Making Easy (And Gourd-geous) Fall Decor

Yes, that was a gourd pun. Although I must admit that my all time favorite post title ever was Oh My Gourd (see that post here). Anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, this post is about gourds. I like injecting a little seasonal interest into our home in a few fun and inexpensive ways (think Halloween decor like this and Thanksgiving decor like this). And given my love of all things white and ceramic I couldn’t help myself when we came across these faux gourds at JoAnn Fabrics for 50% off their $2.99 price tag (so I grabbed all five for $7.45).

Then I spray painted the heck out of them with some white glossy paint. Hard to believe, I know. At least I’m consistent with my white object obsession.

Within a few minutes of spraying and a few hours of drying I was left with these babies. Which I’m happy to report not only look like glossy white ceramic creations, but also feel just like them too (they were made of dense foam that was a bit heavier than you’d expect, so the whole result is actually a lot more convincing than I thought it would be).

I like how they look grouped on a ceramic cake stand and definitely plan to work them into this year’s Halloween and Thanksgiving related decorating adventures. Speaking of seasonal decor, what are you guys doing to usher in the temperature change and those upcoming holidays? We had to put the heat on for the first time last night. Brr.


  1. Stefanie says

    Lol this is too funny – I just did this EXACT thing this past weekend!
    Great minds (who are also both born in NJ and now live in VA…) think alike!

  2. Maya says

    Not quite as festive this way, but way classier and more subtle. I’m curious about how you might end up mixing these gourds with fall colors to make them more seasonal later on!

  3. Brigid says

    For the first time this year (ok, let’s make that ever…) I pulled out my new crock pot and made baked potato soup and had one of my best friends over for dinner to catch up after a few busy weeks.

    I also bought some new scented candles to fill my apartment with warm vanilla, fall harvest and orange spice scents to make my apartment feel even more warm and cozy.

  4. Krystal says

    Wow, those really do look like ceramic!

    I went to the apple orchard with my parents over the weekend, and I was bound and determined to pick a white pumpkin like you guys had last year. Once we got out to the pumpkin patch, the heavens opened up and started down pouring on us. To speed up the process I asked the tractor driver/farmer where I could find a white pumpkin and he replied, “Oh, the white ones are already picked and in a box up front!” 30 minutes later after riding the tractor back to the front I walked away with freezing, soaked through clothes and the biggest white pumpkin I could find. I’d say it was a success.

  5. Cammie says

    Those surely look glossy and gorgeous… But I loved them in their original glory, too. Those colors just invoke a sense of FALL.

  6. says

    Clever I must say. We grow our own gourds (much like John and his accidental farming) we found that they are quite simple to do. I wonder what spraypaint would do to the real thing? Have you ever tried it? I’m guessing they won’t last as long. I must say that your white beauties can be enjoyed year after year which is really quite smart budget-wise!

    • says

      Hey Sarah,

      We’re betting spray paint would work on a real gourd (we painted pumpkins last year and they lasted a good while- longer than cutting them open at least). Hope it helps!


  7. Meagan says

    You’ve probably mentioned it quite a few times in previous posts, but which spray paint do you use to get that glossy effect?

    • says

      Hey Meagan,

      We just use high gloss white (as opposed to something flat or semi-gloss). Rustoleum is always a good brand (never trust $2 spray paint, spring for the $6 stuff).


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