t have any cool name like Karl!
    Hopefully one day soon we will grow up, bite thebullet and hunt for a new couch we actually like!

  7. Rebecca says

    Ha, HA! Funniest post yet! Glad you guys are keeping it real! I’m guessing you are painting ceiling trim or beams, maybe. Can’t wait to hear!

  8. Carolyn H. says

    I love that you’re calling your new sectional The American Dream. That’s hilarious. My husband and I refer to “eating American style,” meaning eating in front of the TV. : )

  9. Lyndsey says

    Hilarious post! Staying home with the kids all the time puts me in a weird mood sometimes, but yours is a hoot! Can’t wait to see your new sectional.

  10. Jessica says

    Ok Sherry, you should have thrown in those new Master bedroom pillows while you were at it… I think you like keeping us in suspense. LOL!

  11. rebecca a. says

    Funniest post ever. You sound like me after a long day of staring at 3 computer screens for 8 hours! can’t wait to see the Amercian Dream in your newly painted livingroom.

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