I’m Running Out Of Mirror Puns

Our recent flurry of mirror-related projects means my repertoire of pun-riddled mirror references is growing thin. Our latest victim was the guest bathroom. We figured after swapping out the medicine cabinet in our master bath, that we might as well do the same in the guest bath. Especially since our guests won’t exactly need a medicine cabinet. At least we hope not.

It was still functional, but had definitely seen better days (the interior metal cabinet was starting to rust- we think it was original to the house, which makes it almost 50 years old) and we figured we could do better than the plain silver frame. So two screws later it was off the wall and after another two minutes (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, let’s say five) we were back in business:

It’s clearly nothing elaborate, but at least it was free (it was an old Target mirror that we’ve had for a couple of years). And we figure once we get some paint on those walls (we’re thinking some sort of muddy gray will hopefully add some sophistication with the yellow tile) the white frame will pop nicely off the wall and go hand in hand with other clean white objects like the trim, sink, toilet, etc.

We also took a moment to remove the large room-encroaching metal shelf & towel bar. You can see it gone in the photo below and scroll back up to see it in action above the john. We figure we’ll add two clean looking hooks to the inside of the bathroom door for guests to hang their towels, and the room might benefit from some crisp art on the wall, just so it feels a bit less utilitarian. Oh and speaking of the inside of the bathroom door, we decided to remove the full length mirror that you see in the pic below. Not just to free up space for those towel hooks that we mentioned…

… but also to remedy the uncomfortable placement. See, if our guests went in there to do their business, they’d get a view similar to this one. Minus the jeans. Awkward.

Removing it was a cinch. Since it wasn’t glued to the door, I just had to remove the single clip on the right side, and then carefully slide that baby out (it had two clips on the top and the bottom, and one on each side). Once it was off the door, I removed the rest of the clips. Here’s the best one handed “in progress” shot that I got.

And here’s the door as it stands now. We’ve still gotta putty over the screw holes left by all of the mirror clips and then hang our towel hooks but we feel pretty good that we’ve saved our guests from having to experience their very own “John on john” moment. If they happen to be named John. Otherwise switch the first John out with their name (like how I overexplained that for you?).

Oh, and you probably remember that we’ve got another one of these mirrors on the master bathroom door (on the outside, fortunately). We were thisclose to taking it off moments after finishing this project, but suddenly started second-guessed ourselves. We’re now thinking that instead of removal, we might leave it be and someday upgrade it with a nice frame of molding around it so it looks built-in. We’ll see…


  1. Kara says

    I just in one of your comments above that you’ll be embracing the yellow tile — I love it! There’s a neighborhood in our town that is known for its homes with colored tile bathrooms (mostly mid-century ranch style homes) and I think they are so neat. Very vintage-cool… and eco-friendly I might add.

  2. says

    I love expression on John’s face in the toilet photo. Priceless and awkward, all at once.

    Love the idea of dark muddy grey + yellow tile. It strikes me as very sophisticated.

    p.s. This has nothing to do with your post, but have you guys ever worked with magnetic paint?? I guess I should go try your search option…

  3. says

    Love that photo of John…hilarious and you definitely had me at grey and yellow, love that combination and I can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. Sadie says

    Yellow and gray is one of my favorite color combos. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Do you plan to keep the towel bars? Actually, I don’t know if there would be a way to remove them without damaging the tile.

    • says

      Hey Sadie,

      We wish we could pop those off without damaging the tile but that’s not a possibility so we’d have to remove them and patch the holes left behind with tiles that are exactly the same color and style, which might be hard to find. So for now we’re going to do our best to work with what we have. Even though they kind of hurt my eyes.


  5. KDB says

    Is this door that you removed the mirror from hollow on the inside? Our house (built in 1948) has these old, cheap doors that are hollow on the inside. I have been scared to remove our bathroom mirror, because I wasn’t sure how putty would take to them – I am envisioning the putty just dropping right through the hole and into the door. Let me know if you have any thoughts about a fix!

  6. KK says

    We had that exact sink top (ours had a pedestal) in our house in Richmond. When we replaced it with a ($90!) newer pedestal sink and put the old one by the curb, a neighbor knocked on our door to tell us how that style sink is still in demand and we should sell it to a vintage resale shop to get cash for it. Really?!

    We tried – but since it had one tiny rust scratch in the bottom, they wouldn’t take it. So if/when you decide to swap out that sink, and if it looks good as new, you may be able to get some cash for it.

  7. Melissa S says

    I don’t know if anyone else laughs at your posts as much as I do, but I think your humor is great :) Especially when I’m reading at my desk in my cube at work …woops? Did I say that?
    People in nearby cubes ask, “….You alright over there Melissa?”

  8. Alisa D says

    I agree with leaving the mirror in the master (with future trim). Having a full length mirror comes in handy! Well, unless you are sitting on the can staring at yourself. Good call on removing that one! Looks great!!

  9. KJ says

    Really funny post John.
    I really like “Granite boulder” as a muddy gray but it might be a bit dark for you guys in the bathroom. It is a behr premium plus color (yay primer built in!).
    It was in the running for our bedroom re-do but we ended up going with “gray area” instead (also from behr).
    Can’t wait to see how it all evolves.

  10. says

    Gotta love those free upgrades! I think hooks in the bathroom (and guestroom) are great for guests. That way they have easy places to put things like towels and PJs. Also reminds me that I have to get hubby to tackle the moulding around our basement bathroom mirror. It’s only been a year!

  11. says

    We have similar bathroom. Our tiles are blue though. And the mirror is HUGE and recessed. We’ll eventually replace it becuase it is hideous, but we’re going to have to find one large mirror to cover the hole it will leave behind. My biggest complaint with the tile is the toothbrush holder since modern toothbrushes don’t actually fit. Got any tips for that?

    Also, how’s your floor looking? Do you have any tips on cleaning the grout so that the tile on the floor looks nice again? I don’t want to replace it, but it’s pretty dingy.

    • says

      Hey Hesper,

      Luckily our tile/grout is in great shape but maybe try googling for cleaning tips? As for the tootbrush holder, we’re confounded! We wish we could remove it and patch it but we’d have to find the exact same tile. Might just live with it for a while…


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