Duvet In The House

Remember the West Elm duvet cover that we ordered on sale last week? It’s here!

Oh, I guess it would make more sense to show it in our space now:

Of course we’ll be adding in some bolder accent pillows down the road, but we love it. It’s a smidge greener than we expected, but it actually reminds us of the bold blue-green color that we used to paint the back of our built-ins. We filled it with an über-cushy king sized Ikea comforter (we think it’s this one, but we’re not 100% sure since there are so many). And can I just say that we’re so glad we didn’t try to make do with a skimpy full/queen duvet cover for our queen sized bed anymore. The extra fabric means no one has an arm or a leg hanging out in the cold anymore.

And we’re not the only ones who love the new bedding:

Don’t mind the chihuahua foot nibbling that’s going on. It happens a lot. The guy grooms himself like a cat. Here he is looking a bit more presentable:

Alhough most of the time you’ll find Burger looking more like this: buried beneath the covers.

And with the new duvet in place, we’re now itching to paint the walls. We realize that the color of the duvet is reading a bunch of different ways in these pics, but this one’s probably the closest to being accurate. It’s definitely a sort of bold teal color.

We’re currently favoring these swatches (since we don’t want the walls to be the same bold hue as the duvet since that could be a bit much). But we definitely want something darker and smokier than we’re used to. You know, so Ed the bed really pops (along with the sweet crown molding we inherited in this room).

We don’t have a clear winner yet but we’re getting there (we used to have about 15 swatches taped up there, but we’re slowly narrowing them down). Oh and we also considered picking up the goldy-yellow tones in the duvet cover on the walls instead, but decided that we both prefer a cool-ish gray-blue-green shade for our sleeping space over a warm yellowy-gold one. Here’s hoping we get around to making a final decision and painting that huge room sometime soon. Yes, that’s me trying to rally my own troops and get up the energy to tackle the biggest bedroom that we’ve ever painted (14 x 14′ is straight up palatial by our standards).

Did anyone else get their West Elm after-sale order yet? We were surprised at how fast it arrived.


  1. says

    I was just at Ikea in South Florida during the holidays and I saw your bed–I said to my husband, “Hey! There’s Ed the bed!”

    …he didn’t really understand.

    But, the comforter looks great. I love the bold color. Can’t wait to see how the paint color ties everything together!

  2. Laura says

    Love the west elm duvets – just did a post about them myself yesterday at our blog. I’m a sucker for a bold graphic pattern with great color!

  3. melarse says

    It looks great, especially with Clara and Burger on it! I mean how cute is she?!?
    I can’t wait to see what paint color you choose.
    My new WE duvet cover isn’t expected to arrive until Friday. Cannot wait!

  4. Valentina says

    I really like the darkest of the green swatches you taped on the wall… I think green is a lovely and relaxing color for the bedroom. I also really loved the light and glossy green that used to be in your little girl’s room. :)
    It was such a vibrant and “happy” color.
    Anyway, I think you’ll end up making the best choice for you and, as always, the result should be amazing. :)

  5. says

    I am loving the bedding!
    I’m catching up on your last few posts and have to tell you that I am loving the Blue in the bookshelves. It’s very fun and I think I’ll definitely need to find a place for that color in our next house. It really makes me motivated to keep saving for our next house and get our current one ready for renters! I’m enjoying see everything you’re up to! Happy New Year!!

  6. Kelsey says

    Looks lovely!
    My new tradition is ordering Christmas decorations at 50% off on Dec. 26! So I’ve received a few boxes from Crate and Barrel and West Elm already. I love scoring a great deal and growing my Christmas collection.

  7. KarenC says

    Love the duvet… it’s going to look great on Ed when you get some more pillows to bulk up the headboard area some more.

    Y’all are a lot more visionary than I am, I guess. Those wall paint colors don’t seem to match the duvet at all, in my opinion… but what do I know? LOL

    Can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I’m sure the two of you can pull it off and make it look great.

  8. Kelly B says

    Looks great! I ordered mine as well and it should ship Saturday. I absolutely LOVE your site and all of your design choices… keep up the good work!

  9. Em says

    What about pulling the mustard-y color of the leaves from the duvet for the walls? I think of it would make the teal on the duvet really pop.

    • says

      Hey Em,

      We touched on that in the last paragraph of the post. Basically we thought it would be a bit warm for our tastes so we decided we like the cooler blue-green-gray route when it comes to the bedroom.


  10. Landry says

    The duvet looks great in the room! Loving the paint options too…especially the larger one at the bottom! Good luck! Can’t wait to see the finished result!

  11. Laura says

    Wow! That looks GREAT with the white bed! Have fun painting! Alas, my West Elm sale item is backordered… so more waiting for me. But I will say they have the BEST customer service when you call them. Kay helped me and she was just amazing! She deserves a raise!!! (in case any West Elm people read this!)

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