Mood Board Making: Hunting Lodge Chic

We have no idea what our future living room will actually look like, but today this is what I’m loving:

  1. Soft gray walls (like Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter) with crisp glossy white trim
  2. A huge comfy sectional (with washable covers- score) in a gray-brown hue. The fact that this baby is $848 has me permasmiling.
  3. Some sort of woven round ottomans (like these) that can be moved around for casual texture that can double as extra seating in a pinch.
  4. This sleek TV stand in high gloss gray from Ikea (we figure a room that’s big enough for a large sectional will probably dwarf our current TV stand, so we might need to go a bit bigger).
  5. A lovely wool rug like this one with a gray and lime green modern design- although the price for an 8 x 10 (which we’d need with a large sectional) has us sweating a little. Maybe it’ll go on sale?
  6. This cool white deer head hanging above a fireplace or even above a nice wide doorway (it would look so great with our exotic animal-inspired lime and caramel colored zebra pillows).
  7. These aforementioned pillows.
  8. Some bold green curtains like these (which we could DIY with fabric and hem tape, just like the ones we made for Clara’s nursery).

So there you have it. All the items that are floating around in my head for our future living room- at least at this moment. I’m so friggin’ impatient. I’m like that kid in the back seat asking “are we there yet?” every two seconds.


  1. says

    I am loving gray walls these days. So sophisticated and grown-up, but still soft and pretty.

    That deer head is cool. I could ALMOST see myself going for something like that…almost. (maybe if it was just antlers, not the entire head?)

    • says

      Ballard Designs has some really small antler wall plaques (see ’em here) that might be more your style! Love those too- especially for over a doorway since they’re much more diminutive and almost “delicate” looking.


  2. kyla says

    It is very exciting to see you kids tossing a more saturated color pallate around!! I would love to see some rich pattern curtains in the new abode!! Looking forward to the 2nd house love.

  3. Rachel says

    I love that paint color! I am getting ready to paint our living room a nice shade of “greige” – a vast improvement over the owner’s previous color choice, a salmony tan – and I was sort of thinking that a gray sofa might be too much. I’ve been looking for an affordable one with a linen slipcover instead. But seeing this mood board, I like the charcoal color with the lighter gray! Especially since I plan to mix in lots of other neutrals like chocolate brown and tan and pop in some bright aqua.

    I love seeing you guys branch out from the beachy style of your current casa! I definitely love the beachy style too, but it’s fun to see you guys embrace palettes that are a little more dark with these bright accents.

  4. Heather says

    I love this! I’m trying to decide on what to do with my living room too and I’m curious what your thoughts would be on light fixtures. Do you have any ideas on a light fixture for the living room of your new place?

  5. Nicole says

    Oh my goodness, I love this mood board! My family is making the switch from homeowners to landlords/renters next month and this color palette (and that same couch, incidentally) have been rolling around in my head for a few weeks. Can’t wait to see what you guys end up doing!

  6. says

    I am impatient too but I am really intrigued as to whether your choice for the new digs is one of the properties that you previously featured in your pros/cons review of houses on the market.

    Come on Sherry and John, have we seen this gem before?

  7. says

    I love the whole mood-board. I have to say – the sectional you have picked out from Ikea is actually the most comfortable thing ever!! I recently purchase the chaise, and LOVE it! In fact, between my husband and my two fur babies (cats) we are always fighting over who gets to sit in it :)
    Can’t wait for your new house either!!

  8. Ashley says

    Just curious, what will you guys do with all your old furniture? Are you keeping any of it or starting all over? Seems so spendy, eek!

    • says

      Hey Ashley,

      We plan to work with whatever we can (you know we love making do with what we have) depending on the new house’s layout, and then we’ll craigslist/barter/donate what we can’t use (since a lot of our furnishings were scored on the cheap anyway).


  9. Elizabeth says

    I painted my living/dining/kitchen area a lovely greige and it seems to be the perfect neutral. I must say though that picking out a grey color was the hardest thing I’ve ever done related to paint. It was crazy!

    I ultimately went with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter color-matched into Sherwin Williams Superpaint.

  10. says

    Hi Sherry,
    I miss when you did mood boards for your fans who had design problems to tackle! And I realize that your blog has grown and changed, but during this in-between time, would you consider doing a few for some lucky users? Let me know, would LOVE your input on my living room, we just moved to an apartment in a Victoria building built in 1906, and our living room is looking dark forlorn.


    • says

      Sadly with our house hunt in full swing and our house on the market (as a for-sale-by-owner no less) we don’t have a minute to spare when it comes to whipping up client-commissioned mood boards, but we promise to make a big announcement if we ever decide to reintroduce them!


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