I’m Running Out Of Mirror Puns

Our recent flurry of mirror-related projects means my repertoire of pun-riddled mirror references is growing thin. Our latest victim was the guest bathroom. We figured after swapping out the medicine cabinet in our master bath, that we might as well do the same in the guest bath. Especially since our guests won’t exactly need a medicine cabinet. At least we hope not.

It was still functional, but had definitely seen better days (the interior metal cabinet was starting to rust- we think it was original to the house, which makes it almost 50 years old) and we figured we could do better than the plain silver frame. So two screws later it was off the wall and after another two minutes (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, let’s say five) we were back in business:

It’s clearly nothing elaborate, but at least it was free (it was an old Target mirror that we’ve had for a couple of years). And we figure once we get some paint on those walls (we’re thinking some sort of muddy gray will hopefully add some sophistication with the yellow tile) the white frame will pop nicely off the wall and go hand in hand with other clean white objects like the trim, sink, toilet, etc.

We also took a moment to remove the large room-encroaching metal shelf & towel bar. You can see it gone in the photo below and scroll back up to see it in action above the john. We figure we’ll add two clean looking hooks to the inside of the bathroom door for guests to hang their towels, and the room might benefit from some crisp art on the wall, just so it feels a bit less utilitarian. Oh and speaking of the inside of the bathroom door, we decided to remove the full length mirror that you see in the pic below. Not just to free up space for those towel hooks that we mentioned…

… but also to remedy the uncomfortable placement. See, if our guests went in there to do their business, they’d get a view similar to this one. Minus the jeans. Awkward.

Removing it was a cinch. Since it wasn’t glued to the door, I just had to remove the single clip on the right side, and then carefully slide that baby out (it had two clips on the top and the bottom, and one on each side). Once it was off the door, I removed the rest of the clips. Here’s the best one handed “in progress” shot that I got.

And here’s the door as it stands now. We’ve still gotta putty over the screw holes left by all of the mirror clips and then hang our towel hooks but we feel pretty good that we’ve saved our guests from having to experience their very own “John on john” moment. If they happen to be named John. Otherwise switch the first John out with their name (like how I overexplained that for you?).

Oh, and you probably remember that we’ve got another one of these mirrors on the master bathroom door (on the outside, fortunately). We were thisclose to taking it off moments after finishing this project, but suddenly started second-guessed ourselves. We’re now thinking that instead of removal, we might leave it be and someday upgrade it with a nice frame of molding around it so it looks built-in. We’ll see…


  1. Gary says

    I got an off-topic question. Is that door a hollow-core door or a solid wood door?

    I want to paint my trim white, but my interior doors are the cheap builder grade hollow core brown doors. I’m afraid they will look horrible if I paint them.

  2. Carey says

    I like the retro yellow tile too – it looks like a nice warm yellow, and with the grayish paint, some art, and cute towels, that bathroom would be good to go! Cute! Good call on all the little changes you made.

  3. Clare says

    Has anyone else noticed that today’s toothbrushes no longer fit in the built-in toothbrush holders of mid-century homes? I remember as a kid (circa 1980s) that our brushes always fit perfectly in the slots, but now when I visit my parents, we have to rest them on top. Now what to do with the holder?

  4. sonya says

    EW! That IS really creepy mirror placement for that one right in front of the toilet. Not really the first view I would want of myself in the morning. Your guests will certainly be thanking you for removing that one!! LOL!

  5. Carrie says

    Hi J & S-

    I love the blog and think you both have great taste! Have you thought at all about replacing the flat doors with a six-paneled or more dimensional look?

    P.S. Hi Burger! Miss your blog :-)

  6. Mary C says

    Love John-on-john! Sounds like a river in England. Or something. Re: bathroom mirrors, we have the mother of all mirrors in our back-to-back bathrooms – these things are 8′ long, 3′ tall. Talk about seeing yourself from the john. Any suggestions for getting these monsters out? I’d love to have someone cut off 4 reasonable pieces for me to reinstall and frame. Any suggestions youngsters?

    • says

      Hey Mary,

      We’d try hiring a handyman to do it for you! They’re pretty affordable and they have a range of skills! Unless you guys wanna google around and DIY it yourselves of course!


  7. Marlene says

    Where did you find the tray for the top of the toilet tank? I need some of those since mine are not flat and it’s hard to store/display items there.

  8. Anne says

    Love it! The grey is going to look beautiful against the yellow and will help modernize it a bit.

    I’d love your advice (and anyone else’s) about a color we could use in our mid-century bathroom. We have the oddest shade of bright green tile, almost like a light kelly green all over the walls with a black tile border. We’ve had the walls white forever and while I’m sick of the green tile we’d like to save $$ and do the eco-friendly thing and keep it. Any suggestions on paint colors that might work with the green and black?


  9. washdc says

    We have a sink very much like that, in a 1929 house, and my husband found it less than charming. (He doesn’t like the look of exposed plumbing.) But before pulling it out we tried updating the faucet and handles and it got a whole new-but-still-vintage personality. Major savings in hassle and money.

  10. Janie says

    That is so funny, I think those racks are gorgeous and the perfect solution for guest bathrooms. Hooks don’t let towels dry, and the shelf gives you space to put the guest towels if the vanity is too small.

    I also think having a medicine cabinet is a good way to keep Clara out of guests toiletries without having to give them the childproofing talk.

  11. washdc says

    Oh, and about that toothbrush holder. I have one of those too, and got a cute little vase to hold flowers. A wee potted plant would work too.

  12. sonya says

    I was also going to say… the yellow tile is probably not ideal but it can be made to look cute in the meantime. I did this in a house I was helping to remodel to go on the market and a bath remodel of similar yellow tile was not in the budget… so I added black and white accents and it changed the whole look of the room! Everyone said the room was hopeless and would turn off potential buyers, but the house sold in a month! Towels are amazing for disguising those fugly old built-in towel bars that you can’t replace…I used white towels w/ yellow accents arranged with black & white scroll towels I found on clearance at Homegoods…it’s just amazing what you can accomplish with just towels! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the grey and yellow scheme!

  13. says

    Way to make do with what you have!! The gray is going to make that bathroom look so chic. I can’t paint my bathroom since I’m a renter but I have 3 different ivory with beige speckled tile in my bathroom. I have chocolate brown towels left from an old bathroom that worked but now this room is sooooo blah. Any color tips for accessories with beige on beige on beige? Because I die inside a little every time I set foot in there.


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