Day One

We’re running about a day behind since we didn’t have internet at home until late yesterday, but here’s how things looked on Tuesday (our first full day in the house) with all of our boxes littering every room. Goodbye clean blank slate. Hello chaos. Oh and it bears mentioning that nothing is necessarily staying where we put it (we just dropped furniture and boxes around the house, and will definitely be living with things a bit before committing to final placement for anything).

But let’s rewind a bit for a moment. The last time we moved, we were going from NYC to Richmond in a minivan (well, I guess technically we moved one more time three months later from our apartment to our first house, but we borrowed a small trailer from a friend and were able to transfer everything that way). The point? We had no idea what it was like to move with more than five boxes a piece. And I’m not gonna be all rainbows and unicorns about it. It totally bites. But we’re slowly but surely making a dent in things and starting to gain some order. As in, we now know where our socks and underwear are again. And we’ve showered!

We estimate that by tomorrow we should hopefully be mostly unpacked (since we’ve been taking post-writing, picture-taking, Clara-tending, address-changing, and comment-answering breaks between box unloading spurts). Then we’ll be diving into projects like painting, hanging, removing, replacing, floor planning, window treating, etc. We don’t know what we’ll tackle first (it’ll honestly just depend on our mood and what supplies we have on hand). When it comes to big projects we like to save our pennies and plan things to death, but for small things (which we always recommend doing first so you can live with the house a moment before making any dramatic changes that you might regret) we always just dive in and learn as we go. It’s the only way we’ve been able to accomplish things instead of being paralyzed by indecision. So we’ll hang frames somewhere and if we don’t like them we’ll move them. Same deal for picking paint colors and arranging furniture. And we’ll post pics and details as they occur, not to worry! Anyway, on with the messy just-moved-in pics…

Future dining room:

Future office:


Future living room (furniture won’t necessarily stay in this configuration, it’s just where we dropped it for the moment):

Hall bath (amidst a diaper sprayer installation – more on that here):

Clara’s room (of course rebuilding the crib and getting the basics in there got priority because we wanted her to adjust as well as possible- which seemed to work so far):

Future playroom/kids room (we had to disassemble the daybed to get it down the hall):

The master bedroom (since our old bed frame conveyed with the old house, we’re sleeping on the floor until we build/buy a new one- who knows where we’ll end up on that):

The master sink/bath (we need to raise that tension rod to accommodate our extra long curtain… soon):

No idea what Burger was doing in that picture. Maybe he’s developing an interest in home related details like hardwood floors and molding. Anyway, here’s the sunroom:

And the laundry/mudroom:

Oh yeah and we have another separate entry basement (this time it’s under our bedroom instead of our sunroom) which will be awesome for storing tools, bikes, the lawnmower, seasonal decor, baby stuff, maternity clothes, etc.

So that’s our house. Can’t wait to get things unpacked and share pics as each room starts to take shape and projects start to unfold. Off to unpack more boxes…

Psst- Here’s a floor plan to help you make sense of what room’s what (although we switched Clara’s bedroom and the playroom since the smallest room makes a great nursery).

Psssst #2- We announced the winners of this week’s giveaway. Click here to see if it’s you.


  1. Stephanie says

    This looks like my house on a good day :)!!!!!!! It is fun to follow you along on your journey. Maybe it will give me the courage someday to move.

  2. Swetlana says

    Hey you guys! :D

    Congrats on the new house & finally moving in! I’ve been stalking your blog for like a year (?) now and thought I’d just stop by and say hey. :)

    Good luck & a lot of fun unpacking all those boxes and making your new house feel like your home again!

  3. Lydia says

    hope all goes well! love the pictures (where’s waldo, no …where’s burger?! :) and can totally relate having just moved 3 months ago! definitely takes time to make a house a home

  4. beth says

    Box lugging is not fun at all. And the more kids you have the worse it gets, so now is a good time to be moving into long term digs! We’ve moved (soon to be) 3 times in 5.5 years. The first move was with our then 15 month old. The last two moves have been with three kids. (rental for a few months while we house hunted in our new home state, and then into what should be our longish term house). The stuff, even w/ careful editing, just continues to accumulate. And our kids are all spaced about 3 years apart, meaning we’ve hung onto baby gear, etc. for 7 years now.
    Better days are ahead. Once the boxes are unpacked, you’ll all start feeling slightly less chaotic and more at home. I wish you the best and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I need inspiration for the 80s colonial we’re moving into (can’t decide on a paint palette, will be painting cabs, etc.)

  5. says

    The new house looks great! I especially loved the close up the master bathroom, since it showed the beautiful wide planks you have. I’m still amazed by how you manage to keep up with posting, answering to comments, etc. I would go crazy trying to get everything more or less in order first…

  6. Felicita says

    Wow. I totally understand how you guys feel. We closed on our house on 11/29 and we still have boxes to go through. (sigh). We’ll get there.

    I love the little random appearances of Burger… lol. So cute.

  7. amanda says

    I’m so excited just seeing your stuff piled around the house! Maybe that’s because I’m imagining how much better every room is going to be when you get your hands on it.

  8. Pamela says

    Can’t wait to see what you do with that gem of a house! I know you are going to enjoy the process as much as we enjoy watching!

  9. Melissa says

    Love the new house! I have to ask, what did you do about cleaning? Did you stay up all night re-cleaning the kitchen and baths to make sure their sanitary? I’ve always wondered what’s the protocol on this?

    • says

      They actually hired a cleaning crew for us (amazing previous owners!) who were just leaving as we arrived so we saw how everything sparkled and really didn’t have to clean much at all (we wiped down the built-in utensil drawer before putting our forks and spoons directly into the wooden dividers just to be sure- but the house was spotless. Except for the leaves and snow we tracked in- but that wasn’t a big deal to wipe down at the end the day.


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