Adding Wall Interest With A Bunch Of Paint Swatches

John and I were both staring at our stack of Martha Stewart paint swatches and almost simultaneously the light bulb went on. Why not have some fun with them on our postcard wall in the office? One of our favorite features about that wall is how easily it can be switched out at a moment’s notice. So here’s what the ol’ postcard wall looked like before we went swatch crazy:

And here it is now, after we added some fun rectangles of color for a nice change of pace:

MMmmmm, I just love staring at all of those rich hues. Seriously, we’ve never been so inspired.

Of course the postcards will be back soon, since we love to rotate things around and keep it interesting in there. But for now we’re loving all the delicious hues that we stuck up for our enjoyment (for $0, which is always a plus).

Oh and we just leaned them against the wall (and thanks to the notch that John routed with his Dremel they have stayed put) but you could also use white sticky-tack to keep them in place if you’re taking on a similar project and worry that they’ll blow around.

So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite color out of the bunch? Have you created any free art or other home decor with paint swatches from your local home improvement store? Share and share alike.

Psst- Wondering how we made our post card shelves? Learn how here. And check out the full office makeover reveal here.


  1. says

    I can see why some like this project and why some don’t. I like both, but am not fully in love with them. But, with that said, the idea is really using the cards in a more positive way, other than throwing them away after you have painted the color you want.

  2. says

    You know that you’re a DIY/ home improvement nerd when…..! Just kidding guys! Looks great and has a lot of energy. I love the idea that colors can make us feel different moods. :)

  3. says

    That is an interesting change. Not sure I would have gone that route. Re-purposing existing items in decoration is always a fun challenge. Always nice to get a new look without spending any money.

    As always thanks for the great ideas.

  4. says

    This is so gorgeous! I love the repetition and pattern created with all of these swatches! Also- the way the light swatches (closest to the natural light from the window) create a gradient that mimics the natural shadows of the room. This wall now looks like a true art instillation! Love it, thanks for sharing!

  5. Julie M. says

    I actually like it better with the postcards. Much more interesting with the height differences of the cards. Maybe it is just your photo, but those colors seem dull to me in the paint chips.

  6. Angela says

    I liked what you had up there before better. I don’t think this idea is horrible (if it’s free it’s for me) but I would have gone with some more, in your words, punchy, colors. The colors you have seem a little depressing.

    • says

      Hey Katie,

      Yup, they’re free for the taking. Of course we wouldn’t recommend walking out with five bags full (that seems a bit over the top) but if you’re trying to find some inspiring color schemes (like we were, which is why we had a big stack of them around) they can definitely come in handy. Hope it helps!


  7. hyz says

    Looks great! Honestly, I like it better than the postcard wall, because it feels more cohesive. Love those Martha colors, too. We just painted our bedroom in her Rainwater with Tailor’s Chalk trim, and it’s less gray and more truly soft green on the walls than we expected, but it feels fresh and lovely and we’re happy with it.

  8. Katie says

    Very interesting and resourceful! You always have something neat to try. I wouldn’t do this myself, honestly, but I like how you show people that it is okay to think outside the box! Bravo!

  9. says

    LOVE this!!! I just painted my living room with Martha’s “Enamelwear” I think i see it in your fourth photo… I love it!

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