Picking A Happy Yellow-Green Front Door Color

Mmm, pickles. That will make sense in a minute. But first we’ll show you what John’s sister Emily’s front entryway has looked like for the past three years that she’s lived in her amazing casa (which you can virtually tour here).

And here’s the after, thanks to a new color on the door and some semi-transparent stain on the deck that leads to it (oh yeah and some pumpkins).

Here’s how we landed on the door color and the stain hue. First I came over with a bunch of paint swatches and we held them up to the door to see what would work with the smoky gray color of the house.

We easily narrowed it down to a few favorites (Cornichon, Lagoon, Duck’s Egg, Egg Yolk, and Sultana – all by Martha Stewart).

Then after a bit more deliberation both Emily and her hubby Todd decided they loved Cornichon the best by far. And I must say I agreed. They really wanted their house to look hip and a little funky, so they appreciated that it wasn’t an obvious color that could be found on many doors. It also looked really great with the house color as well as with deep wood tones (since they also planned to go dark with the wood deck that leads to the door).

With the front door color narrowed down, it was time to select the exact hue for the deck, and we all decided on something rich and brown but not too opaque (a semi-transparent stain by Behr called Premium Plus Deck Stain in the color “Wood Chip”).

After all those decisions were reached, it was time for the deck to get power washed, stained, and then for the door to get two coats of semi-gloss latex exterior paint in our favorite Cornichon color by Martha.

We think it really gives off a confident “how YOU doin'” vibe that feels cool and welcoming. And Emily and Todd couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

So we thought we’d share that quick curb appeal makeover with you guys in case you’re debating a new front door or deck color. It really can make all the difference, right? And now Em and Todd are excited to complete the transformation with a few more details (like more planters, cool house numbers, and a big modern welcome mat). Gotta love a makeover that makes you excited about things like doormats and planters.

Are any of you guys getting ready to paint your house’s exterior or otherwise turn up the dial on your home’s curb appeal? Tell me all about it. Oh and I promised the title would make sense so here ya go: cornichon, the name of the front door paint, means pickle in French. And thanks to my 9th grade French teacher I was in the know from the moment we selected it as our favorite swatch (thanks Madame Cruger-Langer!). Snookie would be proud.


  1. Melissa says

    We painted the exterior of our house a few weeks ago. The front door/spindles/and shutters were all a dark royal blue. Eeek! It wasn’t horrible but just not what we loved. We painted the spindles back white, the shutters black, and the door a red color. It looks lovely now. We also painted our deck. It was a bluish color as well and we painted it a brownish gray color.

  2. Jen L. says

    J&S- My friends and I are obsessed with your blog! You guys manage to post relevant stuff on a daily basis and we love it. So I am digging the green planter to the left of the door- do you know where that came from?

  3. says

    Love it! What a great looking house! Now it kinda feels like the door frame should be painted as well. Perhaps the same white that the window frames are painted…I would say black, but it might be too much with those small-ish windows.

  4. says

    We’re thinking about painting our door red next Spring. We have so many interior projects to blog about right now. I hope we can get to painting the door next year.

    I realy like the yellow. It really compliments the exterior.

  5. Cindy says

    How funny- I was just searching your site for your door painting tips! We have a brick 1920s colonial with white trim and black shutters. For the entire time we’ve lived here, the front door has been white. I don’t think red is for us, but maybe a shade of french or slate blue?

    Btw, your cornichon looks great! Bold choice- you have such an eye- that looks fantastic.

    • says

      Hey Cindy,

      Mmm, french or slate blue sounds awesome. Just bring home some swatches to see what looks best and tackle that white door. It’s such an easy and inexpensive update!


  6. Samantha says

    Do you want to come over to my house and help me pick out a new front door color too? I’m not too far from you – a little hop down Midlothian Turnpike and you’d be there!!!

    We’re working on our little house in Southside and we’ve been discussing door colors lately! I think I know what we’re going to do, but I wish my house looked as sassy as this one! My husband could honestly care less. Some help he is!! We just painted the porch a grey/grey-blue color, and the house is white. We have some little brick colors poking out at the bottom so I think the door is going to go a burnt orangey color – Here’s to hoping it turns out okay!

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